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The Spychips Threat


The Latest End-Time News

Updated 08/29/12

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Two More States Approve Anti-National ID Legislation

Will Pharmacist's Be Fined For Following Their Conscience?

Population Growth and America's Future ala' Rockefeller (Lengthy but Telling)


War Games In Iran? Or...Is This the REAL Thing?

Sodomites Brainwashing Our Children In School

Stop the N.A. U.

What You Need To Know About Homeland Security

Psychological Terrorism Permeates Public School System

It's The Trees' Fault!

Porcine High Fever Disease

YOU Will Be GUILTY Until Proven Innocent

Giuliani Keyplayer In NAFTA Highway Proposition


Before You Buy 'Pharmaceuticals'-Check This Out

CASPIAN Joins Fight Against REAL ID

Anti-Homosexual Bible Verse Causes Chaos in Florida Airport

God's Terrorist-Shooter

A Historical View of Torture of Believers

Incinerating the Flu Vaccine=Releasing Mercury Into the Air

CASPIAN On Item-Level RFID Tagging

Muslims Receive Preferential Treatment In Airport,Cabs

Just a Real Good All Around Site Exposing Satanism

Stand Down Orders During Cho Massacre

Jesus Never Mentioned During Convocation Ceremony At Virginia Tech

RFID Datasharing Technology

You See, It's Not Enough To Be Under Constant Surveillance...You Have To Have Children's Voices Nagging The Adults


Dust to Dust-More Casualties of 911

Kidnap Victims Or a Pretext for War?

The EU- 50 Years of Deceit

Unmanned Drones and Project Chloe


Anna Nicole, Brittany and Mind Control

Is the End Near?

Global Surveillance Soon Possible

Watch this video: PentaCon


Be Ready To Be Strip Searched


One World...One Religion


A new 'Jesus'


States Are Aligning Against National I.D.


Texas Governor Takes Donation From Merck and Signs Executive Law To Mandate Vaccine


Study Up for Next year: St. Valentine's Day and It's Pagan Roots


Congestion Cameras Help track Ordinary Motorists


Bin Laden Confession Was Fake

National Spotlight Sought For Homeschooler In Psych Ward

WalMart's Predatory Practices

Why Would They Even Need To Reveal Themselves?

Bono May Be Talented But .....the Bible Expressly States To Sing To Yourselves Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs...I See Not a Jot or Tittle Of Biblical Verse In His Tunes


The Avian Flu Threat....Practice Makes Perfect

The North American Union Already In Action

What Can Be More Invasive Than a DNA Bank? Shades of Human Cloning Right Around the Corner?

A grasp On the U.N. Agenda

History on the Papacy

A Veritable Cornucopia of RFID

Police Getting More and More Militarized

The Pope Wants Ecumenism.....Funny...If That Were True He Wouldn't Be A Pope

CHILD Project

Sci-Fi Foods

Woman's Cross Is Found Offensive

Dr. Dino-Kent Hovind-Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Cloned Meats and Milk In Your Refrigerator Soon

Dr. Dennis Cuddy Explains It All

Big Brother School System Fingerprinting 5-Year Olds

Plans Underway to Microchip All Citizens Of U.S. and Europe

The New World Order Is Here...Like It or Not

Morgellons Disease-A New Plague?

The 'Amero' ...Preceded by the Vatican Euro and to be Instituted Soon..

Yoga and Christianity? A Formula For Apostacy

It's A Brave New World In the Kitchen!

Pandemic Flu Effects

Was David Icke Right?

Christian Homeschoolers Under Attack

Rousing Message By Chuck Baldwin

McCain's New Thought Police Bill...Who Will It Really Protect?

Kissinger and Money Laundering Through the FED

Verichip Makes New Deal With South Africa

Concentration camps For U.S. Citizens

Big Pharma Wins As Health Freedom Loses

Make Sure To Read Parts 1 and 2 As Well

Bush Declares No Difference Between Christian and Muslim God

Verichip Is Very Pleased With Two-Year Report

Idolotry Hits A New High

Verimed/Verichip ....the new 'Mark'

How NAFTA Is Destroying the United States Of America

The Collapse of the Dollar and the Overtaking of America by Globalists

That Same Beastly Number Is Visible Once More...This time in a Social Security Bill

The EU...Europe's Unholy Empire

666-Still an Empty Seat

The Pink House

Contactless Payments in London

Watching....and LISTENING????

