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  • Wisdom and the Beginning.

    Chapter IX.—Wisdom and the Beginning.

    11. In this Beginning, O God, hast Thou made heaven and earth,—in Thy Word, in Thy Son, in Thy Power, in Thy Wisdom, in Thy Truth, wondrously speaking and wondrously making. Who shall comprehend? who shall relate it? What is that which shines through me, and strikes my heart without injury, and I both shudder and burn? I shudder inasmuch as I am unlike it; and I burn inasmuch as I am like it. It is Wisdom itself that shines through me, clearing my cloudiness, which again overwhelms me, fainting from it, in the darkness and amount of my punishment. For my strength is brought down in need,1035

    1035 Ps. xxxi. 10.

    so that I cannot endure my blessings, until Thou, O Lord, who hast been gracious to all mine iniquities, heal also all mine infirmities; because Thou shalt also redeem my life from corruption, and crown me with Thy loving-kindness and mercy, and shalt satisfy my desire with good things, because my youth shall be renewed like the eagle’s.1036

    1036 Ps. ciii. 3–5.

    For by hope we are saved; and through patience we await Thy promises.1037

    1037 Rom. viii. 24, 25.

    Let him that is able hear Thee discoursing within. I will with confidence cry out from Thy oracle, How wonderful are Thy works, O Lord, in Wisdom hast Thou made them all.1038

    1038 Ps. civ. 24.

    And this Wisdom is the Beginning, and in that Beginning hast Thou made heaven and earth.


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