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  • Difficult to Answer Questions
    About God, Science and Life


    On this page, I have compiled some of the best answers to difficult questions about God, life, science and other such topics.

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    1. If God Made the Universe, Then Who Made God?

    2. What Happens to Those Who Never Heard the Gospel Before They Die?

    3. If There is a God, Why is There Pain, Sorrow and Evil in the World?

    4. Why is Lust/Sex a Sin, if it Feels Good? Did Not God Create the Body?

    5. How Can Genesis Be True, if The Earth is Millions of Years Old?

    6. Is There Proof For The Existence of God?

    7. Is There Any Proof For Noah's Flood?

    8. How Do You Know That Jesus Even Existed?

    9. What About Dinosaurs? How do you Explain Them Living Millions of Years Ago?

    10. Why Are So Many Scientists Atheists?

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