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    Ft1 The Children’s Hour. Addresses to Young Congregations about Houses, Flowers, Ships, Books, etc., etc. By Charles Bruce. Our friend Mr. Paxton Hood introduces this book with a commendation, and it richly deserves his good word. To Sabbath-school teachers it would be very useful and suggestive. The addresses are fresh, lively, telling, and in all ways admirable.

    Ft2 Apparitions: a Narrative of Facts. By the Rev. Bourchier Wrey Savile, M.A., author of “The Truth of the Bible,” etc., etc. London: Longmans and Co. “Diary of James Calder, Minister of Croy.” By the Rev. William Taylor, M.A., Stirling. Stirling: Peter Drummond, Tract and Book Depot.

    London: S. W. Partridge and Co. Though addressed to ministers, we hope this address will be equally acceptable to all workers.

    Ft5 This short article is extracted from our lecture on the voice, which is one of a series of addresses to our students, which we have just published in a handsome volume at 2s. 6d. We believe that Christian readers generally will be interested in these lectures, which are largely illustrated from our own life and experience. They are not dreary essays, like the prelections of Dr. Dryasdust. This much we feel safe in saying.

    Ft6 “Take care of anything awkward or affected either in your gesture, phrase, or pronunciation.” — -JOHNWESLEY. Ft7 Many, if not all of our readers, must have heard of this female adult class, in which the attendance was from five to eight hundred, and from which several hundreds have been called into the church by Mrs. Bartlett’s instrumentality.

    Ft8 We insert this notice, which has been sent to us by a contributor, simply because we would serve Mr. Marshall. He has made copies of the Testimonial at his own risk, and we should be sorry that he should be a loser.

    Ft9 When we have seen doves amid the olive branches, the sight has brought the tears to our eyes. One must be present to feel the force of the realization.

    Ft10 Romans 11:17.


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