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    2 Chronicles 11 - 2 Chronicles 13 >> - HELP - FB - TWITTER - GR VIDEOS - GR FORUMS - GR YOUTUBE    

    XII Rehoboam forsaking God is oppressed by Shishak, ver. 1-4. He humbles himself, and is preserved in his kingdom, but spoiled of his treasures, ver. 6-12. His character and death, ver. 13-16.

    Verse 1. And all Israel - So called, because they forsook God, as Israel had done.

    Verse 2. Fifth year - Presently after the apostacy of the king and people, which was in the fourth year.

    Verse 3. Lubims - A people of Africk bordering upon Egypt. Sukkiims - A people living in tents, as the word signifies; and such there were not far from Egypt, both in Africk and in Arabia. Ethiopians - Either those beyond Egypt, or the Arabians.

    Verse 7. Some deliverance - I will give some stop to the course of my wrath, which was ready to be poured forth upon them to their utter destruction. Those who acknowledge God is righteous in afflicting them, shall find him gracious.

    Verse 8. May know - That they may experimentally know the difference between my yoke and the yoke of a foreign and idolatrous prince.

    Verse 12. Went well - The began to recruity themselves, and regain some degree of their former prosperity.

    Verse 14. Did evil - Or, settled not, although he humbled himself, for a season, yet he quickly relapsed into sin, because his heart was not right with God.


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