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100% Automated Forex Trading- PointBreak EA Software
(Full Version License)

The best yet seen - an EA proven to work in all market conditions.

This powerful EA, is in use by a forex account manager with live accounts for already one full year, with a solid backtested record dealing with all market conditions. Its been in the hands of an elite trading group for a while now and we are proud to be able to take it out into the world. This EA has been compared with other top EA's, and outperformed every single one of them. With Low, Medium and Aggressive settings, you can set the pace of your own investment growth. What makes this EA unique is that it its consistent results only requre that the market moves - and it does not matter in which direction! This EA (named PointBreak) is a MetaTrader4 based software and will trade the market for you 24 hours a day.

One of our competitor's who goes by the name setslav sells multiple variant EAs for around $1000 each. If you look at his backtest and forward results, you will notice that they are of lower performance, when compared to the 'aggressive setting' of this EA here (see Case #2). So our EA here performs better & has more settings, yet costs less. And you do not need to take my word for it. See for yourself in our Forward Trading Results Area and Video Area below!

We offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you fail to increase your equity by 10% over one year, even on the most conservative setting! (using your live account, without deliberately closing positions to make a loss occur.  Also, you would need to return the CD that it came on for the refund). Actually we expect you will do a LOT better than that (pun intended), up to 18% a month depending on how aggressively you wish to trade.

Want to talk to someone personally about this EA? You can contact the creator of this EA, Lin at gagahlin@switch-funds.com . He would be able to answer any questions you personally have about the Forex EA I am selling here. He is a great guy and would even send you some more recent trading results upon request.

With this EA, you can choose your risk setting.
  1. Very Conservative Strategy - (2-3% Monthly Return).
  2. Conservative Strategy - (4-5% Monthly Return).
  3. Moderate Strategy - (6-9% Monthly Return)
  4. Aggressive Strategy - (10-14% Monthly Return).
  5. Very Aggressive Strategy - (15-18% Monthly Return).

Moderate Risk Strategy - Case #1

If you started with $25,000 three years ago, how much would you have now? + around $118,000 set at only moderate risk!

This was using the highest modelling quality available for backtesting in this example above.


Forward Trading Results -

POINT BREAK version 5.0 result (NEW VERSION) on Demo Account:
(AGGRESSIVE Strategy).

START Trading: Oct 1, 2007
START Equity:   $20,000

LAST Report:     Sep 29, 2008
LAST Equity:    
$85,090.94  (PROFIT: 325.45%)

Live Accounts:

We usually trade PointBreak Expert Advisor with MODERATE Strategy and move to AGGRESSIVE Strategy, unless requested by client.


(VERY AGGRESSIVE Strategy) ~ requested by the client, through our managed account program.

START Trading: Jul 23, 2007
START Equity:   $20,000

LAST Report:     Mar 14, 2008
LAST Equity:    
$54,243.02 (after 30% profit sharing and 0.5 pips round turn commission)

Note on LIVE Account

(*) The result are net: after 0.5 pips commission per round turn; and

                                       30% profit sharing based on new watermark.


Click here to download complete complete history (1.7 MB)


(CONSERVATIVE Strategy) ~ requested by the client, through our managed account program.

START Trading: Jun 25, 2007
START Equity:   $100,000

LAST Report:     Mar 14, 2008
LAST Equity:    
$125,717 (after 30% profit sharing and 0.5 pips round turn commission)

Note on LIVE Account

(*) The result are net: after 0.5 pips commission per round turn; and

                                       30% profit sharing based on new watermark.


Click here to download complete trading history (1.8 MB)

  • POINT BREAK back testing result:
    (MODERATE Strategy & Compounded Version ~ Current Setting).

    START EQUITY:       $25,000.
    TOTAL NET PROFIT: $92,846.19
    PROFIT RETURN:      371.38%



2 months backtest in visual mode

3 months backtest in visual mode

6 months backtest in visual mode

2 year backtest in visual mode

Our EA performs very well, whatever risk level you choose! Wouldn't you rather have an EA which gives you this much control and works on all market conditions, rather than potentially failing when you least expect it?

Our system is designed to run best on EURUSD. To become confident with our software, you first need to do some testing on your end, until you are comfortable enough to begin real trades. If you do not have MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform installed, you will need to download it from Metaquotes Website.


    Email Testimonies ~

  • Testimony 1:

    "I had the honor of meeting Mr. Gagahlin when he was visiting Singapore. Being an Independent Expert Advisor Reviewer, I naturally will have reservations before saying anything positive about anything or anyone. However, this man has impressed me with his humility, knowledge, expertise and professionalism from the minute we met. I believe he brings hope to the Forex community. If I could, I would definitely want to test every Expert Advisor that this man produces"     -ck-ckowyong.com

  • Testimony 2:

    VERY IMPRESSED... "I am very impressed with Mr. Gagahlin trading system. It open a whole new view of a trading system should have and provides a great deal of practical and useful advice on Forex Trading"     -sk.fxpro.

  • A FULL Money Back Guarantee!
  • This system is 100% automated and places trades for you 24 hours a day without you even having to be at your computer !!
  • We ship it to you on CD, with all supporting documentation and how to write for support via email.
  • All future system upgrades are free for those who buy in this auction!
  • EA can be run on smaller sized trading accounts: ( The account size should be at least $1000+ for mini accounts and $5000+ for standard. )
  • Carrygrid EA purchasers are eligible for $100 discount on the full version of the PointBreak EA.
  • This has not been optimised to fit any curves or pairs (known as 'Curve-fitting'), so the general technique works across all tested market conditions, over the last several years (7 years is the limit of available high quality data).

