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    VOLUME 5 — YEAR: Index to Texts of Sermons (S & T, Vols. 1-13) Preface to A New Year’s Wish How the Book Fund Prospers (Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon) The School Board Victory Charles H. Spurgeon and His Work False Conversions Notes “To Seek and to Save that which was Lost” Notes Scales Taken from the Eyes (sermon) The Two Doors Notes of the Editor’s Trip to Mentone Letter from Mr. Spurgeon A Church We Know of The Palm Tree The Stage The New Version of an Old Hymn Notes Inaugural Address — 13th Annual Conference of the Pastors College Advertising for the Devil The College Report for 1876-77 The College Report for 1876-77 (continued) A Thought for the Believer The Confessional The Refiner’s Fire (J. Berridge) Notices of Books Notes Notices of Books Notes Feed My Sheep (sermon) Social Converse (Hall) Notes Annual Report of the Stockwell Orphanage How the Book Fund Prospers (Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon) “I Never Cared for Their Souls” Pulpits An Earnest Warning Against Unbelief (sermon) Notices of Books Notes Some Memorable Conversions Earnestness in Ministers (lecture) Preaching on Unprofitable Subjects Notices of Books Notes Earnestness in Ministers (lecture; continued) Straining at gnats (Spalding) Notes Our Lord’s Preaching “Great Cry and Little Wool” Notes “Do Not Sin Against the Child” (sermon) “Good News from a Far Country” A Message to Former Students of the Pastor’s College Notices of Books Notes YEAR: Index of Texts of Sermons (S & T, Vols. 1-14) Preface to The Voices of Our Days (New Year’s Meditation) Notes Mrs. Spurgeon’s Book Fund The Last Days of Dr. Johnson (excerpt) Notices of Books Notes An Address for Sad Times Placing Out the Boy The Rod that Budded Notes Periodical War Madness Too True (excerpt) The Great Builder and His Work Notes A Voice from the Sea “Calling Out the Reserves” More Good News from a Far Country (Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon) Notes Annual Paper — The Pastor’s College Floods in the Streets Clear the Road More Good News from a Far Country (Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon) Notes Notices of Books Notes The Vine of Israel (sermon) An Interruption Improved Notes Fishing (sermon) Give Truth Time Notes The Autumn Congresses. What Will Come of Them?

    Soul Humbling Notes Choosing Our Crosses “Trespassers Beware” Notes Windows in Sermons Notices of Books Notes YEAR: Index of Texts of Sermons (S & T, Vols. 1-15) Preface to Twenty-Five Years Ago What’s Your Persuasion? (R. MacDonald) Pastorless Flocks Eternal Punishment Why Negroes Are Baptists (excerpt) Notes “Tempted of the Devil” (sermon) Notices of Books Notes Fishing (Part two) Incidents of Travel Clustering Round a Text Notes Peril from the Pulpit Notes Under the Apple Tree (sermon) The Mule Interviews with Three of the King’s Captains Notices of Books Notes What is Eccentricity? (lecture) The Serpent in Paradise: or, Gambling at Monte Carlo A Sermon for Sermonizers Notes Notes Army Discipline and Regulation Bill Notes Timely Cautions (sermon) Notes “Precious Faith” (sermon by Thomas Spurgeon) The Best Conduct Towards Unbrotherly Brethren Much Ado About Nothing Notes What Is It to Win a Soul? (lecture) Notes What Is It to Win A Soul? (continued) Be Not Discouraged Notes The Colportage Association — Twelfth Annual Report The Stockwell Orphanage — Annual Report


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