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    PS 99 Israel is required to praise God, for their hasty constitution both in church and state, ver. 1-5. Some instances of the happy administration of it, ver. 6-9.

    Verse 1. People - Such as are enemies to God and his people. Sitteth - Upon the ark. He is present with his people. Earth - The people of the earth. Moved - With fear and trembling.

    Verse 3. Them - All people.

    Verse 4. Judgment - Though his dominion be absolute, and his power irresistible, yet he manages it with righteousness. The king's strength is by a known Hebraism put for the strong, or powerful king. Equity - In all thy proceedings.

    5. Foot-stool - Before the ark, which is so called, 1 Chron. xxviii, 2. Holy - It is consecrated to be a pledge of God's presence.

    Verse 6. Moses - Moses before the institution of the priesthood executed that office, Exod. xxiv, 6. That call - Who used frequently and solemnly to intercede with God on the behalf of the people.

    Verse 7. Spake - To some of them: to Moses and Aaron, Exod. xix, 24; xxxiii, 9-11; 1 Sam. vii, 9, &c.

    Verse 8. Them - The intercessors before mentioned. Forgavest - The people for whom they prayed, so far as not to inflict that total destruction upon them which they deserved;


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