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    3764 PAUL -Also called SAUL AC 8:1; 9:1; 13:9 -From the tribe of Benjamin, RO 11:1; PHP 3:5 -Personal appearance of 2CO 10:1,10; 11:6 -Born in the city of Tarsus AC 9:11; 21:39; 22:3 -Educated at Jerusalem in the school of Gamaliel AC 22:3; 26:4 -A zealous Pharisee AC 22:3; 23:6; 26:5; 2CO 11:22; GA 1:14; PHP 3:5 -A Roman citizen AC 16:37; 22:25-28 -Persecutes the Christians; present at, and gives consent to, the stoning of Stephen AC 7:58; 8:1,3; 9:1; 22:4 -Sent to Damascus with letters for the arrest and return to Jerusalem of Christians AC 9:1,2 -His vision and conversion AC 9:3-22; 22:4-19; 26:9-15; 1CO 9:1; 15:8; GA 1:13; 1TI 12 1:12,13 -Is immersed AC 9:18; 22:16 -Called to be an apostle AC 22:14-21; 26:16-18; RO 1:1; 1CO 1:1; 9:1,2; 15:9; GA 1 1:1,15,16; EPH 1:1; COL 1:1; 1TI 1:1; 2:7; 2TI 1:1,11; TIT 1 1:1,3 -Preaches in Damascus for the first time AC 9:20,22 -Is persecuted by the Jews AC 9:23,24 -Escapes by being let down from the wall in a basket; goes to Jerusalem AC 9:25,26; GA 1:18,19 -Received by the disciples in Jerusalem AC 9:26-29 -Goes to Caesarea AC 9:30; 18:22 -Sent to the Gentiles AC 13:2,3,47,48; 22:17-21; RO 11:13; 15:16; GA 1:15-24 -Has Barnabas as his companion AC 11:25,26 -Teaches at Antioch (in Syria) for one year AC 11:26 -Conveys the contributions of the Christians in Antioch to the Christians in Jerusalem AC 11:27-30 -Returns with the apostle John to Antioch (of Syria) AC 12:25 -Visits Seleucia AC 13:4 -Visits much of the island of Cyprus AC 13:4 -Preaches at Salamis AC 13:5 -Preaches at Paphos AC 13:6 -Sergius Paulus, governor of the country, is a convert of AC 13:7-12 -Contends with Elymas (Bar-Jesus) the sorcerer AC 13:6-12 -Visits Perga in Pamphylia AC 13:13 -John (Mark), a companion of, departs for Jerusalem AC 13:13 -Visits Antioch (in Pisidia), and preaches in the synagogue AC 13:14-41 -His message received gladly by the Gentiles AC 13:42,49 -Persecuted and expelled AC 13:50,51 -Visits Iconium, and preaches to the Jews and non-Jews; is persecuted; escapes to Lystra; goes to Derbe AC 14:1-6 -Heals an immobile man AC 14:8-10 -The people attempt to worship him AC 14:11-18 -Is persecuted by certain Jews from Antioch and Iconium, and is stoned AC 14:19; 2CO 11:25; 2TI 3:11 -Escapes to Derbe, where he preaches the gospel, and returns to Lystra, and to Iconium, and to Antioch, strengthens the souls of the disciples, exhorts them to continue in the faith, and helps to appoint elders AC 14:19-23 -Re-visits Pisidia, Pamphylia, Perga, Attalia, and Antioch, in Syria, where he lived AC 14:24-28 -Contends with the Judaizers against their circumcision "theology" AC 15:1,2 -Refers the question of circumcision to the apostles and elders at Jerusalem AC 15:2,4 -He declares to the apostles at Jerusalem the miracles and wonders God had performed among the Gentiles by them AC 15:12 -Returns to Antioch, accompanied by Barnabas, Judas, and Silas, with letters to the Gentiles AC 15:22,25 -Makes his second tour of the congregations AC 15:36 -Chooses Silas as his companion, and passes through Syria and Cilicia, strengthening the congregations AC 15:36-41 -Visits Lystra; circumcises Timothy AC 16:1-5 -Goes through Phrygia and Galatia; is forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach in Asia; visits Mysia; attempts to go to Bithynia, but is restrained by the Spirit AC 16:6,7 -Goes to Troas, where he has a vision of a man saying, "Come over into Macedonia, and help us; "immediately proceeds to Macedonia AC 16:8-10 -Visits Samothracia and Neapolis; comes to Philippi, the chief city of Macedonia; visits a place