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    VOLUME YEAR: Preface to The Stockwell Orphanage (drawing) A Happy New Year Heard but not Seen The Attractive Statue Extreme Unction and the Church of England Lamps, Pitchers, and Trumpets Stockwell Orphanage Seven Seasonable Questions for All Believers Glory in Tribulation Common Sense and Faith (on George Muller by J. A. Spurgeon) The Silver Inkhorn; or Taking Notes of Sermons Churchianity versus Christianity Our Colporteurs Accidents in the Lord’s Work Zigzag Holy Water Musings by the Way Spencer’s Things New and Old Sentries Reviews Can Nothing More be Done for the Young?.

    Satan Dropping the Stone Venice and the Austrians Kitto and Biblical Literature.

    The Sunny Side.

    The Great Tun of Heidelberg.

    Dr. John Caird on the Declining Influence of the Pulpit Our Personal Testimony to a Faithful God.

    The Three Priests (Tract) The Church England the Bulwark of our Liberties (?)

    The College Annual Conference and Festival Narrow Road, Narrow Cart.

    The Good Deacon Honeywood Park; or, a Story of my Grandfather An Afternoon in a Blind School Rizpah Between Two The Inquisition.

    On Bazaars (George Rogers).

    A History of the Baptists (Review of J. M. Cramp’s History) George Muller’s Report for 1867-68.

    Advice to Young Preachers.

    To the Protestant Members of the Church of England A Fable for the Times Soul Prosperity (Notes of a Sermon) The Colportage Association Rough Words for Great Evils The Christian Minister’s Private Prayer (A Lecture to Students) Be Just, and Fear Not (Tract) A Minister’s Fainting Fits (A Lecture to Students) YEAR: Preface to “Bless the Lord, O My Soul” The Apostolic Work in China (on J. Hudson Taylor’s work).

    Discipline of the Church at the Metropolitan Tabernacle (J. Spurgeon) City Arabs “Oh, You Wretch!” .

    Service of Jesus in Little Things Popery in the Church of England (Tract).

    The Florentine Monk Ear-Muffs Order is Heaven’s First Law (Sermon) The Aggressive Work of the Pastors’ College (Edward Leach) Distance Lends Enchantment Mr. Grant on “The Darby Brethren” Notes on Ritualism Tidings of Mrs. Bat’s-eyes.

    On Commenting (A Lecture to Students).

    Springs Uncovered The “Darby Brethren” Splinters Hindhead Battlements (An Address).


    English Services in Paris.


    The Seven Curses of London The Saint of the Smithy.

    A Thursday Evening Discourse A Sermon from a Sick Preacher The Face of the Beloved.

    The Church of England “Degraded to the Level of the Sects” YEAR: Preface to A New Year’s Letter.

    Sketch of the late Thomas Olney’s Life Despondency A Word from the Beloved’s Own Mouth Courage The Eagle and the Hen.

    Spiked Guns Ministers Sailing Under False Colors.

    Covetousness The Voice of the Turtle (Sermon) Safety of Believers Our Soldiers Speculations Concerning the College.

    Landlord and Tenant (Sermon).

    How Shall We Sing?

    John Ploughman as a Dutchman.

    Reasons for Seeking God (Sermon) John Ploughman’s Letter on the War.

    Reader! Give Ear!

    Gadding About (Sermon) A Letter About His Other Letter, by John Ploughman . .

    The Believer Not An Orphan (Address for the Lord’s Table) Very Singular (Sermon).

    Earnest Work Not Extinct.


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