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    PS 59 David prays for deliverance from his enemies, ver. 1-7. He foretells their destruction, ver. 8-17. To the chief musician, Al- taschith, Michtam of David: when Saul sent and they watched the house to kill him.

    Verse 4. Run - To and fro, to receive Saul's commands, and to execute them with all speed.

    Verse 5. The God - A God in covenant with all true Israelites, whom thou hast promised to protect and bless. The heathen - Or, these heathens, who though they are Israelites by birth; yet in their dispositions they are mere Heathens. Be not - For indeed thou canst not according to thy word, be merciful to such incorrigible offenders.

    Verse 6. Return - Watching for me: which they did at this time all the night long, 1 Sam. xix, 11. A dog - When he is pursuing his prey. Go round - When they did not find him in his own house, they sought for him in other parts of the city.

    Verse 7. Pour out - Sharp and bitter word's, abundantly and vehemently, as a fountain doth waters, as this word signifies. Swords - Words as keen and mischievous as swords. For who - David doth not hear us, and God either doth not hear, or not regard what we say.

    Verse 10. Prevent - Thou wilt help me sooner than I expect.

    Verse 11. My people - Over whom thou hast appointed me to be governor in due time. Forget - Their former danger, and thy glorious mercy in delivering them. Scatter - Let them wander from place to place, that they may carry the tokens of thy justice, and their own shame to all places.

    Verse 12. Pride - For their proud and insolent speeches against thee. Lying - For their execrations and lying reports, which they have spread concerning me.

    Verse 13. Not be - In the land of the living any more.


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