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    Where are you at in life? Are you satisfied with the everyday routine?

    You go to work, come home and watch some TV.

    Or maybe you talk on the phone? Play a game? FB your friends?

    Do you ever ask yourself, "Is this all there is to life?"

    Why are you here? Are you here to eat, sleep and work? Or is there another plan for your life?

    Do you hunger for God? Or do you just goto Church?

    What is God to you? Is he your magic genie? You pray for whatever you want?

    Maybe when you are in trouble, you pray? Or do you pray because you love God?

    Do you judge people? Do you make excuses for your own actions?

    Are you purposefully blind to your own inconsistancies?

    Do you really love your neighbor? Do you really love God?

    When is the last time you did something for God? Do you still have a handy excuse?

    Maybe you thought, "Oh, I will talk to that family member when the time is right".

    Or better yet, "I will just pray for them".

    You have done your job. So why do you feel like you have failed God?

    Do you hunger for ministry? Are you sick of that job you goto?

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could just live for God without having to worry about bills and your boss?

    What will you do today? Anything new? Same old same old? How about something for God?

    What is the excuse this time? I am too busy..

    I have to prepare this for the boss. My wife is having me do some chores around the house.

    I know. Lets just stay the same. Just do the bare minimum.

    Leave ministry to those pastors and missionaries.

    How do you know they are doing God's work?

    Maybe they are not. Maybe they are teaching bad things.

    Are you weary of life? Sick of worrying? Sick of the everyday grind?

    Why not give yourself to God? Give your soul, your life to God.

    Stop playing games with God and just give it up to him.

    Let him have control of your life. So that you can be happy and fulfilled.

    So that you can do something of value in this life.

    Stop with the 100 excuses as to why you don't do anything.

    God does not want to hear your latest excuse.

    He would rather here you humble hearted before him.

    So, what will you do with your life today?

    Are you ready to start your relationship with God?

    Or do you want to put it off some more?

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