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    Want to make money trading Forex without being glued to your PC?

    Our CarryGrid EA will trade the market for you 24 hours a day, so you don't have to. This EA is a MetaTrader4 based software based on a very successful manual trading technique, which has less risk / more stability than many other EA's being sold(ours works on all market conditions for the last 7 years!)

    One of our competitor's who goes by the name setslav sells multiple variant EAs for around $1000 each. If you look at his backtest and forward results, you will notice that they are about the same effective performance as what you see below. About the only difference is his high price and the fact we have not sold our EA hundreds of times.

    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you set it up on your account and it does not perform as we claim here, you can send it back for a full refund!

    If you had started with $10k in 2001, how much would you have now? + 5.2 Million!
    If you had started with $10k, how much would you have after one year? + 35 Thousand!
    Isn't it time you got started?


    When we backtested at the highest possible level, using GBPJPY (British Pounds/Japanese Yen) on the Daily Chart, at the highest modelling quality available:

    10k over the last year became $35,236
    10k over the last 3 years became $223,643!
    10k over the last 7 years became $5,205,374!

    *This equates at around 10.5% a month, the growth of which is compounded monthly.

    THIS DOES NOT EVEN INCLUDE THE SWAP!!!! Adding the swap in you can add approximately 25% of the results - with compounding this will create a multiplier effect so results will be considerably higher than stated. The compounding effect of additional equity and larger lots size will in actuality lead to results significantly larger than those here stated. So, 10k over 7 years will net you more than $5.2 million once the swap is calculated in!

    The most important point to consider is that our EA performs very well, without the level of risk that many other EA's are designed to take. Wouldn't you rather have a program that works on all market trends, rather than potentially failing when you least expect it? Another rather important point is that I use and have been using my EA for my own trades and have done quite well!

    And if you happen to be a risk taker, why not use our EA as your more secure trading system, to balance out your other higher risk trades? As the old saying goes, "Do not put all of your eggs in one basket".

    Our system is designed to run best on GBPJPY, as it has the highest swap level of all the majors. Similiar results are also obtainable on (and not limited to) GBPCHF. You can run this EA on as many pairs and timeframes as you like, but high chart timeframes (Daily) are always used to determine the trend. To become confident with our software, you first need to do some testing on your end, until you are comfortable enough to begin real trades. If you do not have MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform installed, you will need to download it from Metaquotes Website.


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    • Testimony 1:

      "I have purchased many EA but this is 1 of 4 EA's that actually work. I have another 7 EA's which are useless..." read more

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      "Also I want to say THANKS! I've been trading it manually for 2 days now and it might just be beginner's luck,.." read more

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      Positive feedback rating Good long term system- Seller great with updates.
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      Positive feedback rating great EA- already made back $$
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      Positive feedback rating Great Seller! Fast Delivery/Response! Highly Recommended Seller!
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      Positive feedback rating Running EA on live account so far so good, as advertised A+++
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      Positive feedback rating Great transaction, fast shipping, EA great product. God Bless You, jb
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    • No additional costs, all software required is free
    • This system is 100% automated and places trades for you 24 hours a day without you even having to be at your computer !!
    • Automatic Money Management module included (money management is essential for good trading)
    • EA can be run on any size trading account. ( Ideally the account size should be at least $1,000 to be able to trade without a margin call. )
    • Almost Every trade a winner! (any losing trades on backtests are basically due to the positions at the end of the test being closed)
    • We ship it to you on CD, with all supporting documentation and how to write for support via email.
    • Code for the EA along with the supporting indicator is provided for unlimited use.
    • This has deliberately not been optimised to fit any curves or pairs (known as 'Curve-fitting'), so the general technique works across all tested market conditions, over the last 7 years (that is the limit of available high quality data). With further optimisation the system will perform even better.
    • This is a long term system, so
      1. the backtesting is much more accurate,
      2. there will be no issues with brokers running the EA.
    • Includes SWAP in profit calculations internally, when deciding whether to close trades

    • All you need is a PC with an internet connection!
    • Low Risk = Low Stress! Once set up, all you need to do is watch your capital grow!
    • Never before offered to the public!
    • Can start with any account size, and even a free demo account can be used to test this on (recommended).
    • Leverage man-years of research and development into instant results.
    • Purchase entitles you to unlimited upgrades of this system.
    • System theory along with setup/maintenance documentation is provided upon purchase.


    Our software uses the ripples in shorter term trend to find good value positions within the longer term trend. We also look to maximise profits by holding on to the end of the wave. This system is based on a very successful but not well known manual technique that has been trading successfully by traders for some time. In addition, because the system is automated, we are able to add in additional features that only a computer that is available 24/7 can perform. We have 3 things in our favour.

    1. Market direction using a custom indicator - we go with the direction the market is heading, not against it.

    2. Swap (also known as the 'interest rate differential' - which in simple terms means you get paid handsomely every day of the year for simply holding a position!)