Blogger With Important Information You Should Know

Cold War Tactics Come Back Into View

Man Playing God With the Climate

Big Brother, Big Buisness-in it's entirety-Video.Google

Tommy Thompson-The 'chipper'

The Perfect Set-Up Story To Keep People Fearful and Under the Thumb of the TSA

Romanist Views National Sovereignty Plan 'Inhuman'


Verichip's Expanded uses may Be Troublesome

A Satirical Yet Truthful View of National I.D.

Apostates With Their Love of Money

Another Blasphemous 'Bible' Gone to Print!

The Alien Nation No Longer Hidden From View

Depopulation via climatic control Evangelical-style

Police Powers and the New World Order

Romanization = Immigration

The Brave New World Of N.Y. Transit


Promise Keeper Movement and Apostacy

Is Your Printer Equipped With a Tracking System?

The De-Valuation of Life as per Rupert Murdoch

The Insipid Web of Globalism and the One-World Church

What Ever Happened To America?

After Nagasaki and Hiroshima-Talks in Japan for Possible Nuclear Build-up?

Smart Surveillance-How Much More Needs To Be Seen?

Scroll Down and Watch "Gun Control and the Second Ammendment"

The Death Gasp of the American Dollar


Doctors Are Chipped and Join Up With Mark of the Beast Technology

Middle Eastern War Games

Those Wiley Verichip people Find Another Way to Get Under Your Skin

Turning Our Children Into Robotic Snitches and Programmed Sheeple

U.S. Does Not Torture It's Prisoners Bush Says

Israelis Using Phosphorus Bombs On Lebanese

Information and Documentation On the NAFTA Superhighway

Is It Violent Behavior ? Only the Surveillance Camera Knows For Sure

International Treaties May be Violated By New U.S. Law

Who Controls the Food Controls the People

Game Card Contains RFID

Churches That Are the State's Organizations

Power of Prophecy and the New Zionism

Total Information Awareness-Not Gone-Just Changed It's Name

Gore and Murdoch - Propaganda Pair for the 21st Century

U.S. Stuck in Iraq Until At Least 2010?

Definetly Worth Listening To-One of the Most Compelling Speeches You'll Hear

Little Children Being Drugged in Order to Keep Them 'Controllable'

With Just a Wave of the Hand

Anti-Christianity Grows on Campus

Angry About Lesbian Rosie O'Donnell's Anti-Christian Rant? Here's a Place To Something About It !

Corporate Church-ism, the Lapdog of State-Sponsored Religion and the New World Order

Online Chapters of Book Expose the Dark Forces of Occultism In the End Times

"Freethinkers" Invade Air Force Academy....Was It Planned? Check Out the Illuminist's Architecture

Will The GOP Become Known As the Gay Old Party?

Will You Be An Enemy Combatant?

Part of the New Army?

Is a Global Currency In the Works

If You Think That the U.N. Is Useful, Watch This

Tag! You're "IT"

The Media That WANTS To Tell

Although This is Really a Plea for Contributions, The Footage is True and Should Be a Warning To All Americans That Believe In the Second Ammendment and Fear a Police State Takeover

No Place To Run, No Place To Hide

Is This What They Mean About A 'Free Country'?

The Thought Police Are Busy

Another Example of War Is Peace

Trying To Resolve Data-Sharing Issues

911 Theories or Facts?

Genocide Of the Falun Gong Followers

China Behind Laser Disablement of Satelites

Superstate Planned-Bush and CFR

Bayer-Partners in Genocide

Waco May Be In the Forefront for Surveillance Planes

Abortion Pictures -Too Much Truth

Sinful Government Rejects Christianity

Joan Veon's Suggestion On Taking Back the Government

The Wholesale Drugging of Children In Government Schools

Tucson and Total Surveillance Program

The Memory Thief and MK-Ultra

The Soviet United States

The UK-A Model for the Coming One-World Police State

Some Things Just Never Change-Persecution of God's People

Two Important Videos You Shouldn't Miss

A Spokesman for the Culture of Death

How People See God

Cable Boxes that Watch You!

Young Teen in Trouble Over Tee-Shirt

Remotely Read RFID on Documents Bill Up for Assesment in California

Brainwashing Our Progeny to Accept the Police State


Children's I.D. Database-First in Britain , Then On Our Soil

Heroic Teen Endures Religious Persecution

What's to Debate? God Created the Heaven and the Earth!

Are You Part of the New Fascism?

An Ever Growing Technology -Data Surveillance and Storage

Children's Database Out of the Parents Control

Casualities of the Information Age - Are You One?

