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  • Concerning Scripture.

    Chapter XVII.—Concerning Scripture2514

    2514 This chapter is wanting in Cod. R. 3547.


    It is one and the same God Whom both the Old and the New Testament proclaim, Who is praised and glorified in the Trinity: I am come, saith the Lord, not to destroy the law but to fulfil it2515

    2515 St. Matt. v. 17.

    . For He Himself worked out our salvation for which all Scripture and all mystery exists. And again, Search the Scriptures for they are they that testify of Me2516

    2516 St. John v. 39.

    . And the Apostle says, God, Who at sundry times and in diverse manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son2517

    2517 Heb. i. 1, 2.

    . Through the Holy Spirit, therefore, both the law and the prophets, the evangelists and apostles and pastors and teachers, spake.

    All Scripture, then, is given by inspiration of God and is also assuredly profitable2518

    2518 2 Tim. iii. 16.

    . Wherefore to search the Scriptures is a work most fair and most profitable for souls. For just as the tree planted by the channels of waters, so also the soul watered by the divine Scripture is enriched and gives fruit in its season2519

    2519 Ps. i. 3.

    , viz. orthodox belief, and is adorned with evergreen leafage, I mean, actions pleasing to God. For through the Holy Scriptures we are trained to action that is pleasing to God, and untroubled contemplation. For in these we find both exhortation to every virtue and dissuasion from every vice. If, therefore, we are lovers of learning, we shall also be learned in many things. For by care and toil and the grace of God the Giver, all things are accomplished. For every one that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened2520

    2520 St. Luke xi. 10.

    . Wherefore let us knock at that very fair garden of the Scriptures, so fragrant and sweet and blooming, with its varied sounds of spiritual and divinely-inspired birds ringing all round our ears, laying hold of our hearts, comforting the mourner, pacifying the angry and filling him with joy everlasting: which sets our mind on the gold-gleaming, brilliant back of the divine dove2521

    2521 Ps. lxviii. 13.

    , whose bright pinions bear up to the only-begotten Son and Heir of the Husbandman2522

    2522 St. Matt. xxi. 37.

    of that spiritual Vineyard and bring us through Him to the Father of Lights2523

    2523 Jas. i. 17.

    . But let us not knock carelessly but rather zealously and constantly: lest knocking we grow weary. For thus it will be opened to us. If we read once or twice and do not understand what we read, let us not grow weary, but let us persist, let us talk much, let us enquire. For ask thy Father, he saith, and He will shew thee: thy elders and they will tell thee2524

    2524 Deut. xxxii. 7.

    . For there is not in every man that knowledge2525

    2525 1 Cor. viii. 7.

    . Let us draw of the fountain of the garden perennial and purest waters springing into life eternal2526

    2526 St. John iv. 14.

    . Here let us luxuriate, let us revel insatiate: for the Scriptures possess inexhaustible grace. But if we are able to pluck anything profitable from outside sources, there is nothing to forbid that. Let us become tried money-dealers, heaping up the true and pure gold and discarding the spurious. Let us keep the fairest sayings but let us throw to the dogs absurd gods and strange myths: for we might prevail most mightily against them through themselves.

    Observe, further2527

    2527 Cyril Hieros., Cat. 4; Epiphan., De pond. et mens.

    , that there are two and twenty books of the Old Testament, one for each letter of the Hebrew tongue. For there are twenty-two letters of which five are double, and so they come to be twenty-seven. For the letters Caph, Mem, Nun, Pe2528

    2528 Many copies read Phi.

    , Sade are double. And thus the number of the books in this way is twenty-two, but is found to be twenty-seven because of the double character of five. For Ruth is joined on to Judges, and the Hebrews count them one book: the first and second books of Kings are counted one: and so are the third and fourth books of Kings: and also the first and second of Paraleipomena: and the first and second of Esdra. In this way, then, the books are collected together in four Pentateuchs and two others remain over, to form thus the canonical books. Five of them are of the Law, viz. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. This which is the code of the Law, constitutes the first Pentateuch. Then comes another Pentateuch, the so-called Grapheia2529

    2529 Writings.

    , or as they are called by some, the Hagiographa, which are the following: Jesus the Son of Nave2530

    2530 Joshua the Son of Nun.

    , Judges along with Ruth, first and second Kings, which are one book, third and fourth Kings, which are one book, and the two books of the Paraleipomena2531

    2531 Chronicles.

    which are one book. This is the second Pentateuch. The third Pentateuch is the books in verse, viz. Job, Psalms, Proverbs of Solomon, Ecclesiastes of Solomon and the Song of Songs of Solomon. The fourth Pentateuch is the Prophetical books, viz the twelve prophets constituting one book, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel. Then come the two books of Esdra made into one, and Esther2532

    2532 R. 2428 reads καὶ ἡ ᾽Ιουδὶθ, καὶ ἡ ᾽Εσθήρ: so also in Cod. S. Hil., but Epiphanius does not mention the book of Judith, nor does the text require it.

    . There are also the Panaretus, that is the Wisdom of Solomon, and the Wisdom of Jesus, which was published in Hebrew by the father of Sirach, and afterwards translated into Greek by his grandson, Jesus, the Son of Sirach. These are virtuous and noble, but are not counted nor were they placed in the ark.

    The New Testament contains four gospels, that according to Matthew, that according to Mark, that according to Luke, that according to John: the Acts of the Holy Apostles by Luke the Evangelist: seven catholic epistles, viz. one of James, two of Peter, three of John, one of Jude: fourteen letters of the Apostle Paul: the Revelation of John the Evangelist: the Canons2533

    2533 R. 2428 reads καὶ ἐπιστολαὶ δύο διὰ Κλήμεντος, probably an interpolation.

    of the holy apostles2534

    2534 Trull., Can. 2; Euseb., Hist. Eccles. vi., ch. 23, &c.

    , by Clement.


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