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    CHAPTER 1.

    BIRTH AND EARLY EDUCATION. Purpose of the Author — Birth and early circumstances — Want of religious privileges — Entering upon the study of law — First interest in religion — Questionings on the subject of prayer.

    CHAPTER 2.

    CONVERSION TO CHRIST. Decision to attend to religion — Spiritual conflict, and the triumph — Baptism of the Spirit — Sense of justification.

    CHAPTER 3.

    BEGINNING OF HIS WORK. A retainer from the Lord Jesus Christ — Call to preach — Conversation with neighbors — Evening meeting — Revival in the village — Visit at his father’s — Deacon M— at the monthly concert — Conversion of Squire W. — Morning prayer meeting — Great light — Fasting and prayer — Experience of the burden of prayer.

    CHAPTER 4.

    HIS DOCTRINAL EDUCATION AND OTHER EXPERIENCES AT ADAMS. Discussion on the atonement — Revival revived — Further discussion — Encouragement from Elder H. — Lectures on Universalism — Licensed by presbytery — Father Nash — Review of Mr. Gale’s theology.

    CHAPTER 5.

    PREACHING AS A MISSIONARY. Labor at Evans’ Mills — The people pledged — Experience of Miss O— — The railer’s death — The false hope — The Universalist subdued — Father Nash’s transformation — Mr. D’s conversion.

    CHAPTER 6.

    REVIVAL AT EVANS’ MILLS AND ITS RESULTS. The German church — Meeting for inquirers — Taught to read — Moving scene — Habit of testifying in prayer meeting — Style of preaching — Preaching at presbytery.

    CHAPTER 7.

    REMARKS UPON MINISTERIAL EDUCATION. The judge’s view — Criticisms of ministers — The preacher’s aim — Danger in the schools — Advantages of extemporaneous preaching — Manner of preparation — Facsimile of skeleton.

    CHAPTER 8 .

    REVIVAL AT ANTWERP. Impression of the place — Prayer on Saturday — Plain preaching on Sabbath — Scene at Sodom — Preaching to the Universalists — Sermon on election — Cure of insane woman.

    CHAPTER 9.

    RETURN TO EVANS’ MILLS. Author’s marriage — Return to his work — Winter at Brownville — Conversion of Mrs. B—. — Attempt to return for his wife — Stopped at Le Rayville — Premonition of a work at Gouverneur — The vain young woman converted.

    CHAPTER 10.

    REVIVAL AT GOUVERNEUR. Ride in the rain — Discussion with Dr.—. — Opposition of young men — Father Nash’s announcement — Conversion of Mr. S—.

    Opposition of Baptists — Discussion of Baptism — Aunt Lucy’s relief — Conversion of Mr. M.

    CHAPTER 11.

    REVIVAL AT DE KALB. Presbyterians “falling,” — Visit of Mr. F—. — The Catholic tailor — Elder S’s new light — Effect upon the meeting — Going to Synod — Meeting with Mr. Gale — Spirit of prayer.

    CHAPTER 12.

    REVIVAL AT WESTERN. The Western revivals — Afternoon prayer meeting — Praying of Mrs. H—. — Conversion of the B— children — The home of a convicted daughter — The hay-loft — Adaptation of religious labor — Mr. Gale’s new views and experience.

    CHAPTER 13.

    REVIVAL AT ROME. Remarkable inquiry meeting — Great interest — Little H— and her father — Death of a reviler — Conversion of Mr. H—. — Visit of Sheriff B—. — The spirit of prayer — Conversion of the officer’s wife — Conversion of Mrs. C—.

    CHAPTER 14.

    REVIVAL AT UTICA. Abundant prayer — Conversion of Sheriff B—. — The Lowville merchant — Beginning of opposition — Mr. Weeks’ doctrines — Sudden death of the minister — Conversion of Miss F T. — Scene in the factory — Conversion of T. D. Weld — False teaching.

    CHAPTER 15.

    REVIVAL AT AUBURN IN 1826. Further opposition — Victory in prayer — Dr. S’s new baptism — Conversion of Mr. H—. — Division of the congregation — Dr.

    Lansing’s painful experience Public confession.

    CHAPTER 16.

    REVIVAL AT TROY, AND AT NEW LEBANON. Visit to Dr. Nettleton — Influence of the opposition — Dr. Beman before presbytery — Conversion of Judge C—’s father — Conversion of Miss S—. — The work at New Lebanon — Conversion of Dr. W— , of Mr. T, and of John T. Avery — Committee of presbytery — New Lebanon Convention — Notice of Dr. Beecher’s Biography — Remarks on Revivals.

    CHAPTER 17.

    REVIVAL IN STEPHENTOWN. Anxiety of Miss S, — Election evening — Family of Judge P and of Mr. M—. — Death of Mr. B. — Influence of Miss S—.

    CHAPTER 18.

    REVIVALS AT WILLWINGTON AND PHILADELPHIA. Mr. Gilbert — New School preaching and its effect — Beginning in Philadelphia — Theology at Philadelphia — Hopkinsianism — Conversion of a desperate man — Of a despairing young woman — Fondness for dress — Interest among the lumbermen — Mr.


    CHAPTER 19.

    REVIVAL AT READING, PENNSYLVANIA. Unsound teaching — Arrangement for balls — Inquiry meeting — Death of Dr. Greer — Conviction of Mr. B. — False counsel to inquirers — Conversion of Mr. O’ B—. — His death — Preaching to the editors — Labor at Lancaster — Conversion of Elder K—. — Fatal delay.