Orwellian Trash Bins (microchips tell on you and your garbage)

Cybergenetics- Man Engineering Man


Implanted Chips in Our Troops?

Thema: Siemens will lauch a takeover to Applied Digital Solutions

VeriChip takes Hugs and MyCall systems to Australia


New Identification Technology Raises Concerns over Privacy

Implanted Chips in Our Troops?

Proposal by Anglican Leader Could Split Church

DNA samples could prevent crimes

Scientists Develop Possible Bird Flu Vaccine Using DNA

Applied Digital To Host Webcast to Answer Investor Questions on ...

VeriChip Corporation to Present Its RFID Infant Protection ...

Privatizing" the Police State

Forced RFID Implants - Much Ado About Nothing

African American Inventor Develops Computer

Program for Biometric Access Television

DAs Renew Call for Expanded DNA Database

AG Cooper says DNA database is essential crime fighting tool

VeriChip Inserts Itself Into Immigration Debate

"Hear and Know" -- Scott Silverman and VeriChip -- (RFID) Security ...

Do Canadians want implanted ID chips?

VeriChip Corporation Sponsors 'Team Florida' at Transplant Games

Push for DNA registry could affect all

Common Visa Application Centres" and introduction of biometrics ...

RFID Implantable chips bear promise, but privacy standards needed

World Leaders Resist AIDS Funding Target

"Hear and Know" -- Scott Silverman and VeriChip -- (RFID) Security ...


FBI adds uses for it's DNA Database

Doyle signs bill outlawing mandatory microchip implants

VeriChip and Ricoh to Demonstrate VeriTrace

VeriChip Corporation's VeriGuard Security Suite Chosen as Finalist ...

Research Reveals European Desire for Biometric Benefits

Europeans willling to switch banks for biometric authentication

Bush & Blair on Iraq


Bush seeks to defuse conflict with House over seized documents

Health chiefs fear worst over family killed by bird flu

Source of HIV virus traced to chimps from Cameroon

Bloomberg Wants National DNA Database

Applied Digital puzzled by drop in share price

Iris Scanning in a Mobile Phone

hDocuments Reveal AT&T-NSA Surveillance Details

Bush Lied about Spy Program

'Big Brother' plan to store every baby on computertection]

Putting Implants In Immigrants

The Real ID

3 ERs Fire Up Patient-Record Scanners

Japan passes fingerprinting law

Protesters Arrested at Halliburton Meeting


Finger scanners to enter clubs

Thompson says he's not running for governor

The RFID Hacking Underground

It's time to face the facts

Latin leader keen on ID chips

Do we want to be a nation of preemptive wars




Click here to read how the verichip will evolve into the mark of the beast

Verichip News on Google

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HAARP News on Google

FIGHT THE VERICHIP with these great shirt designs

Anti World Bank Shirts

No Verichip Inside Shirts

More End Time News [A lot!]

Blair savages critics over threat to civil liberties

You're on candid camera:

State approves $5M plan to bring 100 cameras to NB streets

Parents can track their kids

Rumsfeld Linked to Guantanamo Torture

Abuses of surveillance cameras

AOL censors email of those it doesn't like, claim

NYPD flips on surveillance cameras to fight crime and terror

Data protectionist says Big Brother is already here

NSA concerned over computer phone service

AT&T asks judge to order documents alleging wiretaps returned

Big Brother is listening

Surveillance at a crossroads

Big Brother listening in Europe

Smile: You're on Surveillance Camera

NSA Can 'Vacuum' Emails Across Internet

RFID: Legitimate fear or fear-mongering?

Would eavesdropping bill snag reporters? WASHINGTON - Reporters who write about government surveillance could be prosecuted under proposed legislation that would solidify the administration's eavesdropping authority, according to some legal analysts who are concerned about dramatic changes in U.S. law. Land of the free? Times have indeed changed my friends.

Gas tax on miles, not gallons, tested "The existence of such a database, which would, for the first time in history, allow for the creation of detailed daily itineraries of every driver, raises obvious privacy concerns," said David L. Sobel, general counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a civil liberties group in Washington.


RFID: Government Too Shambolic To SpyThe "wireless tag" business isn't just for tracking prisoners out on probation: it's also for tagging holidaymakers and train travellers.

US Military Plans To Make Insect Cyborgs The Pentagon is seeking applications from researchers to help them develop technology that can be implanted into living insects to control their movement and transmit video or other sensory data back to their handlers.
Imagine what the 'black' funded projects are up to if they are disclosing this information to us.