  • All you need is a PC with an internet connection!
  • Low Risk = Low Stress! All you need to do is watch your capital grow!
  • Can start with most any account size, and even a free demo account can be used to test this on (recommended).
  • Leverage man-years of research and development into instant results.
  • Purchase of this Unlimited Full Version entitles you to unlimited upgrades of this system.
  • Setup/maintenance documentation is provided upon purchase.
  • Never before offered to the public!
  • This system is based on pure logic & mathematics, not on getting lucky. Luck is taken out of the equation


Small trades are continuously added above and below the opening position. The system will use pyramiding, hedging or will close some positions depending on which way the market moves. This is not an averaging-down system. It will trade in both directions. All trades are closed only when a net profit is reached and added to your account balance. Some trades stay open that are in negative equity (drawdown) until price returns or continues the trend and start making profit.

We have A quick summary of the last 3 years;

  1. Point Break EA works very smoothly from Sept 2004 to Dec 2005 where the market is trending. In 2006 EURUSD was choppy, especially May, 2006 to Nov, 2006. In a very choppy market like this, the cycle becomes longer in terms of needing time to close all positions with profit. This can be up to 5 months.

  2. In 2007, the EURUSD market started trending again and making money very fast especially during Oct and Nov 2007. No matter what the market conditions are, Point Break will close all positions with profit; this makes this EA one of the most consistent money making trading programs available on the market.

  3. This EA contains multiple strategies to cope with both trending AND ranging markets.

Our system is the result of man-years of research & development and has been designed to work on all market conditions.  You can start with most any account size, be it a mini($1000+) or full sized($5000+) account.  You should have some prior experience of forex trading and running Expert Advisors (EA's).


There are two versions:

  • PointBreak Full Version, Unlimited License - (which I am selling here).
  • PointBreak Lite Version, 1 Year License - (see my other auctions).

I am selling the full version here and it includes all program options, and access to all future updates for free. We will give you everything on CD: all the setup instructions and support that is required to get you started.  As a bonus, we can also send it to you via email as you wait for the CD.

You will also receive free techincal support for as long as it takes to get the system up and running correctly. The PointBreak EA will be delivered along with all supporting documents and indicators via CD generally the next business day.

We will give you all the setup instructions to get you started (21 page document), which includes:

  • finding a broker
  • downloading and installing MT4
  • Installing & Setting up the EA
  • How to maintain and tweak the system settings

Just imagine what you would be missing out on over the next year! Isn't it time you got started? Just take a look at the full report using the moderate setting for the last 3 years below



Q1: Is this EA suitable for a small account size (less than 5k or probably 1k)?
A1:SUGGESTED CAPITAL: For Standard Account, the suggested minimum capital is $5000-$10,000.For Mini Account the suggested minimum capital is $1,000-$2,000.

Q2: Does the EA have to be on all the time 24/5?
A2: Yes it does. There is a lot of VPS hosting or dedicated server out there, where you can rent it for below $50/month. For subscribers we can offer dedicated EA hosting (subject to availability).

Q3: Only designed for a specific pair?
A3: Yes this EA runs on EURUSD on the 30min chart.

Q4: What if we want to backtest the PointBreak EA?
A4: Answer:

  1. We want to protect our years of research (time and money) to produce the EA.
  2. We provide various videos of the backtesting which allow you to see how the EA performs in backtesting. Also we provide full back testing results (including all records) which they can download in full (8 Mb).
  3. The best way to test any EA is how the EA performs in forward testing, not in backtesting, since everyone can curve fit it to the current history. That's why its important to show the past forward results of the EA, including the live trading results. Our EA (as for as I know) is the only one tested with large capital (ie 100,000); and still makes consistant profits.
  4. To view forward tested results, see above in Forward Trading Results Section.

Q5: What happens if I am running the EA and I lose my internet and/or power connection either instantaneously (with reconnect in just a few seconds) or for a prolonged period of time? What happens to the system operation and how are current trade positions affected?
A5: If your connection goes down for a few seconds, this is not a problem. IF you can arrange a backup internet connection then you should be ok. The PointBreak EA also includes special functions to store the current state so in case of such a problem it does not interrupt its operation.

Q6: What are the differences between the 1 Year Lite Package and the Full Unlimited Package?
A6: See Chart Below:




Account Limitation

Work both on demo account and live account.

Work both on demo account and live account.

Time Limitation

1 year

Unlimited time

Risk and Return Setting

1 (V. Conservative)

2 (Conservative)

1 (Very Conservative)

2 (Conservative)

3 (Moderate) ~ the best deal on Risk and Return

4 (Aggressive)

5 (Very Aggressive)

Start Point Distance

Always set to 100 points

Manual Setting

Manual Lot Setting



Cycle Number

Up to 4 cycles C1-C4 and 1 Cycle M1

Up to 4 cycles C1-C4 and 1 Cycle M1

Advanced Function

No manual manipulation of Starting Point.

Additional manual manipulation of Starting Point. (You need this to override the MSP trading rules).


NOTICE/WARNING: Trading currencies in the FOREX market is not for everyone as it involves substantial risk. In addition, emotional factors may influence a person's ability to trade any trading system. All trading systems, including this one, involve the likelihood of periodic reduction of capital, even on winning trades. For this reason anyone trading this system must be prepared to adequately fund his/her trading account to avoid having enforced losses due to broker trade execution resulting from insufficient margin funding. In purchasing this system you agree that any and all use of the system is solely at your own risk and without any recourse whatsoever to the seller. You understand that you are using the system entirely at your own risk. By purchasing this system you are not being offered or given financial advice of any kind, but information offered for educational purposes, only. In trading currencies in the FOREX market people can and often do lose money. Past performance is not necessarily an indication nor a guarantee of future performance of this system as markets can change. While the accuracy of the Strategy Tester Report posted here is guaranteed, no guarantee is or can be given that the system will continue to perform similarly in the future.


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