    CHAPTER 20.

    REVIVAL IN COLUMBIA, AND IN NEW YORK CITY. Account of Mr. H—. — Reorganization of his church — Invitation to New York — Anson O. Phelps — Diligence of a young woman in restitution — Conversion of Lewis Tappan — The first Free Presbyterian church.

    CHAPTER 21.

    REVIVAL IN ROCHESTER, 1830. Selection of a field — Adjustment of differences — Conversion of Mrs. M—. — “The Anxious Seat” — Panic in church — Work in the High School — Conversion of the merchant and his wife — Conversion of Mr. P—. the burden of prayer — Effect upon the morals of the city — Effect abroad.

    CHAPTER 22.

    REVIVALS IN AUBURN, BUFFALO, PROVIDENCE AND BOSTON. Leaving Rochester — Best at Auburn, and remarkable invitation — Abel Clary — Six weeks’ labor — A month in Buffalo — conversion of Mr. H—. — Three weeks in Providence — Conversion of Miss A—. — Invitation to Boston — Sensitiveness of the people — Giving up all to all — Orthodoxy questioned — Proposal from New, York.

    CHAPTER 23.

    LABORS IN NEW YORK CITY IN 1832, AND ONWARD. Chatham street theatre — Installation — The Cholera — The revival — Diligence of the membership — Conversion of Mr. El. — The free Presbyterian churches — Organization of a Congregational church — Broadway Tabernacle — Voyage to the Mediterranean — A day of prayer at sea — The New York Evangelist — Excitement on slavery — Revival Lectures — Invitation to Oberlin — Decision.

    CHAPTER 24.

    EARLY LABORS IN OBERLIN. The tent — Financial failure — Hostility of the surrounding region — Embassy to England — Providential supply — Lectures to Christians in New York — Relations to Western Reserve College — Theological prejudice — Popular idea of Oberlin — Spiritual progress at home.

    CHAPTER 25.

    LABORS IN BOSTON AND PROVIDENCE. General excitement upon slavery — Marlborough chapel — A few weeks’ preaching in Boston — Call to Providence — Two months, labor there — Interest of Rev. Dr. C—.

    CHAPTER 26.

    THE REVIVAL IN ROCHESTER IN 1942. Rest in Rochester, and invitation to preach — Lawyers’ request for a course of Lectures — Judge G—’s conversion — Pastor of St.

    Luke’s — The quit-claim deed — Doctrines preached — Interest in lawyers — Chronic skepticism — Mr. W. — the priest.

    CHAPTER 27.

    ANOTHER WINTER IN BOSTON. Second-Adventism — The church in Marlborough Chapel — A false prophet — A chapter of personal experience — A new consecration — Experiences in connection with the death of Mrs.

    F—. — Experiences not appreciated — Need in Boston.

    CHAPTER 28.

    FIRST VISIT TO ENGLAND. Mr. Potto Brown and his religious enterprises — Invitation to England — Labors in Houghton — Invitation to Birmingham — Interview at Mr. James’ — Close Communion — Theology and Dr.

    Redford — Interesting letter-Preaching at Worcester — Invitation to London — Dr. Campbell and the Tabernacle.

    CHAPTER 29.

    LABORS IN THE TABERNACLE, MOORFIELDS, LONDON. First inquiry meeting — Large attendance — Visit at the British school room — Definite aim in preaching — The borrowed sermon — Interest in Episcopal churches — A tea-meeting for poor women — Visit to France — Embarking for home.

    CHAPTER 30.

    LABORS IN HARTFORD AND IN SYRACUSE. Brief labor in New York — Invitation to Hartford — Difficulty of cooperation among the pastors, adjusted — Timidity in regard to measures — Prayer meetings among converts — Organized effort — The churches in Syracuse — Cooperation of Christians — Interesting communion — Mrs. S’s new baptism — Ladies’ meetings — Taking up the Cross “ — Mother Austin’s faith .

    CHAPTER 31.

    LABORS IN WESTERN AND IN ROME 1854-5. Case of crime — Confession and restitution — Conversion of the school teacher — Preaching at Rome — Distraction in the church.

    CHAPTER 32.

    REVIVAL IN ROCHESTER IN 1855. Pressing invitation — Preaching to the lawyers — Prevailing interest — The University — Zeal of the ladies — Ingenious spirit — Restrictions in New England.

    CHAPTER 33.

    REVIVALS IN BOSTON IN 1856-57-58. The pastor’s renewal — Divided feeling — Establishment of prayer meetings — The South — Conversion of Mrs. M—.

    CHAPTER 34.

    SECOND VISIT TO ENGLAND. Labors at St. Ives — Borough Road chapel — Church distraction and regeneration — Theological apprehensions — Reasoning in the pulpit — Labors at Huntington — Family of Dr. F.

    CHAPTER 35.

    LABORS IN ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND. Preaching in Edinburgh — The E. U. Church — The ladies’ prayer meeting — Preaching in Aberdeen — Circumscribing prejudice — going to Bolton, England — First evening at Bolton — The week of prayer — Cooperation of denominations — Canvassing the city — A more quiet manner — Work in Mr. B—’s mill — Cases of restitution — Conversion of the miserly mill-owner — Labors in Manchester — Want of cooperation — Return home.

    CHAPTER 36.

    WORK AT HOME. Arrangements for labor — General movement — Failing health — Diverting influences — The time for work — Improved arrangements — Solemn Sabbath — Conclusion.



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