Passports with embedded RFID coming to US With RFID chips embedded into passports, identity theft can be done wirelessly because your private information is just up there in the air for criminals to grab.

Then they will propose the embedded 'NEW' Security whiz bang model verichip. Like a game playing itself out,it is so obvious it's ridiculous.

Pentagon Admits To Improperly Snooping on Peaceful War Protesters Last December, NBC News obtained a 400-page compilation of reports from the Pentagon that revealed the Defense Department was conducting secret surveillance of peaceful war protesters. Does anyone know the definition of communism?

Israeli Army Deploys RFID Gradual introduction of RFID tags will initially seek to halt the siphoning of fuel by soldiers. The next stage will be to monitor fuel storage facilities. This is the reason for RFID implementation? What a joke, how stupid do they think we are?

China Using Cartoon Cyber Cops to Warn Internet Users Police are Watching "The main function of Jingjing and Chacha is to intimidate, not to answer questions," say security officials  . Jingjing and Chacha will also communicate with Internet users through the QQ instant messaging system, as virtual users to deter them from internet crime, or just to remind them in a friendly fashion that the regime’s “Big Brother” is watching them.  The difference between China and the USA now as we move into the NWO , is that China tells its citizens its spying on them, the USA does so in a covert manner. Oh the joy of living in a democracy. We don't need to be told, we need to trust.


Justice Dept. Rejects Google's Concerns SAN FRANCISCO - Concerns by Google Inc. that a Bush administration demand to examine millions of its users' Internet search requests would violate privacy rights are unwarranted, the Justice Department said in a court filing. Of course , they would never lie would they? No the government has never lied. Not once...

RFID chip hides in tooth Scientists in Belgium have unveiled a next generation identity management tool in the shape of a RFID-enabled tooth.
The technology, said to be no bigger than a grain of rice, fits into a person’s tooth as a filling would, but is able to feed complex personal information into a database.
Always a database, a RFID chip, a surveillance system and of course the media trumpeting fear to mass market. If a Christian in this day and age can not see what is happening , it is because you are NOT listening to God and not reading His word. WAKE UP!

Asda confirms plans for trials of RFID The UK supermarket chain will follow its US parent Wal-Mart by piloting tracking technology to cut costs and improve staff and supply chain efficiency. Have you heard a SINGLE tel e-evangelist speak on RFID or the Verichip? No! In fact Pat Robertson's Club 700 indeed promoted the Verichip as NOT being 'evil' . It amazes us that Christians have become so 'blinded' that they listen to man rather than the Word of God. These are dark times indeed. They collect the tithes and offerings and lead the flock to the slaughter.All part  and parcel of the New World Order game. The pawns at the end have no excuse as your Bible states your ministers will lead you astray. WAKE UP!! We will soon be listing the top ten ministries so you can send an email to make them accountable. We get a lot of Internet traffic here on the site and we encourage you to get involved. We are sickened at the pace the dark side is moving.


Google says no to US gov

Google on Friday rejected US government demands that it give up search information claiming that its customers' privacy, as well as its own business secrets, should be protected.

The search giant filed a response to the demand from the US government that it hand over two months of search terms and all the web addresses within its index. Google said the demands were unreasonable and were not likely to provide useful information. Now if they only removed their new 'desktop' search , we could actually praise Google , for 'not being evil'

Biometrics, ID cards, tagging, DNA kits being pushed on kids

Whether or not you believe this company is controlled by someone else higher up or is simply cashing in on the current march towards the biometric surveillance police state, it is acclimatizing our children and making them think that having your retina scanned and your DNA logged is normal and necessary to keep you safe.

It absolutely stupefies us how people can buy into this garbage. Keep watching your weapon of mass deception ie TV and become the sheep that is led to the slaughter.

TWO U.S. EMPLOYEES INJECTED WITH RFID MICROCHIPS AT COMPANY REQUEST Government Contractor Adopts Controversial VeriChip Implant in Workplace Please note this is FORCED on the employees! The ministers of the world continue to say nothing and collect tithes and offerings. The sheep line up for the slaughter.

Google Copies Your Hard Drive - Government Smiles in Anticipation If Google wants consumers to trust it to store copies of personal computer files, emails, search histories and chat logs, and still 'not be evil,' it should stand with EFF and demand that Congress update the privacy laws to better reflect life in the wired world."












