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  • A Prayer for the Broken-Hearted


    God, I feel so downhearted.

    All of my bones are broken and my friends have forsaken me.

    You have taken away my stubbornness and my resolve.

    All there is left is confusion and disappointment.

    Why did my friends forsake me? And judge me?

    I don't know anymore what you want with my life.

    I do your will, I pray constantly.

    You have broken my surety and have taken away my will.

    All I have left is pain in the midst of your presence.

    People judge. People who don't understand, don't listen and do not care.

    They are tied into their will and their way, thinking they know everything.

    With full faith and continuous prayer years elapse with no answer.

    Stand me on solid ground with clear perspective and peace of mind.

    Do not leave me, even if I am at my stubbornest moment.

    Even when I sin and let you down.

    Help me to understand others.

    Help me understand how one can claim to be Christian and not love his brother.

    Who think love is judgment. Who think care is silence.

    Who rob you of all that was good and clean.

    Who take your most precious memories and remove the mask, the lie you believed.

    Your happiest moments become a cruel joke. The sky really was not blue that day.

    Nor was the grass green. Nor was there happiness and joy or brotherly affection.

    Take this disappointment and use it for something good.

    I cannot stand being in pain any longer. Bring back those memories that were lost.

    Bring back those good memories and prove they were not lies after all.

    Restore that which was broken. Heal all of my bones.

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