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    by David Brown

    On the order of some of our Lord's Miracles and Parables,
    the data being scanty, considerable difference obtains.

    Miracles. Where Wrought. Where Recorded.
    Water made wine Cana Joh 2:1-11.
    Traders cast out of the temple Jerusalem Joh 2:13-17.
    Nobleman's son healed Cana Joh 4:46-54.
    First miraculous draught of fishes Sea of Galilee Lu 5:1-11.
    Leper healed Capernaum Mt 8:2-4; Mark 1:40-45; Lu 5:12-15.
    Centurion's servant healed Capernaum Mt 8:5-13; Lu 7:1-10.
    Widow's son raised to life Nain Lu 7:11-17.
    Demoniac healed Capernaum Mr 1:21-28; Lu 4:31-37.
    Peter's mother-in-law healed Capernaum Mt 8:14, 15; Mr 1:29-31; Lu 4:38, 39.
    Paralytic healed Capernaum Mt 9:2-8; Mr 2:1-12; Lu 5:17-26.
    Impotent man healed Jerusalem Joh 5:1-16.
    Man with withered hand healed Galilee Mt 12:10-14; Mr 3:1-6; Lu 6:6-11.
    Blind and dumb demoniac healed Galilee Mt 12:22-24; Lu 11:14.
    Tempest stilled Sea of Galilee Mt 8:23-27; Mr 4:35-41; Lu 8:22-25.
    Demoniacs dispossessed Gadara Mt 8:28-34; Mr 5:1-20.
    Jairus' daughter raised to life Capernaum Mt 9:18-26; Mr 5:22-24; Lu 8:41-56.
    Issue of blood healed Near Capernaum Mt 9:18-26; Mr 5:22-24; Lu 8:41-56.
    Two blind men restored to sight Capernaum Mt 9:27-31.
    Dumb demoniac healed Capernaum Mt 9:32-34.
    Five thousand miraculously fed Decapolis Mt 14:13-21; Mr 6:31-44; Lu 9:10-17; Joh 6:5-14.
    Jesus walks on the sea Sea of Galilee Mt 14:22-33; Mr 6:45-52; Joh 6:15-21.
    Syrophœnician's daughter healed Coasts of Tyre and Sidon Mt 15:21-28; Mr 7:24-30.
    Deaf and dumb man healed Decapolis Mr 7:31-37.
    Four thousand fed Decapolis Mt 15:32-39; Mr 8:1-9.
    Blind man restored to sight Bethsaida Mr 8:22-26.
    Demoniac and lunatic boy healed Near Cęsarea Philippi Mt 17:14-21; Mr 9:14-29; Lu 9:37-43.
    Miraculous provision of tribute Capernaum Mt 17:24-27.
    The eyes of one born blind opened Jerusalem Joh 9:1-41.
    Woman, of eighteen years' infirmity, cured [Perea.] Lu 13:10-17.
    Dropsical man healed [Perea.] Lu 14:1-6.
    Ten lepers cleansed Borders of Samaria Lu 17:11-19.
    Lazarus raised to life Bethany Joh 11:1-46.
    Two blind beggars restored to sight Jericho Mt 20:29-34; Mr 10:46-52; Lu 18:35-43.
    Barren fig tree blighted Bethany Mt 21:12, 13, 18, 19; Mr 11:12-24.
    Buyers and sellers again cast out Jerusalem Lu 19:45, 46.
    Malchus' ear healed Gethsemane Mt 26:51-54; Mr 14:47-49; Lu 22:50, 51; Joh 18:10,11.
    Second draught of fishes Sea of Galilee Joh 21:1-14.

    by David Brown

    Parables. Where Spoken. Where Recorded.
    The two debtors [Capernaum] Lu 7:40-43.
    The strong man armed Galilee Mt 12:29; Mr 3:27; Lu 11:21, 22.
    The unclean spirit Galilee Mt 12:43-45; Lu 11:24-26.
    The sower Seashore of Galilee Mt 13:3-9, 18-23; Mr 4:3-9, 14-20; Lu 8:5-8, 11-15.
    The tares and wheat Seashore of Galilee Mt 13:24-30, 36-43.
    The mustard seed Seashore of Galilee Mt 13:31, 32; Mr 4:30-32; Lu 13:18, 19.
    The seed growing secretly Seashore of Galilee Mr 4:26-29.
    The leaven Seashore of Galilee Mt 13:33; Lu 13:20, 21.
    The hid treasure Seashore of Galilee Mt 13:44.
    The pearl of great price Seashore of Galilee Mt 13:45, 46.
    The draw net Seashore of Galilee Mt 13:47-50.
    The unmerciful servant Capernaum Mt 18:21-35.
    The good Samaritan Near Jerusalem Lu 10:29-37.
    The friend at midnight Near Jerusalem Lu 11:5-8.
    The rich fool Galilee Lu 12:16-21.
    The barren fig tree Galilee Lu 13:6-9.
    The great supper Perea Lu 14:15-24.
    The lost sheep Perea Mt 18:12-14; Lu 15:3-7.
    The lost piece of money Perea Lu 15:8-10.
    The prodigal son Perea Lu 15:11-32.
    The good shepherd Jerusalem Joh 10:1-18.
    The unjust steward Perea Lu 16:1-8.
    The rich man and Lazarus Perea Lu 16:19-31.
    The profitable servants Perea Lu 17:7-10.
    The importunate widow Perea Lu 18:1-8.
    The Pharisees and publicans Perea Lu 18:9-14.
    The laborers in the vineyard Perea Mt 20:1-16.
    The pounds Jericho Lu 19:11-27.
    The two sons Jerusalem Mt 21:28-32.
    The wicked husbandmen Jerusalem Mt 21:33-44; Mr 12:1-12; Lu 20:9-18.
    The marriage of the king's son Jerusalem Mt 22:1-14.
    The ten virgins Mount of Olives Mt 25:1-13.
    The talents Mount of Olives Mt 25:14-30.

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