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    2764 JERUSHA -Daughter of Zadok 2KI 15:33; 2CH 27:1 2765 JESAIAH -1. Also called JESHAIAH .Grandson of Zerubbabel 1CH 3:21 -2. Son of Jeduthun 1CH 25:3,15 -3. Grandson of Eliezer 1CH 26:25 -4. A Jew of the family of Elam, who returned from exile EZR 8:7 -5. A Levite who joined Ezra to return to Jerusalem EZR 8:19 -6. A Benjamite, chosen by lot to live in Jerusalem after the exile NE 11:7 2766 JESHANAH -A city on the north side of Benjamin 2CH 13:19 2767 JESHARELAH -A Levite, choral leader 1CH 25:14 2768 JESHEBEAB -A priest, and head of the fourteenth shift 1CH 24:13 2769 JESHER -Son of Caleb 1CH 2:18 2770 JESHIMON -1. A place in the Sinaitic peninsula, east of the Jordan River NU 21:20; 23:28 -2. A place in the desert of Judah 1SA 23:24; 26:1 2771 JESHISHAI -A Gadite 1CH 5:14 2772 JESHOHAIAH -A descendant of Simeon 1CH 4:36 2773 JESHUA -1. Also called JESHUAH .A priest, head of the ninth shift 1CH 24:11 .973 Of his descendants returned from Babylon EZR 2:36; NE 7:39 -2. A Levite who had charge of the tithes 2CH 31:15 .His descendants returned with Ezra from Babylon EZR 2:40; NE 7:43 -3. Also called JOSHUA .A priest who accompanied Zerubbabel from Babylon EZR 2:2; NE 7:7; 12:1 .Descendants of NE 12:10 .He rebuilt the altar EZR 3:2 .Rebuilt the temple EZR 3:8-13 .Contends with those who sought to defeat the rebuilding of the temple EZR 4:1-3; 5:1,2 -4. Father of Jozabad EZR 8:33 -5. Son of Pahath-moab EZR 2:6; NE 7:11 -6. Father of Ezer NE 3:19 -7. A Levite who explained the law to the people when Ezra read it aloud NE 8:7; 12:8 -8. A Levite who sealed Nehemiah's covenant NE 10:9 -9. A city of the tribe of Judah NE 11:26 -10. Joshua called NE 8:17 -SYMBOLICAL .Prophecies concerning ZEC 3; 6:9-15 .See JOSHUA 2855 2774 JESHURUN -A name used poetically for Israel DE 32:15; 33:5,26; ISA 44:2 2775 JESIAH -1. A disaffected Israelite who joined David at Ziklag 1CH 12:6 -2. A Kohathite Levite 1CH 23:20 2776 JESIMIEL -A descendant of Simeon 1CH 4:36 2777 JESSE -Father of David RU 4:17; 1SA 17:12 -Ancestor of Jesus MT 1:5,6 -Samuel visits, under divine command, to select a successor to Saul from his sons 1SA 16:1-13 -Saul asks, to send David to become a member of his court 1SA 16:19-23 -Sons in Saul's army 1SA 17:13-28 -Lives with David in Moab 1SA 22:3,4 -Descendants of 1CH 2:13-17 2778 JESTING -Foolish, forbidden EPH 5:4 -See MT 12:36 2779 JESUI -A descendant of Asher NU 26:44 2780 JESUS, THE CHRIST -HISTORY OF .Genealogy of MT 1:1-17; LU 3:23-38 .Facts before the birth of .The angel Gabriel appears to Mary (at Nazareth) LU 1:26-38 .Mary visits Elisabeth (at Hebron?) LU 1:39-56 .Mary's magnificat (at Hebron?) LU 1:46-55 .An angel appears to Joseph concerning Mary (at Nazareth) MT 1:18-25 .Birth of (at Bethlehem) LU 2:1-7 .Angels appear to the shepherds (in the vicinity of Bethlehem) LU 2:8-20 .Magi (the wise men from the east) visit (at Bethlehem) MT 2:1-12 .Circumcision of (at Bethlehem) LU 2:21 .Is presented in the temple (in Jerusalem) LU 2:21-38 .Flight into and return from Egypt MT 2:13-23 .Discussions with the