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    PS 37 David exhorts to patience and confidence in God, ver. 1-8. Shews the different state of the righteous and the wicked, ver. 9- 40. A psalm of David.

    Verse 1. Fret not - Because they prosper in their wicked enterprizes.

    Verse 5. Commit - All thy cares and business, and necessities, commend to God by fervent prayer.

    Verse 6. Judgment - It shall be as visible to men, as the light of the sun, at noon-day.

    Verse 7. Rest - Do not repine at his dealings, but quietly submit to his will, and wait for his help.

    Verse 8. Fret not - Either against the sinner for his success; or against God. Do evil - If grief arise in thee, take care that it do not transport thee to sin.

    Verse 9. The earth - This for the most part was literally fulfilled in that state of the church.

    Verse 10. Not be - He shall be dead and gone. Diligently - Industriously seeking him. His place - His place and estate, and glory.

    Verse 11. But - Those who patiently bear God's afflicting hand, and meekly pass by injuries. Peace - Partly of outward peace and prosperity, which God in his due time will give them: but principally of inward peace, in the sense of God's favour and the assurance of endless happiness.

    Verse 13. His day - The day appointed by God for his punishment or destruction.

    Verse 18. Knoweth - Observes with care and affection. The days - All things which befall them, their dangers and fears, and suffering. For ever - To them and their seed for ever: and when they die their inheritance is not lost, but exchanged for one infinitely better.

    Verse 20. Fat - Which in an instant melts before the fire.

    Verse 23. Established - So that he shall not fall into mischief.

    Verse 24. Fall - Into trouble.

    Verse 25. Forsaken - These temporal promises, were more express to the Jews in the times of the Old Testament, than to Christians.

    Verse 26. Blessed - Not only with spiritual, but with temporal blessings.

    Verse 27. Dwell - Thou shalt dwell in the land, and afterwards in heaven.

    Verse 30. The mouth - Having shewed, God's singular care over the righteous, he proceeds to give a character of them. Judgment - Of God's judgment, word or law.

    Verse 31. Heart - His thoughts, meditations and affections are fixed upon it. Slide - Slide, or swerve, from the rule, from God's law.

    35. Bay-tree - Which is continually green and flourishing even in winter.

    Verse 36. Yet - He was gone in an instant. But - There was no monument or remainder of him left.

    Verse 37. Peace - Though he may meet with troubles in his way, yet all shall end well.

    Verse 38. Together - All without exception.


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