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  • Abortion "Is It a Crime?"


    Abortion: an easy solution, or a crime that should be punished? Many people just consider the rights of the mother, but what about the rights of the unborn child? This brings up another important question: is the fetus a living human, or a dead piece of flesh? The answers to these questions can be found through scientific research and Bible study.

    First, a look at what the Bible says about abortion. According to Exodus 20:13 (Thou shalt not kill) murder is a sin, but is abortion considered murder? In order for abortion to be murder the fetus has to be a living human being. According to the Greek New Testament (Gal. 4:1, see the word "child") the fetus is a human. This is shown when the Greek language uses the same word for small child, infant, and fetus. This implies that if a fetus isn't a human, then a small child isn't either.

    Various passages of scripture read in context prove that fetus is human. Psalm 139:13 (You created every part of me; you put me together in my mother's womb) states that God made us unique while we were forming in our mother's womb. Only human beings have sinful natures and in Psalm 51:5 (I have been evil since the day I was born; from the time I was conceived, I have been sinful) God shows that we had sinful natures even when we were conceived. According to Jeremiah 1:5 (I chose you before I gave you life...) God made us unique, before we were even conceived. Also, Job 31:15, Psalm 22:10 , and Isaiah 44:2 & 24 state that God protected us and knit us together while we were still in our mother's womb. Finally in verse 40 of Matthew 25 (Whatever you have done unto the least of these, you have also done unto me) God shows that abortion is a sin.

    Science also shows that abortion is murder. There are scientific facts that prove that a fetus is a living human being. Although the fetus is dependent on the mother, he or she is a separate and unique entity.

    What about partial-birth abortion? It's only used when the mother's life is in danger. It must be okay, right? Wrong, it actually endangers the mother, but there are many safe alternatives to partial-birth abortion that do not endanger the mother or the baby.

    Also, the process of partial-birth abortion is very inhumane. First, the baby is pulled out of the mother (feet first) except the head. The doctor makes a hole in the back of the baby's neck, near the base of the head. Then the baby's brain is sucked out and the head collapses. The truly horrible part is that the baby feels as much pain as a grown person would feel.

    Contrary to popular belief, abortion is murder. Scientific and biblical facts (Pro Life vs. Pro Choice Facts) prove this. If you or someone you know is thinking about having an abortion, I urge you to think again. There is an alternative: adoption, which is the true solution.

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