religious experts in the temple area (in Jerusalem) LU 2:41-52 .Is immersed by John in the Jordan River MT 3:13-17; MR 1:9-11; LU 3:21-23 .Temptation of (in the desert of Judaea) MT 1:11; MR 1:12,13; LU 4:1-13 .John's testimony concerning him JOH 1:1-18 .Testimony of John the Baptist concerning (at Bethabara) JOH 1:19-34 .Disciples adhere to JOH 1:35-51 .Miracle at Cana of Galilee JOH 2:1-12 .Drives the money-changers from the temple (in Jerusalem) JOH 2:13-25 .Nicodemus comes to Jesus (in Jerusalem) JOH 3:1-21 .His disciples immerse some of the people (at Aenon) JOH 3:22; with 4:2 .Returns to Galilee MT 4:12; MR 1:14; LU 4:14; JOH 4:1-3 .Visits Sychar and teaches the Samaritan woman JOH 4:4-42 .Teaches in Galilee MT 4:17; MR 1:14; 15; LU 4:14; 15; JOH 4:43-45 .Heals a nobleman's son of Capernaum (at Cana of Galilee) JOH 4:46-54 .Is rejected by the people of Nazareth; lives at Capernaum MT 4:13-16; LU 4:16-31 .Chooses Peter, Andrew, James, and John as disciples; miracle of the catch of fish (at Capernaum) MT 4:18-22; MR 1:16-20; LU 5:1-11 .Preaches throughout Galilee MT 4:23-25; MR 1:35-39; LU 4:42-44 .Heals a demoniac (at Capernaum) MR 1:21-28; LU 4:31-37 .Heals Peter's mother-in-law (at Capernaum) MT 8:14-17; MR 1:29-34; LU 4:38-41 .Heals a leper (in Galilee) MT 8:2-4; MR 1:40-45; LU 5:12-16 .Heals a paralyzed man (at Capernaum) MT 9:2-8; MR 2:1-12; LU 5:17-26 .Calls Matthew (Capernaum) MT 9:9; MR 2:13,14; LU 5:27,28 .Heals an immobile man at the pool of Bethesda (the best mss. have "Bethzatha") on the Sabbath day; is persecuted, and makes his defense JOH 5 .Defines the law of the Sabbath on the occasion of his disciples plucking the ears of grain (at Capernaum) MT 12:1-8; MR 2:23-28; LU 6:1-5 .Heals a man having a withered hand (at Capernaum) MT 12:9-14; MR 3:1-6; LU 6:6-11 .Withdraws from Capernaum to Lake Galilee, where he heals many MT 12:15-21; MR 3:7-12 .Goes up onto a mountain, and calls and commissions twelve disciples (in Galilee) MT 10:2-4; MR 3:13-19; LU 6:12-19 .Delivers the "Sermon on the Mount" (in Galilee) MT 5; 6; 7; LU 6:20-49 .Heals the servant of the centurion (near Capernaum) MT 8:5-13; LU 7:1-10 .Raises the widow's son from the dead (at Nain) LU 7:11-17 .Receives the message from John the Baptist (in Galilee) MT 11:2-19; LU 7:18-35 .Rebukes the unbelieving cities about Capernaum MT 11:20-30 .Anointed by a sinful woman (at Capernaum) LU 7:36-50 .Preaches in the cities of Galilee LU 8:1-3 .Heals a demoniac, and denounces the scribes and Pharisees (in Galilee) MT 12:22-37; MR 3:19-30; LU 11:14-26 .Replies to the scribes and Pharisees who seek a sign from him (in Galilee) MT 12:38-45; LU 11:16-36 .Denounces the Pharisees and other hypocrites (in Galilee) LU 11:37-54 .Discourses to his disciples (in Galilee) LU 12:1-59 .Parable of the barren fig tree (in Galilee) LU 13:6-9 .Parable of the sower (at Lake Galilee) MT 13:1-23; MR 4:1-25; LU 8:4-18 .Parable of the tares and other teachings (in Galilee) MT 13:24-53; MR 4:26-34 .Crosses Lake Galilee and quiets the squall MT 8:18-27; MR 4:35-41; LU 8:22-25 .Miracle of the swine (in Gadara) MT 8:28-33; MR 