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    NOTES - JOB 16

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    XVI Job upbraids his friends with unkindness, ver. 1-5. Bemoans himself, ver. 6-16. Appeals from their censure to the righteous judgment of God, ver. 17-22.

    Verse 2. Such things - These things are but vulgar and trivial. And so are all creatures, to a soul under deep conviction of sin, or the arrest of death.

    Verse 3. End - When wilt thou put an end to these impertinent discourses? He retorts upon him his charge, chap. xv, 2, 3.

    Verse 7. He - God, as appears by the following words. Weary - Either of complaining, or, of my life. Desolate - Hast turned my society into desolation, by destroying my children and servants.

    Verse 9. Eyes - Looks upon me with a fierce, and sparkling eye, as enraged persons use to do.

    Verse 10. They - My friends. Gaped - Opened their mouths wide against me. In all this Job was a type of Christ. These very expressions are used in the predictions of his sufferings, Psalm xxii, 13. They gaped upon me with their mouths, and Micah v, 1. They shall smite the judge of Israel upon the check.

    Verse 11. The wicked - And thus Christ was delivered into wicked hands, by the determinate counsel of God.

    Verse 12. Shaken - As a mighty man doth with some stripling, when he wrestleth with him. Mark - That he may shoot all his arrows in me.

    Verse 13. His archers - Whoever are our enemies, we must look on them as God's archers, and see him directing the arrow.

    Verse 15. I have - So far am I from stretching out my hand against God, chap. xv, 25, that I have humbled myself deeply under his hand. I have not only put on sackcloth, but sewed it on, as being resolved to continue my humiliation, as long as my affliction continues. Defiled my horn - I have willingly parted with all my wealth, and power, and glory (as the horn often signifies in scripture,) and been content to lie in the dust.

    Verse 17. Not - And all this is not come upon me for any injurious dealing, but for other reasons known to God only. Pure - I do not cast off God's fear and service, chap. xv, 4. I do still pray and worship God, and my prayer is accompanied with a sincere heart.

    Verse 18. Earth - The earth is said to cover that blood, which lies undiscovered and unrevenged: but saith Job, if I be guilty of destroying any man, let the earth disclose it; let it be brought to light. Cry - Let the cry of my complaints to men, or prayers to God, find no place in the ears or hearts of God or men, if this be true.

    Verse 19. Witness - Besides the witness of my conscience, God is witness of my integrity.

    Verse 22. Go - To the state and place of the dead, whence men cannot return to this life. The meaning is, my death hastens, and therefore I earnestly desire that the cause depending, between me and my friends, may be determined, that if I be guilty of these things, I may bear the shame of it before all men, and if I be innocent, that I may see my own integrity, and the credit of religion, (which suffers upon this occasion) vindicated. How very certainly, and how very shortly are we likewise to go this journey.


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