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    NOTES - PSALMS 148

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    PS 148 An exhortation to all creatures in heaven and earth, man especially, to praise God, ver. 1-14.

    Verse 4. Heavens of heavens - Ye highest heavens, the place of God's throne. Waters - Ye clouds which are above a part of the heavens.

    Verse 6. Established - He hath made them constant and incorruptible, not changeable, as the things of the lower world. A decree - Concerning their continuance.

    Verse 7. Dragons - Either serpents, which hide in the deep caverns of the earth; or whales, and other sea-monsters, which dwell in the depths of the sea.

    Verse 8. Fire - Lightnings and other fireworks of the air. Vapor - Or, fumes: hot exhalations. Fulfilling his word - Executing his commands, either for the comfort or punishment of the inhabitants of the earth.

    Verse 13. Above - Above all the glories which are in earth and in heaven.

    Verse 14. The horn - In scripture commonly denotes strength, victory, glory, and felicity.


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