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    PS 94 The danger and folly of persecuting the children of God, ver. 1-11. Assurance given to the persecuted, that God will deliver them, ver. 12-23.

    Verse 4. Utter - Or pour forth freely, constantly, abundantly, as a fountain doth waters (so this Hebrew word signifies.) Hard things - Insolent, and intolerable words against thee and thy people.

    Verse 7. Of Jacob - He who takes that name to himself, but has no regard to his people.

    Verse 9. Planted - The word is emphatical, signifying the excellent structure of the ear, or the several organs belonging to the sense of hearing. Formed - By which word he intimates the accurate and curious workmanship of the eye.

    Verse 10. Know - Mens thoughts and words and actions.

    Verse 11. Thoughts - Yes, he knoweth all things, even the most secret things, as the thoughts of men; and in particular your thoughts; much more your practices.

    Verse 12. Blessed - Those afflictions which are accompanied with Divine instructions are great and true blessings.

    Verse 15. But - God will declare himself to be a righteous judge, and will again establish justice in the earth. Follow - They will all approve of it, and imitate this justice of God in all their actions.

    Verse 16. Rise - To defend and help me. I looked hither and thither, but none appeared; God alone helped me.

    Verse 17. Dwelt - In the place of silence, the grave.

    Verse 19. Thoughts - While my heart was filled with various and perplexing thoughts, as this Hebrew word signifies. Comforts - Thy promises, and the remembrance of my former experience of thy care and kindness.

    Verse 20. Shall - Wilt thou take part with the unrighteous powers of the world who oppress thy people. A law - By virtue of those unrighteous decrees which they have made.


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