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    2616 JAAZIAH -A descendant of Merari 1CH 24:26,27 2617 JAAZIEL -A Levite musician 1CH 15:18 2618 JABAL -Son of Lamech -A shepherd GE 4:20 2619 JABBOK -A stream on the east of the Jordan River, the northern boundary of the possessions of the Ammonites NU 21:24; JUD 11:13 -Of the Reubenites and the Gadites JOS 12:2; DE 3:16 -The northern boundary of the Amorites JUD 11:22 2620 JABESH-GILEAD -A city east of the Jordan River JUD 21:8-15 -Beseiged by the Ammonites 1SA 11:1-11 -Saul and his sons buried at 1SA 31:11-13; 1CH 10:11,12; 2SA 2:4 -Bones of Saul and his sons removed from, by David, and buried at Zelah 2SA 21:12-14 2621 JABEZ -1. A city of the tribe of Judah 1CH 2:55 -2. The head of a family 1CH 4:9,10 2622 JABIN -Names of two kings of Hazor JOS 11:1-14; JUD 4:2,7,17,23,24; PS 83:9 2623 JABNEEL -1. A city in the territory of the tribe of Judah JOS 15:11 -2. A city of the tribe of Naphtali JOS 19:33 2624 JABNEH -A Philistine city 2CH 26:6 2625 JACHAN -A Gadite 1CH 5:13 2626 JACHIN -1. Son of Simeon GE 46:10; EX 6:15; NU 26:12 .Called JARIB 1CH 4:24 -2. Name of a pillar 1KI 7:21; 2CH 3:17 .See BOAZ 0839 -3. A priest, who returned from the exile to Jerusalem 1CH 9:10; NE 11:10 -4. A priest, head of one of the shifts of priests 1CH 24:17 2627 JACINTH -A precious stone RE 9:17; 21:20 2628 JACKAL -A carnivorous animal MAL 1:3 2629 JACOB -Son of Isaac, and the twin brother of Esau GE 25:24-26; JOS 24:4; 1CH 1:34; AC 7:8 -Ancestor of Jesus MT 1:2 -Given in answer to prayer GE 25:21 -Obtains Esau's birthright for just one bowl of stew GE 25:29-34; HEB 12:16 -Fradulently obtains his father's blessing GE 27:1-29; HEB 11:20 -Esau seeks to kill, escapes to Padan-aram GE 27:41-46; 28:1-5; HO 12:12 -His vision of the ladder GE 28:10-22 -God confirms the covenant of Abraham to GE 28:13-22; 35:9-15; 1CH 16:13-18 -Sojourns in Haran with his uncle, Laban GE 29:30; HO 12:12 -Serves fourteen years for Leah and Rachel GE 29:15-30; HO 12:12 -Sharp practice of, with the flocks and herds of Laban GE 30:32-43 -Dissatisfied with Laban's treatment and returns to the land of Canaan GE 31 -Meets angels of God on the journey, and calls the place "Mahanaim," GE 32:1,2 -Dreads to meet Esau; sends him presents; wrestles with an angel GE 32 -Name of, changed to "Israel," GE 32:28; 35:10 -Reconciliation of, with Esau GE 33:4 -Journeys to Succoth GE 33:17 -Journeys to Shalem, where he purchase a parcel of ground from Hamor and erects an altar GE 33:18-20 -His daughter, Dinah, is raped GE 34 -Returns to Beth-el, where he builds an altar, and erects and dedicates a pillar GE 35:1-7 -Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, dies, and is buried at Beth-el GE 35:8 -Journeys to Ephrath; Benjamin is born to; Rachel dies; and is "buried on the way to Ephrath, which is Bethlehem," GE 35:16-19; 48:7 -Erects a monument at Rachel's grave GE 35:20 -The incest of his son, Reuben, with his concubine, Bilhah GE 35:22 -List of the names of his twelve sons GE 35:23-26 -Returns to Arbah, the city of his father GE 35:27 -Lives in the land of Canaan GE 37:1 -His partiality for his son, Joseph, and the consequent jealousy of his other sons GE 37:3,4 -Joseph's prophetic dream concerning GE 37:9-11 -His grief over the loss of