5:1-21; LU 8:26-40 .Returns to Capernaum MT 9:1; MR 5:21; LU 8:40 .Eats with tax collectors and sinners, and discourses on fasting (Capernaum) MT 9:10-17; MR 2:15-22; LU 5:29-39 .Raises to life the daughter of Jairus, and heals the woman who has the issue of blood (at Capernaum) MT 9:18-26; MR 5:22-43; LU 8:41-56 .Heals two blind men and casts out an evil spirit from a mute boy (at Capernaum) MT 9:27-34 .Returns to Nazareth MT 13:53-58; MR 6:1-6 .Teaches in various towns in Galilee MT 9:35-38 .Instructs his disciples and empowers them to heal diseases and cast out unclean spirits MT 10; MR 6:6-13; LU 9:1-6 .Herod (Antipas) falsely supposes him to be John, whom he had beheaded MT 14:1,2,6-12; MR 6:14-16,21-29; LU 9:7-9 .The twelve apostles return; he goes to the desert, multitudes follow him; he feeds five thousand (at Lake Galilee) MT 14:13-21; MR 6:30-44; LU 9:10-17; JOH 6:1-14 .Walks on the lake (Lake Galilee) MT 14:22-36; MR 6:45-56; JOH 6:15-21 .Teaches in the synagogue in Capernaum JOH 6:22-65 .Some disciples forsake him (at Capernaum) JOH 6:66-71 .He justifies his disciples in eating without washing their hands (at Capernaum) MT 15:1-20; MR 7:1-23 .Heals the daughter of the Syro-Phoenician woman (near Tyre and Sidon) MT 15:21-28; MR 7:24-30 .Heals a deaf man (in the Decapolis region) MT 15:29-31; MR 7:31-37 .Feeds more than four-thousand people MT 15:32-39; MR 8:1-9 .Refuses to give a sign to the Pharisees (in the region of Magdala) MT 16:1-4; MR 8:10-12 .Cautions his disciples against, the leaven (teachings) of hypocrisy (on Lake Galilee) MT 16:4-12; MR 8:13-21 .Heals a blind man (at Bethsaida) MR 8:22-26 .Foretells his own death and resurrection (near Caesarea Philippi) MT 16:21-28; MR 8:31-38; 9:1; LU 9:22-27 .Is transfigured MT 17:1-13; MR 9:2-13; LU 9:28-36 .Heals a demoniac (near Caesarea Philippi) MT 17:14-21; MR 9:14-29; LU 9:37-43 .Foretells his own death and resurrection (in Galilee) MT 17:22,23; MR 9:30-32; LU 9:43-45 .Miracle of the temple tax money in the fish's mouth MT 17:24-27 .Reproves the ambition of his disciples (at Capernaum) MT 18:1-35; MR 9:33-50; LU 9:46-50 .Reproves the intolerance of his disciples MR 9:38,39; LU 9:49,50 .Journeys to Jerusalem to attend the Feast of Tabernacles, passing through Samaria LU 9:51-62; JOH 7:2-11 .Commissions the seventy disciples (in Samaria) LU 10:1-16 .Heals ten lepers (near the border between Samaria and Galilee) LU 17:11-19 .Teaches in Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles JOH 7:14-53; 8 .Answers a Biblical expert, who tests his wisdom with the question, "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?" by the parable of the Good Samaritan (in Jerusalem) LU 10:25-37 .Hears the report of the seventy disciples (in Jerusalem) LU 10:17-24 .Teaches in the house of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus (in Bethany) LU 10:38-42 .Teaches his disciples to pray LU 11:1-13 .Heals a blind man, who, because of his faith in Jesus, was excommunicated (in Jerusalem) JOH 9 .Teaches people (in Jerusalem) JOH 9:39-41; 10:1-21 .Teaches in the temple (at Jerusalem) at the Feast of