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  • Brand new title!
    • Play it on car MP3/CD players, portable & jukebox MP3 players, some DVD players, ALL PC Computers and more!!
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    • Are you looking for an NIV, NASB, NKJV Audio Bible? Usually, you will see one of these audio Bibles for about $60 - $150 in Christian bookstores, depending on what size you get? Do you really want to spend that much on an audio Bible? What if I told you that I can give you a high quality audio Bible product for under $10. Would you be interested?
    • Do you like Alexander Scourby or Charlton Heston? Check this guy out! I have listened through Alexander Scourby's WHOLE audio Bible 3 to 4 times straight and I can vouch that this narrator is just as good! He even has a great accent. Read more about the narrator below(CHECK out the narrator's awards also!!).
    • This KJV audio Bible was painstakingly recorded for high quality sound and then converted into MP3 files using one of the cleanest sounding converters. Truly, it is only a step under CD quality.
    • At Best Buy, 5 out of about 20 of the new car stereos can play MP3 technology. I popped this CD into some of these and it works just like a regular CD! Within a year or two, you will discover that all new car stereos will be able to play MP3 technology! Get an early start and buy this CD today!
    • This is a brand new! You are bidding on a high quality audio product. Buy one of the expensive audio Bible collections currently selling on eBay and compare it with ours. I highly doubt you will consider the expensive CD collection any better than ours.
    • Convert the files to WAV and burn your own CD collection for standard CD players! Audio Bible for CHEAP!
    • Actually, you might even consider our MP3 audio Bible better than these $50 - $200 multiple CD audio Bibles, because our MP3 audio Bible can also play by Topic!! Yes, finally an audio Bible that can actually play by topic!
    • I have many people write to me asking, "Is this really an audio Bible?". Yes, it truly is an audio Bible. This audio Bible works on many devices. 25% of ALL new car CD players can play this CD. Within a year or two, it will be all new car CD players. Some DVD players can play it. ALL portable and jukebox MP3 players can play its files. Last, ALL PC computers can play the CD.

  • The MP3 Audio Bible VS. Competition
    • Functionality - This audio Bible contains over a thousand topic playlists covering almost every topic in the Bible! Also, this audio Bible can play by book of Bible or through the whole New Testament with Psalms! TRULY, nothing of this caliber has EVER been offered for so cheap!

      1. Abaddon
      2. Abase
      3. Abased
      4. Abasing
      5. Abba
      6. Abel
      7. Abhor
      8. Abhorred
      9. Abide
      10. Abided
      11. Abides
      12. Abiding
      13. Abolish
      14. Abolished
      15. and over 1000 more topical playlists!

    • Audio New Testament with Psalms - The MP3 Audio Bible includes all of the King James New Testament and Psalms.
    • The Narrator's Awards - The narrator of The MP3 Audio Bible has won the National Communicator Award for 1997 & 1998, and also the Chairman's Gold Award For Narration.
    • BONUS! HIGH Quality Text Bible Library - The MP3 Audio Bible also includes a MASSIVE text parallel Bible of 10 BIBLES!!! Where will you buy so much for so little, other than here? IMAGINE, you can put this CD in a car stereo and listen or you can put it in your computer and navigate a text library! Virtually nothing else does that!
    • Variety! - We also have a New/Old Testament COMBO deal. If interested in the FULL audio Bible, please check our other auctions.

  • What does the software include?
      1. The WHOLE KJV New Testament narrated by Eric Martin!
      2. The LARGEST Old Testament book of Psalms

    • TEXT BIBLES(10 BKS):
      1. KJV (King James Version)
      2. WEB (World English Bible)
      3. ASV (American Standard Version)
      4. BBE (Bible in Basic English)
      5. Darby (Darby's English Translation)
      6. WBT (Webster Bible Translation)
      7. WEY (Weymouth New Testament)
      8. YLT (Young's Literal Translation)
      9. VUL (Latin Vulgate)
      10. SEV (Sagradas Escrituras Version)

  • Graphically enhanced software
    • Textured backgrounds.
    • High quality graphics utilized for button links, logos, and page titles.

  • A better audio Bible for a MUCH lower price!
    • The text component includes just about as many Bibles as many of the competitor's mid-level Bible libraries.
    • Most comparable audio Bibles cost between $40 - $60.

  • System Requirements
    • PC compatible
    • Win95, Win98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP or Vista
    • 32 MB RAM minimum
    • 486/66 MHz or higher processor.
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Minimum hard drive space: 0 MB
    • Mouse or pointer

  • Relevant Info
    • Want to pay with a check instead of credit card? No problem, just enter your check information electronically and it just like sending it to me personally, but saves both of us time!
    • IMPORTANT! - The first item has a shipping cost of $5.25.
    • For each extra one you buy, the shipping has an additional $1.75.


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