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    1576 ELIHOENAI -1. A Levite 1CH 26:3 -2. Son of Zerahiah EZR 8:4 1577 ELIHOREPH -Son of Shisha 1KI 4:3 1578 ELIHU -1. A Buzite and one of Job's three friends Job 32; 33; 34; 35; 36; 37 -2. Son of Tohu 1SA 1:1 .Probably identical with ELIEL 1CH 6:34 .And ELIAB 1CH 6:27 -3. A Manassite warrior, who joined David at Ziklag 1CH 12:20 -4. A porter of the temple 1CH 26:7 -5. A chief of the tribe of Judah 1CH 27:18 .Possibly ELIAB, the oldest brother of David 1SA 16:6 1579 ELIJAH -1. The Tishbite, a Gileadite and prophet, called ELIAS in the King James Version of the N. T. .Persecuted by Ahab 1KI 17:2-7; 18:7-10 .Escapes to the wilderness, where he is miraculously fed by ravens 1KI 17:1-7 .By divine direction goes to Zarephath, where he is sustained in the household of a widow, whose meal and oil are miraculousiy increased 1KI 17:8-16 .Returns, and sends a message to Ahab 1KI 18:1-16 .Meets Ahab and directs him to assemble the prophets of Baal 1KI 18:17-20 .Derisively challenges the priests of Baal to offer sacrifices 1KI 18:25-29 .Kills the prophets of Baal 1KI 18:40 .Escapes to the wilderness from the fierceness of Jezebel 1KI 19:1-18 .Fasts for forty days 1KI 19:8 .Discouragement and complaints of 1KI 19:10,14 .Comfort given to 1KI 9:11-18 .Flees to the wilderness of Damascus; directed to anoint Hazael king over Syria, Jehu king over Israel, and Elisha to be a prophet in his own place 1KI 19:9-21 .Personal aspect of 2KI 1:8 .Piety of 1KI 19:10,14; LU 1:17; RO 11:2; JAS 17 5:17 .His translation 2KI 2:11 .Appears to Jesus at his transfiguration MT 17:3,4; MR 9:4; LU 9:30 .Antitype of John the Baptist MT 11:14; 16:14; 17:10-12; MR 9:12,13; LU 1:17; JOH 21 1:21-25 -MIRACLES OF .Increases the oil of the widow of Zarephath 1KI 17:14-16 .Raises the son of the woman of Zarephath from the dead 1KI 17:17-24 .Causes rain after seven years of drought 1KI 18:41-45; JAS 17 5:17,18 .Causes fire to consume the sacrifice 1KI 18:24,36-38 .Calls fire down upon the soldiers of Ahaziah 2KI 1:10-12; LU 9:54 -PROPHECIES OF .Foretells a drought 1KI 17:3 .The destruction of Ahab and his house 1KI 21:17-29; 2KI 9:25-37 .The death of Ahaziah 2KI 1:2-17 .The plague sent as a judgment upon the people in the time of Jehoram, king of Israel 2CH 21:12-15 -2. Also called ELIAH .A Benjamite chief 1CH 8:27 -3. A post-exile Jew EZR 10:21 1580 ELIKA -One of David's chiefs 2SA 23:25 1581 ELIM -Second camp of the Israelites after crossing the Red Sea EX 15:27; NU 33:9 1582 ELIMELECH -With Naomi, his wife, and two sons, emigrate to Moab RU 1:2,3; 2:1,2; 4:3,9 1583 ELIOENAI -See also ELIHOENAI 1576 -1. Son of Becher 1CH 7:8 -2. A chief of Simeon 1CH 4:36 -3. A priest EZR 10:22 .Possibly identical with one mentioned in NE 12:41 -4. An Israelite EZR 10:27 -5. Son of Neariah 1CH 3:23,24 1584 ELIPHAL -A captain in David's army 1CH 11:35 1585 ELIPHALET -See ELIPHELET 1588 1586 ELIPHAZ -1. Son of Esau GE 36:4,10-16; 1CH 1:35 -2. Friend of Job Job 11 2:11; 4; 5; 22; 42:7-9 1587 ELIPHELEH -A Levite of the second degree 1CH 15:18,21 1588 ELIPHELET -1. A distinguished warrior 2SA 23:34 -2. A son of David 1CH 3:6 .Called ELPALET 1CH 14:5 -3. A son of David, probably identical with number two above 2SA 5:16; 1CH 3:8; 14:7 .Called ELIPHALET in 2SA 5:16; 1CH 14:7 -4. A descendant of Saul 