Dedication JOH 10:22-39 .Goes to Bethabara to escape violence from the rulers (east of the Jordan River) JOH 10:40-42; 11:3-16 .Returns to Bethany and raises Lazarus from the dead JOH 11:1-46 .Escapes to the town of Ephraim from the conspiracy led by Caiaphas, the high priest (in Judaea,) JOH 11:47-54 .Journeys toward Jerusalem to attend the Passover; heals many who are diseased, and teaches the people (in Peraea) MT 19:1,2; MR 10:1; LU 13:10-35 .Dines with a Pharisee on the Sabbath (in Peraea) LU 14:1-24 .Teaches the multitude the conditions of discipleship (in Peraea) LU 14:25-35 .Enunciates the parables of the lost sheep, of the lost piece of silver, of the prodigal son, and of the unjust steward (in Peraea) LU 15:1-32; 16:1-13 .Reproves the hypocrisy of the Pharisees (in Peraea) LU 16 .Enunciates the parable of the rich man and Lazarus (in Peraea) LU 16:19-31 .Teaches his disciples concerning offenses, meekness, and humility (in Peraea) LU 17:1-10 .Teaches the Pharisees concerning the coming of his kingdom (in Peraea) LU 17:20-37 .Enunciates the parables of the unjust judge, and the Pharisee and publican praying in the temple (in Peraea) LU 18:1-14 .Interprets the law concerning marriage and divorce (in Peraea) MT 19:3-12; MR 10:2-12 .Blesses little children (in Peraea) MT 19:13-15; MR 10:13-16; LU 18:15-17 .Receives the rich young ruler who asks what he shall do to inherit eternal life (in Peraea) MT 19:16-22; MR 10:17-22; LU 18:18-24 .Enunciates the parable of the vineyard (in Peraea) MT 20:1-16 .Foretells his own death and resurrection (in Peraea) MT 20:17-19; MR 10:32-34; LU 18:31-34 .Listens to the mother of James and John in behalf of her sons (in Peraea) MT 20:20-28; MR 10:35-45 .Heals two blind men (at Jericho) MT 20:29-34; MR 10:46-50; LU 18:35-43 .Visits Zacchaeus LU 19:1-10 .Enunciates the parable of the pounds (in Jericho) LU 19:11-28 .Goes to Bethany six days before the Passover JOH 12:1-9 .Triumphal entry into Jerusalem, while the people throw palm branches on the road in front of him MT 21:1-11; MR 11:1-11; LU 19:29-44; JOH 12:12-19 .Enters the temple (in Jerusalem) MT 21:12; MR 11:11; LU 19:45 .Drives the money changers out of the temple (in Jerusalem) MT 21:12,13; LU 19:45,46 .Heals the sick people in the temple courtyard (in Jerusalem) MT 21:14 .Teaches daily in the temple courtyard (in Jerusalem) LU 19:47,48 .Performs the miracle of causing the barren fig tree to wither (just outside Jerusalem) MT 21:17-22; MR 11:12-14,20-22 .Enunciates .The parable of the two sons (in Jerusalem) MT 21:28-31 .The parable of the wicked husbandmen (in Jerusalem) MT 21:33-46; MR 12:1-12; LU 20:9-19 .The parable of the marriage banquet (in Jerusalem) MT 22:1-14; LU 14:16-24 .Tested by the Pharisees and the Herodians, and enunciates the duty of a citizen to his government (in Jerusalem) MT 22:15-22; MR 12:13-17; LU 20:20-26 .Tested by the Sadducees concerning the resurrection of the dead (in Jerusalem) MT 22:23-33; MR 12:18-27; LU 20:27-40 .Tested by a Biblical expert (in Jerusalem) MT 22:34-40; MR 12:28-34 .Exposes the hypocrisies of the scribes and Pharisees (in