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    Ft1 Would it be possible to refrain from laughing at this new version of Balaam’s very proper desire? To complete the picture , we ought to have had the funeral ceremonial, as a most desirable “last end.”

    Something in the following style would be heavenly:— “And see the portals opening wide, From the abbey flows the living tide; Forth from the doors The torrent pours, Acolytes, monks, and friars in scores, This with his chasuble, that with his rosary, This from his incense-pot turning his noseawry, Holy father and holy mother, holy sister and holy brother, Holy son and holy daughter, Holy wafer and holy water; Every one drest, like a guest, in his best, In the smartest of clothes they’re permitted to wear, Serge, sackcloth, and shirts of the same sort of hair As now we make use of to stuff an arm-chair, Or weave into gloves at three shillings pair, And employ for shampooing in cases rheumatic — a Special specific, I’m told, for sciatica.

    Through groined arch,and by cloister’d stone, With mosses and ivy long o’vergrown, Slowly the throng come passing along, With many a chant and holy song, Adapted for holidays, high days and Sundays:

    Dies irae and de profundis, Miserere and domine dirige nos — Such as I hear, to a very slow tune are all Slowly chanted by monks at a funeral, To secure the defunct’s repose.” Ft2 The idea of holy oil shops in amusing. We think me see sisters of mercy serving out bottles of the marvelous unguents to their clerical customers at the usual 1s. 1 1/2d., and gently reminding them that there is a great saving in the taking the larger sizes. It is to be hoped in the interests of immortal souls, that no base imitations will be palmed upon the public, the bishop’s signature in red letters upon a green ground (to imitate which is forgery), should be placed immediate superintendence of the sacred vestals.

    Ft3 The burying of the ashes is consecrated ground looks rather childish, but may be a very weighty part of the business; beware, ye who smile, lest ye mock at holy things!

    Ft4 Ryland’s Life of Kitto is largely made up of extracts from this marvelous diary.

    Ft5 “Daily Bible Illustrations,” by John Kitto, D.D., F.S.A. New Editions, revised and enlarged J.L. porter, D.D., LL.D., author of “The Giant Cities of Bashan,” “The Pentateuch and the Gospel,” etc. In eight volumes. Edinburgh: W. Olphant and Co. See “Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit,” No. 504.

    Ft7 Baptist History: from the foundation of the Christian Church to the close of the Eighteenth Century. By J.M.CRAMP, D.D., author of “A Text Book on Popery,” etc., etc. London: Elliot Stock.

    Ft8 Memior and Remains of the Rev. Robert Murray M’Cheyne, page 61.

    This is one of the best and most profitable volumes ever published.

    Every minister should read it often.

    Ft9 Joseph Alleine: His companions and Times. ByCHARLES STANFORD. An admirable biograghy.

    Ft10 The life of the Rev. David Brainerd, Missionary to the Indians. By

    JOHATHAN EDWARDS, A.M., President of the College of New Jersey.

    London, 1818.

    Ft11 A Memoir of the Rev. Henry Martyn B.D., Chaplain to the Hon. East India Company. By Rev.JOHN SARGENT, M.A., Rector of Lavington. 1855.

    Ft12 Flecknoe.

    Ft13 Ecclus. 40:1,2,3,4,5,8 Thomas Washbourne.

    Ft15 We are not responsible for the affectionate prejudices of our contributor. We think he over-estimates his brother, but the error is too inveterate with him for us to hope to reason him out of it. —Editor. The City Arabs. By W.BURNS THOMSON, Medical Missionary.

    London: James Nisbet & Co., 21, Berners Street. A fashionable part of the city.

    Ft18 Life of the Rev. John Milne, of Perth. By Horatius Bonar, D.D.

    London: James Nisbet & co., Berners-street. The Triumph of the Cross, by JEROME SAVONAROLA.

    Translated from the Latin, with Notes and a Biographical Sketch. By O' DELL Travers Hill, F.R.G.S London; Hodder and Stoughton. From "The Religious Tendencies of the Times." By James Grant.W. Macintosh. This party differs as much from the Darbyites as the day from the night.

    We do not admire their peculiarities, but they are usually a fraternal, evangelistic race, with whom communion is not difficult, for their spirit is far removed from the ferocity of Darbyism.

    Ft22 "The Seven Curses of London," by James Greenwood, the Amateur Casual. London, Stanley Rivers and Co.

    Ft23 It has pleased God to remove from us our most generous and indefatigable senior deacon, of whom we gave our readers a portrait some months since. The loss to us is gain to him. Never minister had better deacon; never church a better servant. We shall miss him in a hundred ways, and cannot but beseech the Lord to raise up others to fill the gaps which he, and such as he are making, as one by one they leave us. The biographical notes here given are printed very nearly as we received them.

    Ft24 This meditation was suggested by a hint in Stiers’ “Words of the Lord Jesus.”


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