of prayer at the side of the river; preaches the word; the merchant, Lydia, from Thyatira, is converted and immersed AC 16:11-15 -Reproves the soothsayer; causes the evil spirit to come out of the girl who practises divination AC 16:16-18 -Persecuted, beaten, and cast into prison with Silas; sings songs of praise in the prison; an earthquake shakes the prison; he preaches to the alarmed jailer, who believes, and is immersed along with his household AC 16:19-34 -Is released by the civil authorities on the grounds of his being a Roman citizen AC 16:35-39; 2CO 6:5; 11:25; 1TH 2:2 -Is welcomed at the household of Lydia AC 16:40 -Visits Amphipolis, Apollonia, and Thessalonica; preaches in the synagogue AC 17:1-4 -Is persecuted AC 17:5-9; 2TH 1:1-4 -Escapes to Berea by night; preaches in the synagogue; many honorable women and several men believe AC 17:10-12 -Persecuted by the Jews who come from Thessalonica; is escorted by some of the brethren to Athens AC 17:13-15 -Debates on Mars' Hill (at the meeting of the Areopagus Council) with Greeks AC 17:16-34 -Visits Corinth; lives with Aquila and his wife, Priscilla (Prisca), who were tentmakers; joins in their trade AC 18:1-3 -Reasons in the synagogue every Sabbath; is rejected by the Jews; turns to the Gentiles; makes his home with Justus; continues there for eighteen months, teaching the word of God AC 18:4-11 -Persecuted by Jews, drawn before the deputy, charged with wicked lewdness; accusation dismissed; takes his leave after many days, and sails to Syria, accompanied by Aquila and Priscilla AC 18:12-18 -Visits Ephesus, where he leaves Aquila and Priscilla; enters into a synagogue, where he reasons with the Jews; starts on his return trip to Jerusalem; visits Caesarea; crosses over the country of Galatia and Phrygia, strengthening the disciples AC 18:18-23 -Returns to Ephesus; immerses in the name of the Lord Jesus, and lays his hands upon the disciples, who are baptized with the Holy Spirit; preaches in the synagogue; remains in Ephesus for two years; heals the sick people AC 19:12 -Rebukes the exorcists; casts an evil spirit out of a man, and many believe, bringing their evil books of sorcery to be burned AC 19:13-20; 1CO 16:8,9 -Sends Timothy and Erastus into Macedonia, but he himself remains in Asia for a period of time AC 19:21,22 -The spread of the gospel through his preaching interferes with the makers of idols; he is persecuted, and a great uproar of the city is created; the town clerk appeases the people; dismisses the accusation against Paul, and disperses the people AC 19:23-41; 2CO 1:8; 2TI 4:14 -Proceeds to Macedonia after strengthening the congregations in that region; comes into Greece and lives for three months; returns through Macedonia, accompanied by Sopater, Aristarchus, Secundus, Gaius, Timothy, Tychicus, and Trophimus AC 20:1-6 -Visits Troas; preaches until daybreak; restores to life the young man (Eutychus) who fell from the window AC 20:6-12 -Visits Assos, Mitylene, Chios, Samos, Trogyllium, and Miletus, hastening to Jerusalem, to be there by Pentecost day AC 20:13-16 -Sends for the elders of the congregation of Ephesus; relates to them how he had preached in Asia and his temptations and afflictions, urging repentance toward God AC 20:17-21 -Declares he was going bound in spirit to Jerusalem; exhorts them to take heed to themselves and the flock over whom the Holy Spirit had made them overseers; kneels down, prays, and leaves AC 20:22-38 -Visits Coos, Rhodes, and Patara; boards a ship bound for Tyre AC 21:1-3 -Waits at Tyre for seven days; is brought on his way by the disciples to the outskirts of the city; kneels down and