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    Ft1 Bishop Reynolds.

    Ft2 Biographica1 Recollections of the Rev. Robert Hall, A.M. By J. M. Morris, 1833. We should hesitate to speak precisely in this manner. The gifts must be somewhat apparent before the desire should be encouraged. Still in the main we agree with Mr. Newton. Memoir and Remains of the Rev. Robert Murray M’Cheyne, page 61. This is one of the best and most profitable volumes ever published. Every minister should read it often. Joseph Alleine: His Companions and Times. ByCHAS.STANFORD. An admirable biography.

    Ft6 The life of the Rev. David Brainerd, Missionary to the Indians. ByJONATHAN EDWARDS, A.M., President of the College of New Jersey. London, 1818.

    Ft7 A Memoir of the Rev. Henry Martyn, B.D., Chaplain to the Hon. East India Company. By Rev.JOHN SARGENT, M.A., Rector of Lavington. 1855.

    Ft8 Flecknoe. “Denique sine monitore, quia de pectore oramus.” Tertulliani Apologet c. 30.

    Ft10 “ Justin Martyr, Apol. I, c. 68. p. 270. Ed. Otto. A Discourse concerning Liturgies and their Imposition. Vol. 15. OWEN’ S Works, Goold’s Edition. It is but fair to admit, and we do so with pleasure, that of late years this fault has grown more and more rare. “A moment’s reflection upon the eternal consequences that may issue from the preaching of a single sermon in the name of the great Author and Finisher of faith, should be sufficient to effectually rebuke the haphazard carelessness and the reckless self-conceit with which texts are sometimes taken and treated, and to impress every true minister of the gospel with the duty of choosing his texts in such a frame of mind as may harmonize with the divine guidance as often as he may perform that important task.” —DANIEL P.KIDDER. “A Treatise on Homiletics, designed to Illustrate the True Theory and Practice of Preaching the Gospel.” “I was led into a profitable strain of meditation, on our good Shepherd’s care of his flock, by seeing some lambs exposed to the cold, and a poor sheep perishing for want of care.” —ANDREW FULLER’ S DIARY. “Allegorical preaching debases the taste, and fetters the understanding both of preacher and hearers.” —ADAM CLARK. Wesley’s rule is better: “Be sparing in allegorizing or spiritualizing.”

    Ft16 What, for instance, but mere fastidiousness or worse, could make M. Athanase Coquerel write such criticisms as these: “For us Christians the universal and supreme priesthood of the Son is not at all commended by likening it to the pontificate of Melchisedek; and our pilgrimage towards the heavenly country under the leadership of Jesus very little resembles that of Israel towards the promised land under that of Joshua, notwithstanding the identity of the names.”!!!….. “A great number of texts lend themselves with a marvelous facility to this interpretation, which is not one. ‘Lord, save us, we perish!’ cried the apostles, when the tempest upon the lake of Galilee threatened to engulf their barque. ‘Wilt thou be made whole?’ said Christ to the paralytic of Bethesda. We feel how easy it is to allegorize these words. They have been so a thousand times; and perhaps no preacher, especially in a day of poverty of studied texts, of matured plans, refuses himself permission to employ this resource, so much the more seducing as it is extremely easy. I composed a long sermon upon the invitation of Moses to his father-in-law, Hobab, or Jethro. Numbers 10:20. ‘We are journeying unto the place of which the Lord said, I will give it you; come thou with us,’ The division was already made, by commencing with an historical exordium. This place, it is heaven. The Lord alone gives it us for our country. The true believer says to each of his brethren, ‘Come with us.’ .... And I have still to forgive myself for having written and learned by heart thirty pages in quarto upon this theme.” If M. Coquerel were responsible for no greater fault than this, he would be a far better divine than he is at present. Might not this be accurately applied to hearers filled with such nonsense? South is not always decent, and had he been a Dissenter he would have been howled down for vulgarity. His genius is indisputable, but he might have washed his mouth. Men destitute of fancy and humor will deny this, even as the eagles might dispute the lawfulness of hawking for flies, yet as swallows are created for this last purpose, even so to some men the exercise of a godly imagination is a main design of their constitution SAMUEL MATHER still remains a standard authority in this lore. We commend his work to the student.

    Ft21 “Take care of anything awkward or affected, either in your gesture, phrase, or pronunciation.” —JOHN WESLEY.

    Ft22 A popular Treatise on the “Causes and Prevention of Diseases,” bySAMUEL FENWICK, M.D., Volume I. “Diseases of the Throat and Lungs.”JOHN CHURCHHILL, New Burlington Street. When Johnson was asked whether Burke resembled Tullius Cicero, “No Sir,” was the reply, “he resembles Edmund Burke.” A young preacher, desirous of improving his style, wrote to Jacob Gruber for advice. He had contracted the habit of prolonging his words, especially when under excitement. The old gentleman sent him the following laconic reply. “Dear — ah! brother — ah! — When — ah you — ah go — ah to — ah preach — ah, take — ah care — ah you — ah do not — ah say — ah ah — ah! — Yours — ah,JACOB —AH GRUBER —AH” Mr. Wealey thought it needful to say, “Sing no hymns of your own composing.” The habit of giving out rhymes of their own concoction was rife among the divines of his day: it is to be hoped it is now utterly extinct. “There are men organized to speak well, as there are birds organized to sing well, bees to make honey, and beavers to build.” — M.BAUTAIN. “At first my chief solicitude used to be what I should find to say? I hope it is now rather that I may not speak in vain. For the Lord hath not sent me here to acquire the character of a ready speaker, but to win souls to Christ and to edify his people, Often when I begin I am at a loss how I shall proceed, but one thing insensibly offers after another, and in general the best and most useful parts of my sermon occur de novo, while I am preaching.” —JOHN NEWTON. Letters to a Student in Divinity. Ecclesiaticus 40:1, 2, 3, 4, 5-8.

    Ft29 Thomas Washbourne.


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