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    QUACKERY has no friend like gullibility.

    If none would swallow, none would make the pill. Persons invite deception by the eager way in which they snap at the bait.

    Advertise enough, unit you may sell liquorice water at a guinea a gill.

    Quality is better than quantity.

    They do not often go together. Prefer to do a little well rather than a great deal in a poor style.

    Quarrel only at twelve o’clock, and get it over at noon.

    Which is much the same as — Never quarrel at all.

    Quarrelers seldom grow fat.

    They worry the flesh off their bones by agitation, waste their substance in litigation, and weary their minds in disputation.

    Quarreling dogs come limping home.

    They give and receive hurts; and many a painful footstep they cause themselves by their fighting propensities. Since dogs delight to bark and bite, When they get hurt it serves them right.

    Quarter on the enemy.

    It is a wise thing to make missions and other good works as nearly as possible self-supporting. It has been done in several cases; and in the process many good purposes have been answered, for the people have been trained to independence and generosity. “Queen Elizabeth is dead.”

    A sarcastic remark when stale news is reported.

    Queries from queer quarters may be left to answer themselves.

    If we are to answer all questions, we have our work cut out for the next thousand years. We are bound to tell the truth if we tell anything; but we are not bound to tell anything at all. Here is a neat answer which says nothing:— Said a mortgagee to a mortgagor, What do you want my money for?

    Said the mortgager to the mortgagee, Lend me the money, and then you’ll see, Quick and well seldom go together. “Hurry and Cunning are the two apprentices of Dispatch and Skill; but neither of them ever learns his master’s trade.” — Colton.

    Quick believers need broad shoulders.

    To support the burden of all which they accept as gospel.

    Quick believers will need wide swallows.

    To take in all that is told them. Better be a little inhospitable when the story looks like a traveler; for if you take it in, it may take you in. The foolish believeth every word, but the wise man enquireth.

    Quick removals are slow prosperings.

    Two removals are as bad as a fire. He who shifts his place often, is like a tree frequently transplanted, whose fruit is very small. “Change for spite and rue it, And wish you could undo it.” Quick steps are best over miry ground.

    When you come into a dangerous place, and must needs pass through it, use all speed, and be away as soon as possible. If in the course of your calling you must needs speak with bad men, have done with them as soon as ever you can, and be on your guard all the while. A person caught in a shower puts up his umbrella and mends his pace; so should we protect ourselves, and hurry on.

    Quick to borrow is always slow to pay.

    Those, on the other hand, who will never borrow till they are driven to it are the people who are eager to get out of debt.

    Quickly come is often quickly go.

    Easy gainings make easy spendings. Is this why a spendthrift is said to be fast? He cares by his money on a sudden, and as suddenly he makes it vanish.

    Quiet is sweet when riot is over.

    Nobody values peace more than he who knows the evil of contention. “Then are they glad, because, they be quiet.” — Psalm 107:30.

    Quiet sleep feels no foal weather.

    Once off into the land of Nod, we are to the east of Eden, and care not whether it rains or snows. Bertford is a quiet place.

    Quiet sleep is the best patent medicine.

    What a blessing to be able to enjoy it! Hood calls bed“That heaven upon earth to the weary head; But a place that to name would be ill-bred To the head with a wakeful trouble — ‘Tis held by such a different lease!

    To one, a place of comfort and peace, All stuffed with the down of stubble geese, To another with only the stubble!” Quit not certainty for hope.

    Better a sure shilling than a sovereign in the clouds, to come or not to come. Never trust promising appearances so as to give up what you have realized.

    Quit your pots, and your potations; Yield to wisdom’s exhortations. “Will you take something?” said a teetotaler to a friend standing near a tavern. “I don’t care if I do,” was the reply. “Well,” said the teetotaler “let’s take a walk.”

    Quizzing is pleasant, but it is a game which two can play at.

    This is a bit of Judge Halyburton’s humor, and he practically illustrated it in his own way. For a very clever fellow to be quietly taken in while he thinks he is showing his superiority to others, is a merited chastisement which is likely to do him good.

    Quoth the dog to the Bishop, “Every man to his trade.”

    A capital specimen of impudence, cool as a cucumber. We have met with observations quite as cheeky from very small puppies.

    SAYINGS OF A MORE SPIRITUAL SORT, Quick, quick, in holy things; For flying time has lightning wings. Choose, O youth, the narrow way, Flee at once from sin and sorrow; Say not, ‘tis too soon to-day, Lest it be too late to-morrow.

    Quickened by grace, quicken your pace.


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