prays; boards the ship; comes to Ptolemais; greets the brethren, and stays for one day AC 21:4-7 -Departs for Caesarea; enters the house of Philip the evangelist; is admonished by the prophet Agabus not to go to Jerusalem; nevertheless, he proceeds to Jerusalem AC 21:8-15 -Is received by the brethren gladly; talks about the things that had been done among the Gentiles through his ministry AC 21:17-25 -Enters the temple courtyard; the people are stirred up against him by some Jews from Asia; an uproar is created; he is thrust out of the temple area; the commander of the Roman garrison intervenes and arrests him AC 21:26-33 -His defense AC 21:33-40; 22:1-21 -Is confined in the fortress AC 22:24-30 -Is brought before the Sanhedrin; his defense AC 22:30; 23:1-5 -Is returned to the fortress AC 23:10 -Is encouraged by a vision from God, promising him that he will give testimony in Rome AC 23:11 -Jewish leaders conspire against his life AC 23:12-15 -This plan is thwarted by his nephew AC 23:16-22 -Is escorted to Caesarea by a military guard #AC 23:23-33 -Is confined in Herod's Judgment Hall in Caesarea #AC 23:35 -His trial before Governor Felix #AC 24 -Remains in custody for two years #AC 24:27 -His trial before Governor Festus #AC 25:1-12 -Appeals to be heard by Caesar #AC 25:10-12 -His examination before Herod Agrippa II #AC 25:13-27; 26 -Is taken to Rome in the custody of Julius, a centurion, and a detachment of soldiers; boards a ship, accompanied by other prisoners, and sails by way of the coasts of Asia; stops at Sidon, and at Myra #AC 27:1-5 -Transferred to a ship of Alexandria; sails by way of Cnidus, Crete, Salamis, and the Fair Havens #AC 27:6-8 -Predicts misfortune to the ship; his counsel not heeded, and the voyage resumes #AC 27:9-13 -The ship encounters a storm; Paul encourages and comforts the officers and crew; the soldiers advise putting the prisoners to death; the centurion interferes, and all on board (consisting of two-hundred and seventy-six persons) survive #AC 27:14-44 -The ship is wrecked, and all on board take refuge on the island of Melita (Malta) #AC 27:14-44 -Kind treatment by the inhabitants of the island #AC 28:1,2 -Is bitten by a viper and miraculously unharmed #AC 28:3-6 -Heals the ruler's father and others #AC 28:7-10 -Is delayed in Melita (Malta) for three months; proceeds on the voyage; delays at Syracuse; sails by Rhegium and Puteoli #AC 28:11-13 -Meets some brethren who accompany him to Rome from Appii Forum; arrives at Rome; is delivered to the captain of the guard; is permitted to live by himself in custody of a soldier #AC 28:14-16 -Summons the local Jewish leadership; states his position; is kindly received; expounds the gospel; testifies to the kingdom of heaven #AC 28:17-29 -Lives in his own rented house for two years, preaching and teaching #AC 28:30,31 -Supports himself #AC 18:3; 20:33-35 -Sickness of, in Asia #2CO 1:8-11 -His resolute determination to go to Jerusalem despite repeated warnings #AC 20:22,23; 21:4,10-14 -Caught up to the third heaven #2CO 12:1-4 -Has "a thorn in the flesh," #2CO 12:7-9; GA 4:13,14 -His independence of character #1TH 2:9; 2TH 3:8 -Persecutions of #1TH 2:2; HEB 10:34 -Persecutions endured by, see below -Zeal of .See ZEAL, OF PAUL 5223 -PERSECUTIONS ENDURED BY #AC 9:16,23-25,29; 16:19-25; 20:22-24; 21:13,27-33; 22:22-24; 23:10,12-15; RO 8:35-37; 1CO 4:9,11-13; 2CO 8 1:8-10; 4:8-12; 6:4,5,8-10; 11:23-27,32,33; 12:10; GA 5:11; 6:17; PHP 1:30; 2:17,18; COL 1:24; 1TH 2:2,14,15; 3:4; 2TI 12 1:12; 2:9,10; 3:11,12; 4:16,17 GOTO NEXT LIST - NAVE'S TOPICAL BIBLE INDEX & SEARCH

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