Joseph GE 37:34,35 -Sends to Egypt to buy corn (grain) GE 42:1,2; 43:1-14 -His grief over the detention of Simeon and the demand for Benjamin to be taken into Egypt GE 42:36 -His love for Benjamin GE 43:14; 44:29 -Hears that Joseph is still alive GE 45:26-28 -Moves to Egypt GE 46:1-7; 1SA 12:8; PS 105:23; AC 7:14,15 -The list of his children and grandchildren who went down into Egypt GE 46:8-27 -Meets Joseph GE 46:28-34 -Pharaoh receives him, and is blessed by Jacob GE 47:1-10 -The land of Goshen assigned to GE 47:11,12,27 -Lives in Egypt for seventeen years GE 47:28 -Exacts a promise from Joseph to bury him with his forefathers GE 47:29-31 -His benediction upon Joseph and his two sons GE 48:15-22 -Gives the land of the Amorites to Joseph GE 48:22; JOH 4:5 -His final prophetic benedictions upon his sons .Upon Reuben GE 49:3,4 .Simeon and Levi GE 49:5-7 .Judah GE 49:8-12 .Zebulun GE 49:13 .Issachar GE 49:14,15 .Dan GE 49:16-18 .Gad GE 49:19 .Asher GE 49:20 .Naphtali GE 49:21 .Joseph GE 49:22-26 .Benjamin GE 49:27 -Charges his sons to bury him in the field of Machpelah GE 49:29,30 -Death of GE 49:33 -Body of, embalmed GE 50:2 -40 Days mourning for GE 50:3 -Burial of GE 50:4-13 -Descendants of GE 29:31-35; 30:1-24; 35:18,22-26; 46:8-27; EX 1:1-5; 1CH 9 2:9 -Prophecies concerning himself and his descendants GE 25:23; 27:28,29; 28:10-15; 31:3; 35:9-13; 46:3; DE 1:8; PS 105:10,11 -His wealth GE 36:6,7 -The well of JOH 4:5-30 2630 JAEL -Wife of Heber, and the one who killed Sisera JUD 4:17-22; 5:6,24 2631 JAGUR -A town of Judah JOS 15:21 2632 JAHATH -Name of four Levites 1CH 4:2; 23:10,11; 24:22; 2CH 34:12 2633 JAHAZ -Also called JAHAZA, JAHAZAH, and JAHZAH -A Levitical city in Reuben, taken from the Moabites JOS 13:18; 21:36; ISA 15:4; JER 48:21 -Sihon defeated at NU 21:23; DE 2:32; JUD 11:20 2634 JAHAZIAH -A returned exile EZR 10:15 2635 JAHAZIEL -1. A disaffected Israelite who joined David at Ziklag 1CH 12:4 -2. A priest 1CH 16:6 -3. Son of Hebron 1CH 23:19; 24:23 -4. A Levite and a prophet 2CH 20:14 -5. A chief, or the father of a chief, among the exiles, who returned from Babylon EZR 8:5 2636 JAHDAI -A descendant of Caleb 1CH 2:47 2637 JAHDIEL -Head of a family of the tribe of Manasseh 1CH 5:24 2638 JAHDO -Son of Buz 1CH 5:14 2639 JAHLEEL -Son of Zebulun GE 46:14; NU 26:26 2640 JAHMAI -Son of Tola 1CH 7:2 2641 JAHZAH -A city of the tribe of Reuben 1CH 6:78 -See JAHAZ 2633 2642 JAHZEEL -Also called JAHZIEL -A son of Naphtali GE 46:24; NU 26:48; 1CH 7:13 2643 JAHZERAH -A priest 1CH 9:12 2644 JAHZIEL -General scriptures concerning 1CH 7:13 -See JAHZEEL 2642 2645 JAILER (JAILOR) -Of Philippi, converted AC 16:27-34 2646 JAIR -1. Son of Manasseh. Founder of twenty-three cities in Gilead NU 32:41; DE 3:14; JOS 13:30; 1KI 4:13; 1CH 2:22,23 -2. A judge of Israel JUD 10:3-5 -3. A Benjamite ES 2:5 -4. Father of Elhanan 1CH 20:5 2647 JAIRUS -A ruler of the synagogue in Capernaum MT 9:18 -Daughter of, restored to life MT 9:18,23-26; MR 5:22-43; LU 8:41-56 2648 JAKAN -See JAAKAN 2606 2649 JAKEH -Father of Agur PR 30:1 2650 JAKIM -1. A Benjamite 1CH 8:19 -2. Head of a priestly division in the tabernacle service 1CH 24:12 2651 JALON -Son of Ezra 1CH 4:17 GOTO NEXT LIST - NAVE'S TOPICAL BIBLE INDEX & SEARCH

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