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  • A Christmas Tree Or A Holiday Tree?


    This is going to be short and sweet, as I don't have oodles of time to philosophize on this topic.

    Its pretty simple. It was originally called a Christmas Tree, so it should stay the same.

    If, of course, you want a "holiday tree", you should make your own "holiday". Perhaps a Winter Solstice Tree or whatever floats your boat.

    The problem, though, is those who want to call it a "Holiday Tree" are just hijacking Christmas to meet their ends.

    There is nothing wrong with saying "Happy Holidays" or "Season Greetings".

    The problem I see is there was NO problem for my entire life until just the last few years.

    Now, all of a sudden, its a big deal.

    The fact is, they should leave it alone. If you don't like Christ, then don't celebrate Christmas.

    Or celebrate it on your own, privately, in your own non-Christian way.

    The argument is, I am imposing my religion.

    Really? I feel like you are imposing your religion of "no religion" onto me.

    Atheism is a religion. So also is secularism. Its a belief system.

    Now, they claim that atheism is not a religion, because there is no god in its belief-set. Well, that is not entirely true. The person who believes in atheism thinks of himself as a god.

    It is a cop-out to claim that athiesm is not a religion, as it functions in the place of religion.

    Whether you think you are god or that there is a God up in the sky watching us, you believe in something.

    So, I am sort of sick of secularists trying to make me do their religion of nothing.

    I like my religion. And I don't care if it offends you.

    You do not see any other religion having to change, to not offend anyone. It is only Christianity that "has" to change. No one cusses Buddha's name. It is only Christ that offends and becomes a swear word. So, it is clear, something is amiss in all of this and all it takes is a little analysis to see it.

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