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    KEEP a cool head in hot weather.

    And in any other weather: a hot head is always a danger.

    Keep a nest-egg; money lays to money.

    With many people the saving of the first five pounds is the struggle.

    Let them resolve, before the cares of a family pour upon them, to learn the art of proper economy.

    Keep a thing seven years, and you'll find a use for it.

    Even a tea-pot without a spout, and a saucepan without a Bottom have been found at last to have a use.

    Keep as far as can be From the "Marquis of Granby.' And from all other drink-shops. The best side of a public-house is the outside. There's nothing within which a sober man wants.

    Keep cats out of pantries, and children out of temptation.

    Put not a temptation in the way of the young, or you will be a partaker in their sin, if they fall into it.

    Keep clear of Red Lions and Blue Boars.

    These are such strange animals, that he who haunts their dens will by degrees become a strange animal himself.

    Keep clear of the rout who would clear thee out.

    There are certain people who would gladly egg on a man to spend all that he has, and the only safety from them is to put a good mile between yourself and them.

    Keep cool, and the hot-tempered cannot harm you.

    You will be more than a match for the most furious, if you are quite calm yourself.

    Keep far from the bar and the barrel.

    From the bar of drinking to the bar of justice is a short cut; bar the road by abstinence.

    Keep good company, and may the company keep you good.

    It will be a great help in that direction, for we are all greatly influenced by our associations. As cloth is tinged by any dye In which it long time plunged may lie; So those with whom he lover to live To every man his color give.

    Keep good company, and you will be of the number.

    But if you keep company with bad men, their number will soon be increased by one.

    Keep no more helps than thou canst help.

    For there is truth in the saying, "The more servants, the more plagues." When too numerous servants tumble over one another, and make work instead of doing it.

    Keep not from sowing for fear of the birds.

    True, something of your work will be lost, but the major part will bring forth a harvest; therefore, sow on.

    Keep not two tongues in one mouth.

    To say one thing to one, and another to another, is unwise and wicked. The double-tongued will receive double condemnation.

    Keep road-dust out of your eyes, and gold-dust out of your hearts.

    This last is terribly blinding, hardening, and even killing. More are ruined by riches than by poverty. Who live for getting The wealth men covet, Live, too, forgetting Wealth far above it.

    Keep the head cool, and the feet warm.

    Some say, "Keep your feet dry, and your head hot"; but the former proverb is preferable. At least, it cannot be wise to be hotheaded in a mental sense.

    Keep the highroad, and none may challenge thy right.

    Do what is clearly just, and follow no doubtful policy, and then you are safe from any righteous censure.

    Keep the ferret of suspicion out of the hen-house of your friendship.

    If you don't, you will not have a friend left; for when a man is given to suspect, everything that happens suggests a reason for doubt.

    The following verse by Alice Cary is worthy to be quoted continually: Do not look for wrong and evil You will find them if you do; As you measure for your neighbor, He will measure back to you.

    Look for goodness, look for gladness, You win meet them all the while; If you bring a smiling visage To the glass, you meet a smile.

    Keep the powder far from the fire.

    The powder of depravity is in the heart, therefore avoid the fire of temptation. "Lead us not into temptation."

    Keep thine own counsel, so I counsel thee. Bailey advises: "Let no man know thy business, save some friend, A man of mind." Keep thou some, and more will come.

    Get people to begin saving, and half the battle of thrift is won.

    Keep to the bridge which, has carried you over.

    Don't forsake the old gospel and the truths which feed your soul.

    Leave not the old business. Quit not an old friend. Alonso, King of Aragon, used to say, in commendation of old age, "Old wood is best to burn; old wine to drink; old friends to trust; and old authors to read." We may add, "Old shoes to wear."

    Keep truth, and truth will keep thee.

    Whatever truth costs thee, even if she put thee to heavy charges, she will repay thee with the largest interest.

    Keep your finger out of your neighbor's pie; Or you will burn your finger, or get it cut. Let not that concern thee which does not concern thee. Remember that sarcastic verse: "I know your assistance you'll lend; When I want it I'll speedily send; You need not be making such stir; But mind your own business, good sir !" Keep your grease for your own cart-wheels.

    Spoken to those who are full of palaver, and are worrying you with those soft nothings which disgust honest people.

    Keep your hand out of the fire, and yourself out of quarrels.

    Keep your hook always baited.

    Who can tell when a fish may come? Be ready for a customer in the shop. Be ready to say a good word for true religion when an opportunity occurs. "Keep your powder dry."

    Keep your lip from sip and sip.

    For by constant drops the habit of drinking is acquired more surely than even by occasional excesses. Young men begin to take nips in business, and this becomes their sure ruin.

    Keep your mouth shut, and no flies will get in.

    And no lies will come out. Wisdom is not garrulous, but folly stands with gaping mouth : "The prophet Balaam was in wonder lost To hear his ass speak: asses now talk most." Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.

    See and say nothing. This is wire for eyes and mouth too. "Think all you streak, but speak not all you think.

    Thoughts are your own; your words are so no more.

    Where Wisdom steers, wind cannot make you sink.

    Lips never err when wisdom keeps the door." Delaune.

