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    What Makes for a Great Christian Bumper Sticker based on the Bible?

    2 Corinthians 2:2-3

    You yourselves are our bumper sticker, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody. You are a bumper sticker from God, the result of our ministry, printed not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not stuck on an actual car bumper, but on the bumper decal of the human heart!.

    Personalized magnetic bumper stickers Apart from the magnetic version of the classic bumper stickers, the companies that make these bumper stickers also allow you to make your own bumper stickers. Most of these companies are listed online.

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    The best Bible based bumper stickers are short, sweet, and to the point. They are the type of message that is meant to be taken in at a glance -- the sort of thing that people will be able to read and absorb in less than five seconds, often while driving. Most times, the message that a good bumper sticker conveys is thought-provoking, clever, funny, informative, or some type of combination of each of these qualities.

    When deciding what you'd like to print on your bumper sticker, consider the following:

  • If you had 10 seconds to explain your church's mission, how would you do it?
  • If you had 10 seconds to change someone's mind about a particular issue, how would you do it?

    First appearing in the 1930s, bumper stickers turned into one of the most popular forms of sticker art. Used for multiple purposes from officially indicating the country, to which a vehicle belongs, to humorous tips and recommendations to other participants of the road traffic. Custom bumper stickers can be make to tailor the message of the church.

    Custom Bumper Stickers and honor students Honor Student Bumper Stickers

    The pioneer in bumper sticker art is believed to be Forest Gill, who made bumper stickers more practical and widely spread by replacing wire attachment with the adhesive one. Today, the most popular media for bumper stickers is 11 X 3 inches in size. Here are a few examples of custom bumper stickers.

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  • Custom Christian Bumper Stickers Internet

    Bible Christian Bumper Stickers

    The Christian bumper stickers are a welcome relief from the rude and crude saying we are seeing on so many cars these days. It is refreshing to see another car that is willing to make a statement about how things should be. So many bumper stickers from the Internet point to God, leadership and morality.

    Internet Bumper Stickers

    Another great online source is Online Bumper Stickers

    Religious bumper stickers are the exception anymore, as America is heading fast away from her foundations, One nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for all. It is a awesome thing to put a bumper sticker on your car, and it is another way of letting hundreds of people know that you are one who believes that we have a Creator and that what happens in this life really does matter. Jesus is well pleased to see us identify with him.

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    Printed Christian Bumper Stickers The most popular of all the bumper stickers is the Christian Fish; also know as the Christian fish. The Christian fish symbol stands for Jesus Christ, son of God. It stands for a sinful world that will one day have to give an answer to God. To have a conservative or a Christian political viewpoint is the exception. And the world loves to make fun of this, you see parodies of the Christian perspective and the conservative political stickers all the time. For custom Christian stickers see:

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    Unlike many political slogans and bumper stickers, this will have lasting appeal for at least four years. That's a pretty long shelf-life for a political slogan, so you can put this sticker on your car proudly. Since there is a strong likelihood that Obama's popularity as peaked and can only do down from here, you can rest assured that you won't be embarrassed two years down the road, like all the hippies still sporting their green stickers from yesteryear.

    The first bumper "stickers" were made of cardboard and metal. These were then connected by wire and string. In fact, they looked more like a license plate than a sticker. Nevertheless, these were the forerunners of bumper stickers, as we know them today.

    A change to the way bumper stickers were made would come later. In the 1930's, Forest P. Gill worked for the Crawford Manufacturing Company in Kansas City, Missouri. The company had been making canvas items such as seat and tire covers. The canvas was a sturdy material that was also very versatile, as it could be printed on with ink through silk screening. These inks were different from the dyes that had been used in the past, as the dyes would fade or run in the sunlight or rain. As a result, the canvas turned out to be an excellent option for printed advertisements for the outdoors. Soon, canvas was used for outdoor advertisements on the canvas awnings that went over store windows and later they were used for covering spare tires and turning those into advertisements as well.

    After the Crawford Manufacturing Company went out of business, Gill chose to go into business for himself. Gill received some printing equipment from his ex-employer and began a printing business in the basement of his home in 1934.

    Gill struggled to make ends meet and printed everything from bumper signs to can labels. The prints were treated with chemicals to keep them from running and to withstand the weather. As Gill's operation grew, he had to hire employees. Gill moved out of the basement to 906 Central in Kansas City. The shop was right down the block from the Hotel Savoy, where Harry Truman would lunch at the Savoy Grill.

    Later in 1946, a new trend in inks and dyes came about. The Switzer Brother's Inc. located in Cleveland, Ohio created these. They introduced new colors that were called DayGlo because of their bright, glowing appearance during the day. Gill soon began experimenting with these new inks and creating signs with them. These inks were very eye catching and advertisers wanted to use them to draw more attention.


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