Eye Scan Technology Comes to SchoolsJan. 25, 2006 — Parents who want to pick up their kids at school in one New Jersey district now can submit to iris scans, as the technology that helps keep our nation's airports and hotels safe begins to make its way further into American lives. Fear , fear  and  more fear. The terrorists are coming to get your kids, quick , you better get them iris scanned!!

Hitachi advances paper-thin RFID chip TOKYO — Targeting radio-frequency identification, Hitachi Ltd. has developed what it says is the smallest and thinnest IC in the world for those applications.

Hitachi was due to present details of the 0.15-millimeter by 0.15-millimeter, 7.5-micron-thick chip on Sunday (Feb. 5) at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco.  What's next ? Vaccinations to contain 'invisible' RFID chips? NO, that could never happen? ;)

Big brother -style surveillance growing on Britain’s roads LONDON: Big Brother-style surveillance is growing on Britain’s roads, where police will have the greatest ability in the world to scrutinise, control and record the movements of drivers by the end of the year. All for our protection no doubt? Hmm we are a tad sceptical here.

VeriChip RFID Implant:Product Flaws Could Kill IPO "If you look at the VeriChip purely from the business angle, it's a ridiculously flawed product," says McIntyre. She notes that security researcher Jonathan Westhues has shown how easy it is to clone a VeriChip implanted in a person's arm and program a new chip with the same number. This is good news!


Someone to watch over you CCTV cameras, identity cards, phone taps — our liberty is at risk from this lust to control society

Build your own RFID-blocking wallet An amateur inventor has designed an easy to make DIY wallet that blocks RFID signals.

Big Brother seem relatively harmless
In a world filled with RFID readers, the Nazis could have been far more efficient in depriving Jews of access to basic necessities and the stuff of daily life. RFID numbers encoded in their chips could mark Jews as social and technological pariahs, causing any doorway, elevator, or appliance equipped with RFID-based authentication to shut down when a Jew attempted to use it. In a cashless society where an ID swipe is required for nearly every activity, pay phones could be programmed to withhold dial tones, subway gates could remain firmly closed, and store equipment could refuse to ring up "Aryan only" foods like eggs and milk for the "wrong" kind of person. --Katherine Albrecht & Liz McIntyre, Spychips, p. 211

US Government begins testing e-Passports This weekend marks the beginning of a three-month-long test run on the use of e-Passports at San Francisco Airport. E-Passports contain a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip inside the binding which can be used to store personal data and biometric information for retrieval by customs personnel equipped with RFID readers.

Oh the joy!

MPs 'could face phone taps'

The statement said the new advice had come from Sir Swinton Thomas, the interception of communications commissioner, adding that Blair was considering the "possible implications".

Like MPs being bribed? Being corrupt? Lying ? Serving their money masters? Imagine if Blair's phone taps were made public!!

Britain plans total electronic surveillance of roads

Experts are already working on systems that can automatically recognize human faces and it may not be long before machines can pick out a "suspicious" face in a crowd. Many on both left and right of the political spectrum find the growing use of surveillance disturbing.

"Frankly I don't want to see a society in which the Big Brother element comes to the fore," says MP Garnier. It's like a dark cloud descending on mankind.

Poll: Americans Want Warrants for Spying "We're at war," Bush said during a New Year's Day visit to San Antonio. "And as commander in chief, I've got to use the resources at my disposal, within the law, to protect the American people. ... It's a vital, necessary program."  Is lying and deceit part of the program as well? Mr Bush is the god you worship the sun god? Skull and Bones provides us with the answer. Wake up people and read your Bible.

Huge rise in juvenile DNA samples kept by the police Nearly a third of the samples has been included over the past two years since police were given power to take DNA from under-18s for the first time without the permission of their parents or guardians. The land of the free?

Big Brother Eyes Your Car "Dean said the idea is to make it difficult, if not impossible, to travel by road without being captured by the cameras. A slave race is the goal.

Your phone records are for sale" Pretexting for financial data is illegal, but it does not include phone records," Schumer said. "We already have protections for our financial information. We ought to have it for the very personal information that can be gleaned from telephone records."

Implants turn humans into cyborgs Cyborgs have stepped out of science fiction and into real life with a small but growing group of tech aficionados who are getting tiny computer chips implanted into their bodies to do everything from opening doors to unlocking computer programs. These tech 'aficionados' IQ might be high but their wisdom is severly lacking.