Jerusalem) MT 23; MR 12:38-40; LU 20:45-47 .Verifies the prophecy of Isaiah concerning the unbelieving Jews JOH 12:37-50 .Foretells the destruction of the temple, and of Jerusalem (in Jerusalem) MT 24; MR 13; LU 21:5-36 .Mourns over Jerusalem (just outside Jerusalem) MT 23:37; LU 19:41-44 .Enunciates the parables of the ten virgins and of the talents MT 25:1-30 .Foretells the scenes of the day of judgment (on the Mount of Olives) MT 25:31-46 .Anointed with precious ointment (in Bethany) MT 26:6-13; MR 14:3-9; JOH 12:1-8 .His last Passover meal and his establishment of the Lord's Supper (in Jerusalem) MT 26:17-30; MR 14:12-25; LU 22:7-20 .Washes the disciples' feet (in Jerusalem) JOH 13:1-17 .Foretells his betrayal (in Jerusalem) MT 26:23; MR 14:18-21; LU 22:21; JOH 13:18 .Accuses Judas of his betrayal (in Jerusalem) MT 26:21-25; MR 14:18-21; LU 22:21-23; JOH 13:21-30 .Teaches his disciples, and comforts them with promises, and promises the gift of the Holy Spirit (in Jerusalem) JOH 14; 15; 16 .One of his last prayers (in Jerusalem) JOH 17 .Retires to Gethsemane (on the Mount of Olives) MT 26:30,36-46; MR 14:26,32-42; LU 22:39-46; JOH 18:1 .Is betrayed and apprehended (in the garden of Gethsemane) MT 26:47-56; MR 14:43-54,66-72; LU 22:47-53; JOH 18:2-12 .Trial of, before Caiaphas (in Jerusalem) MT 26:57,58,69-75; MR 14:53,54,66-72; LU 22:54-62; JOH 13 18:13-18,25-27 .Tried by the council (in Jerusalem) MT 26:59-68; MR 14:55-65; LU 22:63-71; JOH 18:19-21 .Led by the council to Pilate (in Jerusalem) MT 27:1,2,11-14; MR 15:1-5; LU 23:1-5; JOH 18:28-38 .Arraigned before Herod Antipas (in Jerusalem) LU 23:6-12 .Tried in front of Pilate (in Jerusalem) MT 27:15-26; MR 15:6-15; LU 23:13-25; JOH 18:39,40; 19:1-16 .Mocked by the soldiers (in Jerusalem) MT 27:27-31; MR 15:16-20 .Is led away to be crucified (from Jerusalem) MT 27:31-34; MR 15:20-23; LU 23:26-32; JOH 19:16,17 .Crucified (just outside Jerusalem) MT 27:35-56; MR 15:24-41; LU 23:33-49; JOH 19:18-30 .Taken down from the cross and buried (just outside Jerusalem) MT 27:57-66; MR 15:42-47; LU 23:50-56; JOH 19:31-42 .Arises from the dead (just outside Jerusalem) MT 28:2-15; MR 16:1-11; LU 24:1-12; JOH 20:1-18 .Is seen by Peter (near Jerusalem) LU 24:34; 1CO 15:5 .Appears to two disciples who journey to the village of Emmaus MR 16:12,13; LU 24:13-35 .Appears in the midst of the disciples, when Thomas was absent (in Jerusalem) MR 16:14-18; LU 24:36-49; JOH 20:19-23 .Appears to his disciples, when Thomas was present (in Jerusalem) JOH 20:26-29 .Appears to his disciples at Lake Galilee MT 28:16; JOH 21:1,2 .Appears to the apostles and more than five-hundred followers on a mountain in Galilee MT 28:16-20 .See also 1CO 15:6 .Appears to James and also to all the apostles (in Jerusalem) AC 1:3-8; 1CO 15:7 .Ascends to heaven (near Bethany) MR 16:19,20; LU 24:50-53; AC 1:9-12 .Appears to Paul (on the road to Damascus) AC 9:3-17; 18:9; 22:14,18; 23:11; 26:16; 1CO 9:1; 15:8 .Appears to the Apostle John (on Patmos Island) RE 1:10-18 GOTO NEXT LIST - NAVE'S TOPICAL BIBLE INDEX & SEARCH

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