    Keep your old shoes till you get new ones.

    Excellent advice. Never leave a place of business or a situation till you see something else. He who gave away his clothes before he had a new suit, found himself as much a prisoner as if he had been in Newgate.

    Keep your room always tidy and clean; Let dust on the furniture never be seen.

    Mind this, young housewife!

    Keep your shop, and your shop will keep you.

    So said Benjamin Franklin; and Poor Richard was wise in his generation. The precept is more necessary now than ever.

    Keep your sickle out of your neighbor's harvest.

    Let him have the full reward of his toil. Don't fish in his waters, nor peach on his manors. Do not run off with what should be his own proper gains. Don't even meddle with his business, nor seem to do so, if you can avoid it.

    Keep your spoon out of my porridge.

    Don't meddle with my matters, for they matter not to you.

    Keep your tongue, and keep your friend.

    It will often happen that talk will cause disagreement, while prudent silence will cement fellowship.

    Keep your weather-eye open.

    You may have your eye-teeth drawn if you don't watch. People must wear wide-awakes nowadays: these are so called because they are hats which have no nap.

    Keep your wife's husband out of the public-house. Get him quick to sign the pledge; Keep him thus from danger's edge.

    Keep within compass, and then you'll be sure To avoid many troubles which others endure.

    Kick not against the pricks.

    This is hard work for a naked foot; yet many are doing it, as Saul did of old.

    Kill the cat, and what will you do with the mice ?

    One has to look at the result of parting with a useful servant. The police may be expensive, but what would thieves cost ?

    Kill the weeds, or they'll kill the seeds.

    Errors and vices are the enemies of truth and virtue.

    Kill your enemies with kindness.

    They will be slow in dying; but the method makes a sure and happy end of them.

    Kind words are never wasted.

    Like scattered seeds they spring up in unexpected places.

    Kind words bring no blisters on the tongue that speaks them, nor on the ear which hears them.

    Kindle not a fire which you cannot put out.

    To commence a family quarrel is one of the things condemned by this sage sentence.

    Kindness is a conquering weapon.

    Kindness should not be all on one side.

    One good turn must have another as its return, or it will not be fair.

    He who expects kindness should show kindness.

    Kings, bears, and wealthy old folk, are apt to worry their keepers.

    Who aspires to the office of bear-ward? Yet it is the easiest post of the three which are mentioned in this sentence. Those who have tried the other two will fully confirm the assertion.

    Kings should have heads, as well as crowns.

    It is sad for them, and bad for their people, where this is not the case. Some men would like to be the head of everything, but they are not; and nobody regrets it.

    Knack can carry, in a crack, Pack which breaks poor labor's back.

    Get into the way of the thing, and you can do it. But it is only by hard labor that men learn 'to do their work easily Tact is a great thing; it does not remove difficulties, but difficulties disappear before it, Knaves often cheat themselves.

    Kneeling never spoiled silk stocking.

    It is to be feared that few silk stockings try it long enough. Prayer brings no hurt to any man.

    Knock at no door which thou wouldst not have opened.

    Or it may open on a sudden, and thou wilt stand confounded. When persons speak for a cause which they do not really believe in, they may have to pay dearly for their words. Some who defend Socialism may soon have too much of it.

    Knotty timber needs sharp wedges.

    Hard hearts must be broken, and God will use stern truth and severe affliction, that it may be done.

    Know chalk from cheese, and talk from deeds.

    Especially when it is your own chalk and your own talk.

    Know the secrets of thine own house, but not those of another.

    Avoid being made the keeper of a secret. It is a difficult task, and it you fail in it you. may cause great mischief, and embroil yourself.

    When any ask, "Can you keep a secret?" Answer, "It is no secret that I cannot keep a secret."

    Know when you are wen off.

    One would think that this was very elementary knowledge, and yet many are so given to change that they are never satisfied. They run under the spout to get out of the rain, and leave home to wander in the bush.

    Know your opportunity.

    Many have missed the tide, and their barge has laid high and dry without a chance of floating.

    Knowledge is no burden.

    We are not quite so sure of this. Some knowledge terribly burdens the heart. The tree of knowledge of good and evil yields fruit which is hard to carry. Yet in practical business it is well to know all the ins and outs of your trade.

    Knowledge is power.

    But wisdom is needed to use it properly; for Knowledge, when wisdom is too weak to guide her, Is like a headstrong horse, which throws its rider.


    Keep out of sight and scent of old sins.

    Thus shall we be preserved from looking, longing, and lingering, which were the ruin of Lot's wife.

    Keep such company as God keeps.

    Holy men will he our safest companions, and they will be such society as we may enjoy for ever with God.

    Keep the whole Sabbath holy.

    It is none too long for those who delight in its heavenly service.

    Keep up grace to keep down sin.

    Kill sin, that it kill not thee.

    Knock at mercy's gate, but wait till it opens to you.

    Too many prayers are a sort of runaway knock, for they are not attended with expectant waiting upon God.

    Know the love which passes knowledge.

    For according to our apostle it is to be known, and it should be our ambition to know it.

    Know thyself; but, better, know thy Lord.

    Else self-knowledge may lead to despair.


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