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    PS 46 The safety of the church under God's care, ver. 1-7. An exhortation to behold his works, and to trust in him, ver. 8-11. To the chief musician for the sons of Korah, A song upon Alamoth.

    Verse 2. Though - Though there should be nothing but confusion, and desolations round about us: which are often expressed by such metaphors.

    Verse 4. A river - This may design the gracious presence, and blessing of the Lord, which is frequently described under the name of waters. Make glad - Shall not barely preserve it from danger, but give great occasion for rejoicing and thanksgiving. The city - Jerusalem, the place where God's holy tabernacle is settled.

    Verse 7. Raged - Against God, and against his people. Uttered - He spake to them in his wrath. The earth - The inhabitants of the earth were consumed.

    Verse 8. Desolations - Among those who were vexatious to God's people.

    Verse 9. To cease - He hath settled as in a firm and well-grounded peace. The land - Of Israel: from one end of it to the other. The bow - The bows and spears, and chariots of their enemies.

    Verse 11. Be still - Stir no more against my people. God - The only true and almighty God; your gods are but dumb and impotent idols. Exalted - I will make myself glorious by my great and wonderful works.


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