Europe under total surveillance Neither European Parliament President Josep Borrell Fontelles nor European Commission VP Franco Frattini have explained why a new law permitting total, ongoing surveillance and recording of our communications is a “triumph” for Europeans. Why would they explain? Even if they did they would lie.

Why Sean Hannity And GOP Attorney Have No Problem With Bush Ordering Illegal Spy Actually, by law you need, as I understand it... a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court whenever you eavesdrop within the United States." Can the Christians please wake up and smell the coffee? Imagine if King David operated like this? What a pathetic state of affairs when the constitution is trodden upon . Fear is the product they sell.


Tracking Tommy's chip plans

Procter told McIntyre Thompson would definitely be getting the chip."We look forward to setting a firm date in accordance to his schedule and other commitments. ... We want to maximize the impact. ... We'd certainly like to. ... really knock it out of the park." ... To the Verichip gang , wait till God knocks you guys out of the park. Trust us when we say the impact will be maximum .

Microsoft's Windows Live will spy on you CUDDLY SOFTWARE giant Microsoft will use its new Windows Live geolocation finder as a Big Brother location device for the police. What an interesting chap Gates is.

Hold off on that chip, says Thompson "It's very beneficial and it's going to be extremely helpful and it's a giant step forward to getting what we call an electronic medical record for all Americans," he told CBS MarketWatch.  Keep lying Mr Thompson and remember hell is a hot place.


U.S. passenger tracking plan under scrutiny "I am opposed to requiring any more information from people booking air travel," wrote David Kelley of Alexandria, Va. "There is already too much information collected, and adding more is totally uncalled for. We are supposed to be living in a free society that respects the privacy of its citizens, not a police state." Could not agree more

Cameras accuse 2,600 of speeding ``I think we want to show some good faith here,'' Turner said. ``If the legislature decides to ban this kind of automated enforcement -- and I hope they don't -- it wouldn't reflect well on us that we raced under the deadline to get these devices into service and issue citations.'' He said perception is everything. ``You have to use it judiciously,'' Turner said. ``This discussion has been going on for years. It can't be a revenue stream. It's supposed to be -- and it ought to be -- for traffic safety.'' Why can't they just admit it's revenue raising? Everyone knows it is.

Fingerprint, iris scans for airport employees When an employee needs to go through a secure door, he or she swipes the card and then is asked for a fingerprint or an iris scan. They're both non-invasive, painless techniques. Again, the fingerprint or iris scan is turned into a code and must match the code on the card. Approval or rejection is determined in one or two seconds. Truck drivers can have their fingerprints registered to cross borders smoothly in a system called Free and Secure Trade (FAST). Those who travel frequently to the U.S. by car can sign up for NEXUS, another iris-scanning program. Hello calling all real ministers out there!!! Are you telling your congregation? Only your pet could not see where this is leading.

Security officers viewed woman naked on CCTVA group of security officers used a CCTV camera to film a young woman as she wandered naked around her flat, a court heard yesterday. They then viewed images of their victim on a 42in plasma screen in their control room. Yet surveillance is being promoted as 'the best thing since sliced bread' . The lie continues..

Wake To Employ Wireless Surveillance System RALEIGH, N.C. -- An agreement between Wake County and electronics manufacturer Motorola will soon allow police to patrol major public venues around Raleigh without a large on-site presence. The county is among the first to deploy the Motomesh wireless system that lets law enforcement authorities to use laptop computers and handheld devices to view footage from security cameras from virtually anywhere.

Total Surveillance MJ: What motivates your advocacy against RFID technology?

KA: What motivates me is an absolute resistance against the idea that we would all just be reduced to being numbers and tagged and tracked like cattle. When I see RFID and I think about a world in which the powers that be—be they corporate or government—can essentially watch, surveil, track, manipulate, and control the people, that’s what motivates me: a desire to see that not happen, to my generation, to my children, to my grandchildren. History is going to judge us based on how we respond to this threat now. Katherine Albrecht
is doing more than most preachers put together. It figures that we are in the end times. Read your Bible! Where are the preachers when you need them?

RFID Helps Feed Parking Meters The pay-by-cellular phone service running on IBM Corp. technology put Digital Payment Technologies on the radar of many cities and universities nationwide by letting drivers dial a toll-free telephone number to initiate an account, and provide their parking stall numbers to pay by phone with an ATM card, MasterCard, or Visa. IBM , the beast company continues its RFID march.

