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    ft1a Grace Abounding. Boyle. Clarerdon. Isaiah 5:22. 1 John 2:15. Micah 2:18. Psalm 102:6,10; Psalm 55:4. Psalm 107:18.

    Ft8 Psalm 38:8 Job 20:#21 3:21,22, De Lamiis, lib 3. c. Deuteronomy 28: 65, 66. Proverbs 29:1.

    Ft13 Thomas Wilcocks. Ezekiel 15:24. 2 Corinthians 7:10,11.

    Ft16 Isaiah 28:9 Judges 6:28.

    Ft18 Numbers 25:7. Exodus 33:26,27.

    Ft20 Arvine’s Cyclopedia of Anecdotes.

    Ft21 Proverbs 109:59 Proverbs 20:80.

    Ft23 Colton Isaiah 30:33.

    Ft25 Crisp. Hosea 14:4. 2 Samuel 14:14. C. Wesley. Herbert.

    Ft30 Sermon on Prayer and its Answer Ephr. Udall’s Sermons Seneca de Ira, lib. 3.c. 36.

    Ft33 Psalm 73:22.

    Ft34 Bunyan’s Pilgrim Charnook’s Divine Attributes. Rutherford. Jeremiah 31:18. Song of Solomon 2:9. James 5:17,18.

    Ft40 Bishop Lavington.

    Ft41 Emmons.

    Ft42 Mr. Sadleir.

    Ft43 Isaiah 37:3 Lametations 2:18, Ft45 Tupper’s Proverheal Philosophy.

    Ft46 Thomson.

    Ft47 Byron. Psalm 126:1,2. Luke 1:43.

    Ft50 2 Samual 7:18 Halyburton.

    Ft52 Moore Ft53 “The Nisan, or drops of spring-rain, which the Easterns believe to produce pearls if they fall into shells.Richardson.

    Ft54 Brooks In Memoriam, Rutherford.

    Ft57 Heavenly Footman.

    Ft58 Owen.

    Ft59 Psalm 77:10.

    Ft60 Chandler.

    Ft61 Isaiah 52:7-10.

    Ft62 Romans 5:2.

    Ft63 Philippians 4:4.

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    Ft65 Romans 5:1,3.

    Ft66 1 Peter 1:5,6,7.

    Ft67 Revelation Joseph Irons, Camberwell.

    Ft68 Song of Solomon 1:13, 14.

    Ft69 Dr. Gill ft60a See Life or Grimshaw. ft61a Isaiah 13:6. ft62a C. Wesley. ft63a John Brine. ft64a James Hamilton. ft65a Seneca. ft66a Herbert. ft67a Madame Guion. ft68a Herbert. f69a Christolgia. Allen’s Riches of the Covenant. Exposition of Song of Solomon. See his admirable Portions. B. Erskiae. Song of Solomon 5:10-16. Song of Solomon 3:11.

    Ft74a Owen ft75a See his Vital Christianity Deuteronomy 33:19.

    Ft77 Luther, in his Table-talk ft77a 1 Samuel 30:24.

    Ft78a Vide Shady Side , by a Pastor’s Wife See Parable in Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

    Ft78b Goodwin’s Child of Light . Samuel Clerk, preface to Martyrology. Job 15:11. Jeremiah 20:3.

    Ft81a Lockyer on Christ’s Communion . Brine. John 14:21. Job 12:5 Hart Genesis 32:26. Lockyer. Isaiah 3:24. 1 Samuel 28:15. Crabbe. Goodwin. Sibbs’s Bowels Opened. ft93a Matthew 20:23 Child of Light walking in Darkness . Psalm 88:15. 1 Kings 4:31. Numbers 10:31. Thomas Hooker. John 16:12. Souls Implantation, by T. Hooker. Adams’s Private Thoughts. Herbert Job 19:11. Psalm 90:8 Psalm 51:3.

    Ft105 Lamenations 1:14 Job. 13:26. Psalm 38:3,5, Psalm 22:14.

    Ft109 Psalm 102:3 Psalm 32:4 Isaiah 8:11,12.

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    Ft115 Isaiah 59:2 Jay’s Christian Contemplated. Collings Cordia for a Dying Soul. Rev. Timothy Rogers, M.A. Luke 24:17. Malachi 3:16,17. Song of Solomon 6:2. 1 Kings 3:24.


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