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    XXXV By the obedience of the Rechabites, ver. 1-11. God condemns the Jews disobedience, ver. 12-17. The Rechabites are blessed, ver. 18, 19.

    Verse 1. The word - This is another evidence that the prophecies of this book are not left us in that order wherein they were delivered; for those which we had in the two or three foregoing chapters being in the time of Zedekiah, must needs be ten or eleven years after this.

    Verse 2. Rechabites - These Rechabites had their name from Rechab their father, descended from Hemath, a Kenite, who is also called Hobab, Judg. iv, 11, or Jethro the father in law of Moses.

    Verse 4. Igdaliah - A prophet. The princes - The chamber were the princes were wont to meet.

    Verse 6. Jonadab - Jonadab of whom we read, 2 Kings x, 15, was the father, that is the progenitor of the Rechabites, at three hundred years distance.

    Verse 7. That ye may live - Jonadab cautions his sons by a thrifty, sober, labourious life, to which they had been bred, in keeping flocks, to avoid any thing which might expose them to the envy or hatred of the people amongst whom they were come to sojourn.

    Verse 10. Tents - Moveable habitations, which they could with little labour remove to feed their flocks.

    Verse 19. For ever - For ever here signifies the ever of the Jewish state, or church.


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