RFID Tags to Identify and Track Players Negone 2 “La fuga” (the breakout) is a completely new entertainment concept combining both real and virtual experiences in which players have to solve quizzes and overcome obstacles in order to escape from “Mazzinia,” a futuristic high security prison. Sounds like earth.


Wider use of RFID likely in libraries RFID pioneer Manukau City Council will consider extending its use of the much talked about technology so it can electronically track books in all its libraries.

Dog cameras to combat gun crime They have been trained to help during armed sieges and wear miniature television cameras with transmitters fitted to their heads or harnesses.

How much control should Big Brother have over our lives?A policy excluding smokers from applying for government jobs is back in the news. There's nothing wrong with trying to save taxpayers some money, but is going after a personal habit -- something a worker does away from the job -- the right thing for government to do?

The FBI plays Big Brother The FBI is behaving like Big Brother again, conducting surveillance on U.S. citizens without regard to the guidelines it is supposed to follow to keep its operations above board.  They should know better but this is another example of end times, when the institutions of man fail us on every level. The FBI breaks the law and further to this, they don't care . Pathetic !

Why Google Needs a Privacy Upgrade Google says it needs the data it keeps to improve its technology, but it is doubtful it needs so much personally identifiable information. Of course, this sort of data is enormously valuable for marketing. The whole idea of "Don't be evil," though, is resisting lucrative business opportunities when they are wrong. Google should develop an overarching privacy theory that is as bold as its mission to make the world's information accessible - one that can become a model for the online world. Google is not necessarily worse than other Internet companies when it comes to privacy. But it should be doing better.

Hospital to test ID chip in patients GnanaDev said he understood Ovitt's position and those of privacy rights advocates.

"Our answer to that is that we're not identifying anyone; we're not tracking anyone; we're just giving them a number that links them to their medical records," he said.

LIAR! Why would you believe a company that has a track record of lying with it's atrocities that can be traced back to WWII? GnanaDev , you will have your reward and no , we do not mean a higher stock price for the master you serve. Think about it.

West Palm looks to cameras to spot crime The endless stream of footage will raise questions about how well the department will be able to sift through the material and whether the public will have access to it under public records laws. Perez said many of those issues are still being worked out. Being worked out ? Of course but the cameras will no doubt still go ahead? 

Britons see Big Brother in plan for tots "We are delighted a new quality framework will be established that integrates care and learning for young children," said Gill Haynes, chief executive of the National Childminding Association for England and Wales. What does one say to this madness?

Gatso 2: rollout of UK's '24x7 vehicle movement database' begins And shall we highlight the usefulness of the system in the war on terror before they do? As the recent Metropolitan police document lobbying for detention periods of up to 90 days without charge made clear, the security services' current approach is to move in quickly in response to terror tips, then to sift computers, search homes, and investigate individuals' circumstances and friends in search of actual evidence. Being able to see where they'd been for the last two years as well would be really helpful. Don't worry though - if you haven't done anything wrong you've nothing to fear. If one didn't know better you would swear this is science fiction.

EU to build network of spy satellites The European Union is building its own network of spy satellites allowing Brussels to ensure nations and private individuals are obeying its policies, it was announced yesterday. Will it have more sinister applications? No doubt about that.

Terror technology plans for railIn March 2004, 191 people were killed and at least 1,800 injured when 10 bombs exploded on four packed early-morning commuter trains in the Spanish capital. Not to take away from the people that lost their lives but upwards of 50 000 people die EVERY day from starvation! Fifty thousand! Perhaps the war on 'hunger' should be the next war ?

IBM calls for global identity management solution International standards backed up by a UN body are needed to clear up the international identity-verification mess, according to a senior IBM Global Services executive The growing need for fast, accurate verification of personal identities has prompted a call from an industry observer for a global agency to set international standards , HELLO, HELLO!!! Are the churches listening? Forget your new chairs , your new projector and the cookie raffle. This is happening now! Print this article and take it to your minister . IBM owns Verichip !! Read the following book to understand the dark history IBM has. A wicked company, that also gets tax breaks after 9/11! What a sick and pathetic world we live in !

The mark of the beast is around the corner Here is an article by Mark Baard, dated April 12, 2005. CHICAGO — Tom Ridge, the first secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, this week told the manufacturers and users of radio-frequency identification technologies that their work will protect Americans from terrorism. Short term gain Tom, long term pain .