    3. Position spreading/dollar cost averaging into positions. This EA is run on the daily chart, and trend is taken on daily chart so we are pretty much immune to news events and the daily fluctuations barely concern us. We do not take a single position, we scale into a position with the appropriate lot size, when the price is moving in the right direction.

    With other EA systems, often they will focus on the short term trends and trade following the ripples, which brings about more risk. This would explain why many other EA's seem to look good in theory, but do not perform as well in the long run.

    Our system is the result of man-years of research & development and has been designed to work on all market conditions using this longer term method.  You can start with any account size, be it a mini or full sized account.  You should have some prior experience of forex trading and running Expert Advisors (EA's).


    You will also receive free coaching/techincal support for as long as it takes to get the system up and running correctly. EasyForex EA will be delivered along with all supporting documents and indicators on CD to you by mail and as a bonus we can send it to you via email as you wait for the CD.  

    We will give you all the setup instructions to get you started, which includes:

    • finding a broker
    • downloading and installing MT4
    • setting up the EA
    • how to maintain and tweak the system settings
    • very importantly, the theory behind the system.

    Just imagine what you would be missing out on over the next year! Isn't it time you got started? Just take a look at the full report for the last 3 years below



    Click Here for expanded FAQ.

    Q1: Does the system rely solely on the carry for profits?
    A1: No it does not as we also have a very good trend indicator built in. We are going to look at trading in both directions as that will be profitable also. Carry usually accounts for around 25% of profits. Trading in both directions might provide more than that - this is something we are looking at currently.

    Q2: Can it be used with any pair or only GBPJPY?
    A2: Yes it can. But please do check with me before you trade a given pair and i will advise. We are currently testing various pairs. Two very common pairs for this EA: GBPJPY & GBPCHF and multiple other pairs which have worked well for others using our EA: Read Here

    Q3: Does it use stops?
    A3: Yes, there is a stoploss. In a falling trend, the following will occur. Once the trend is determined to be falling (version 3 and previous use a DAILY chart, but in version4 will be the current chart timeframe), it will stop trading, and close all positions in profit (it can also also all positions not in profit also if it is set that way). Only once the trend resumes upwards will it start trading again. The pairs chosen all pay significant swap. Every day we are in the market we are being paid positive rollover interest. This increases our ability to survive drawdowns over the long term, and on the higher paying swap pairs is equivalent to around 2 pips/day. The lot size have been carefully calculated to be able to survive all but the biggest drawdowns. the last drawdown that would have wiped out the system was in the 1970's. Since then nothing big enough has occurred, quickly enough. There is a stoploss you can set, but when the trend is down it will close open trades that are in profit. FAQ Updates..

    Q4: Please forgive my candor ... ALL, like me, have beeen burned at least 12 times (literally) by EA's on eBay that always look great in backtesting (i.e., Strategy Tester), but then, ... always blow-up in forward-testing.
    A4: I understand completely. In the past, we did not have forward data or testimonies to backup our claims. However, we now have forward data and also some great testimonies(Click Here), which show that it clearly works as we have stated. We provide a money back guarantee for anyone who buys this EA and it does not perform as stated(assuming it is properly set up on your account and is not working).

    Q5: Why are you selling this profitable EA?
    A5: I have enough capital now to where I do not even have to sell this EA. But, why not sell it? Its helping others, I make extra money from selling it and it doesn't influence my EA's performance negatively on my own account. Far as I am concerned, the more opportunities I have to make money, the better.

    Q6: Do you have any forward tested results for this EA?
    A6: Latest forward data results are posted here

    Q7: Is there a shipping charge? Return policy?
    A7: All the details are sent by email and also CD, so there is a $4.95 shipping cost. I accept Google Checkout. If you try our EA out and it does not perform as stated, you can request a refund. Modifications of the EA for your own use are permitted, but redistribution of this EA is not permitted.

    Click Here for expanded FAQ.

    NOTICE/WARNING: Trading currencies in the FOREX market is not for everyone as it involves substantial risk. In addition, emotional factors may influence a person's ability to trade any trading system. All trading systems, including this one, involve the likelihood of periodic reduction of capital, even on winning trades. For this reason anyone trading this system must be prepared to adequately fund his/her trading account to avoid having enforced losses due to broker trade execution resulting from insufficient margin funding. In purchasing this system you agree that any and all use of the system is solely at your own risk and without any recourse whatsoever to the seller. You understand that you are using the system entirely at your own risk. By purchasing this system you are not being offered or given financial advice of any kind, but information offered for educational purposes, only. In trading currencies in the FOREX market people can and often do lose money. Past performance is not necessarily an indication nor a guarantee of future performance of this system as markets can change. While the accuracy of the Strategy Tester Report posted here is guaranteed, no guarantee is or can be given that the system will continue to perform similarly in the future. -

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