1CH 8:39 -5. A companion of Ezra EZR 8:13 -6. An Israelite, probably identical with number five above EZR 10:33 1589 ELISABETH (ELIZABETH) -The wife of Zacharias and the mother of John the Baptist LU 1:5-60 1590 ELISEUS -General scriptures concerning LU 4:27 -See ELISHA 1591 1591 ELISHA -(Successor to the prophet Elijah) -Elijah instructed to anoint 1KI 19:16 -Called by Elijah 1KI 19:19 -Ministers unto Elijah 1KI 19:21 -Witnesses Elijah's transporting, receives a double portion of his spirit 2KI 2:1-15; 3:11 -Mocked by the young men of Beth-el 2KI 2:23,24 -Causes the king to restore the property of the hospitable Shunammite woman 2KI 8:1-6 -Instructs that Jehu be anointed as king of Israel 2KI 9:1-3 -Life of, sought by Jehoram 2KI 6:31-33 -Death of 2KI 13:14-20 -Bones of, restore a dead man to life 2KI 13:21 -MIRACLES OF .Divides the Jordan 2KI 2:14 .Purifies the waters of Jericho by casting salt into the fountain 2KI 2:19-22 .Increases the oil of the woman whose sons were to be sold for her debt 2KI 4:1-7 .Raises the son of the Shunammite woman from the dead 2KI 4:18-37 .Neutralizes the poison of the stew 2KI 4:38-41 .Increases the bread to feed one-hundred men 2KI 4:42-44 .Heals Naaman the leper 2KI 5:1-19; LU 4:27 .Sends Naaman's leprosy upon Gehazi as a judgment 2KI 5:26,27 .Recovers the ax that had fallen into a stream by causing it to float 2KI 6:6 .Reveals the counsel of the king of Syria 2KI 6:12 .Opens the eyes of his servant to see the hosts of the Lord 2KI 6:17 .Brings blindness upon the army of Syria 2KI 6:18 -PROPHECIES OF .Foretells .The birth of a son to the Shunammite woman 2KI 4:16 .Bounty to the starving people in Samaria 2KI 7:1 .The death of the unbelieving prince 2KI 7:2 .Seven years of famine in the land of Canaan 2KI 8:1-3 .The death of Ben-hadad, king of Syria 2KI 8:7-10 .Elevation of Hazael to the throne 2KI 8:11-15 .The victory of Jehoash over Syria 2KI 13:14-19 1592 ELISHAH -A descendant of Noah GE 10:4; 1CH 1:7 -Islands of the Mediterranean bear the name of EZE 27:7 1593 ELISHAMA -1. Grandfather of Joshua NU 1:10; 2:18; 7:48,53; 10:22; 1CH 7:26 -2. A son of David 2SA 5:16; 1CH 3:8; 14:7 -3. Another son of David, elsewhere called ELISHUA, which see 1CH 3:6 -4. A descendant of Judah 1CH 2:41 -5. Probably identical with number four 2KI 25:25; JER 41:1 -6. A secretary to Jehoiakim JER 36:12 -7. A priest sent by Jehoshaphat to teach the law 2CH 17:8 1594 ELISHAPHAT -A Jewish captain 2CH 23:1 1595 ELISHEBA -Wife of Aaron EX 6:23 1596 ELISHUA -A son of David 2SA 5:15; 1CH 14:5 -Called EIASHAMA 1CH 3:6 1597 ELIUD -An ancestor of Jesus MT 1:14,15 1598 ELIZAPHAN -1. A Levite EX 6:22; LE 10:4; NU 3:30; 1CH 15:8 -2. A prince of Zebulun NU 34:25 -3. Probably identical with number one above 2CH 29:13 1599 ELIZUR -A chief of Reuben NU 1:5; 2:10; 7:30,35; 10:18 1600 ELKANAH -1. Grandson of Korah EX 6:24; 1CH 6:23 -2. Father of Samuel; a descendant of the preceding 1SA 1:1,4,8,19,21,23; 2:11,20; 1CH 6:27,34 -3. A Levite 1CH 6:25,36 -4. Possibly identical with number three above 1CH 6:26,35 -5. A Levite 1CH 9:16 -6. A Levite who joined David at Ziklag 1CH 12:6 -7. A doorkeeper for the ark, perhaps identical with number six above 1CH 15:23 -8. A prince of Ahaz 2CH 28:7 GOTO NEXT LIST - NAVE'S TOPICAL BIBLE INDEX & SEARCH

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