Surveillance cameras on campus triple "In the old days, in the '70s and '80s, there was a lot of discussion about privacy rights and intrusion - this is old stuff, no one talks about this anymore," he said. A system of cameras "has nothing to do with 'surveillance,' it has to do with recording activity" for criminal investigations and crime prevention purposes, he added. Of course , NOTHING to do with surveillance. Mr Thermos , would you allow yourself to be put on a voice stress analyzer so we can showcase your lie?

Long arm of law reaches out: Wiretapping issues aired over new phone services BOSTON – A new method of communicating is creating intriguing services that beat old ways of sending information. But law enforcement makes a somber claim: These new networks will become a boon to criminals and terrorists unless the government can easily listen inYawn....Is anyone also feeling sleepy? Same old nursery rhyme ...

FBI mines records of ordinary Americans The FBI came calling in Windsor, Conn., this summer with a document marked for delivery by hand. On Matianuk Avenue, across from the tennis courts, two special agents found their man. They gave George Christian the letter, which warned him to tell no one, ever, what it said. Patriot Act my foot! Double speak is everywhere.

Big Brother still listening "For the past two years, law enforcement has been saying, 'If we just had CALEA we'd catch all the terrorists,"' said John Morris, director of Internet standards, technology and policy at the Center for Democracy and Technology. "Well, if they're sophisticated enough to evade all of our intelligence capabilities, they'll be sophisticated enough not to use a CALEA-compliant phone service."  So true! Just like 'real' terrorists will not line up at the roads transport department to get a 'new' drivers license.

The RFID crystal ball: Will the chips eventually talk to us, too? "It could even be a situation in which you don't even have a ticket; you just show up and walk in," says Zach, who includes the future of RFID among the topics for his international speaking engagements. "The technology would allow your presence to be recognized; it would even know where you sat the last time you were there. And if you decided to move to more expensive seats, it would automatically debit your account for the extra cost." Meanwhile a kid in Africa dies of starvation. Do you see anything wrong with this world ?

Amnesty International on terror laws: Dangerous. Ill-conceived. An assault on human rights Amnesty argues: The Bill "contains further sweeping and vague provisions that undermine the rights to freedom of expression and association, the right to liberty, the prohibition of arbitrary detention, the rights to the presumption of innocence and fair trial." Will the government listen to Amnesty? Shouldn't the government listen to an organization that has championed human rights? They should but.......

Security Cameras Please Police, Disturb Civil Libertarians But aside from sheer numbers, the NYCLU says it’s concerned about the increasing use of newer, more powerful digital cameras that – unlike boxy older models – can be controlled remotely and store more images. For what ultimate reason? Where is George Orwell when you need him!

RFID to Speed Commuting Payments for Some Big Apple Workers After a long wait, commuters traveling between New Jersey and New York could soon be using RFID technology to board trains. Oh the joy!

New World RFID Passports

The US government will require nearly all of the passports it issues to have a computer chip containing the passport holder’s personal information by October 2006, according to regulations published this week.

Starting in early 2006, the US Department of State will begin issuing passports with 64KB RFID (radio frequency identification) chips containing the name, nationality, gender, date of birth, place of birth, and digitised photograph of the passport holder.

Korean Society Slips Into Age of Surveillance The recent revelation that the country¡¯s spy agency snooped on civilians during past administrations is renewing public fears that Korea is becoming a surveillance society based on an intrusive state.

Avoid Internet-era Big Brother But the biggest concern of the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington, D.C., is that the order would give the FBI the authority to approve all new technologies, a threat to the freewheeling creativity that's made the Internet so successful, said John Morris, the center's staff counsel.
Updating the law to allow wiretapping in the Internet era should not come at the cost of privacy, creativity or billions in added expense.
The billions spent comes from the taxpayers. So we pay for the privilege to be spied on.

RFID 'really scary technology' International government, medical, military and other concerns insist RFID is absolutely vital for a host of applications ranging from inventory control to making sure patients get the correct medication. Oh of course! Who are they trying to kid?

All US passports to be RFID chipped Sweeping new State Department regulations issued on Tuesday say passports issued after that time will have tiny RFID chips that can transmit personal information including the name, nationality, sex, date of birth, place of birth and digitised photograph of the passport holder. Eventually, the government contemplates adding additional digitised data such as "fingerprints or iris scans"Expect more 'terrorist' attacks to usher the  iris and fingerprint scans. Yawn. This is so predictable

Chips inserted in soldiers' brainsSo far it worked well on rats, and it is hoped that one day experiments will be carried out on soldiers.This is considered progress? This is an abomination to God.


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