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2012 Children"s Writer"s & Illustrator"s Market (Children"s Writer"s and Illustrator"s Market) (9781599632315): Chuck Sambuchino: Books

A 21st-Century Guide to the Letterpress Business (9781603370066): Marty Brown: Books

Excel for Accountants, Second Edition (9781932925265): Conrad Carlberg: Books

Ad Boy: Vintage Advertising with Character (9781580089845): Warren Dotz: Books

Advertising: Concept and Copy, Second Edition (9780393731590): George Felton: Books

Advertising by Design: Creating Visual Communications with Graphic Impact (9780471428978): Robin Landa: Books

Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas Across Media (9780470362686): Robin Landa: Books

Advertising and Societies (9781433103858): Barbara Mueller, Katherine Toland Frith: Books

Advertising and Societies (9781433103858): Barbara Mueller, Katherine Toland Frith: Books

Artificial Lighting for Photography (9781428318045): Joy McKenzie, Daniel Overturf: Books

Basics Advertising: Art Direction (9782940411214): Nik Mahon: Books

Basics of Design: Layout & Typography for Beginners (9781401879525): Lisa Graham: Books

Becoming a Graphic Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design (9780470575567): Steven Heller, Teresa Fernandes: Books

Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits (9781581158649): Debbie Millman: Books

Branding Basics for Small Business: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget (9781935254249): Maria Ross: Books

Branding a Store: How to Build Successful Retail Brands in a Changing Marketplace (9789063691226): Ko Floor: Books

Break into Modeling for Under $20 (9780312372606): Judy Goss: Books

Breaking In: Over 100 Advertising Insiders Reveal How to Build a Portfolio That Will Get You Hired (9780615412191): William Burks Spencer: Books

Changing the world is the only fit work for a grown man (9780957151505): Steve Harrison: Books

Citizen Designer: Perspectives on Design Responsibility (9781581152654): Steven Heller, Veronique Vienne: Books

Comp It Up: A Studio Skills Foundation (9781428322356): Rose Gonnella, Christopher J. Navetta: Books

The Complete Idiot"s Guide to Being a Model, 2nd Edition (9781592575923): Roshumba Williams, Anne Marie O"Connor: Books

Conceptual Drawing (9781418080976): Joseph A. Koncelik, Kevin Reeder: Books

Contemporary Color: Theory and Use (9781111538910): Steven Bleicher: Books

Contemporary Color (Design Concepts) (9781401837402): Steven Bleicher: Books

The Copy Workshop Workbook (9781887229395): Bruce Bendinger: Books

Creating Comics from Start to Finish: Top Pros Reveal the Complete Creative Process (9781600617676): Buddy Scalera: Books

The Creative Business Guide to Running a Graphic Design Business (Updated Edition) (9780393732993): Cameron S. Foote: Books

Design DNA - Logos: 300+ International Logos Deconstructed (9781440310331): Matthew Healey: Books

Design Portfolios: Moving from Traditional to Digital (9781563674839): Diane M. Bender: Books

Design Thinking: Integrating Innovation, Customer Experience, and Brand Value (9781581156683): Thomas Lockwood: Books

Designing Brand Experience: Creating Powerful Integrated Brand Solutions (9781401848873): Robin Landa: Books

Designing Brand Identity: A Complete Guide to Creating, Building, and Maintaining Strong Brands (9780471746843): Alina Wheeler: Books

Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team (9780470401422): Alina Wheeler: Books

Dress Smart: A Guide To Effective Personal Packaging (2nd Edition) (9781563673160): Anne Fenner, Sandi Bruns: Books

Dressing Smart for Women: 101 Mistakes You Can"t Afford to Make...and How to Avoid Them (Career Savvy S.) (9781570232008): JoAnna Nicholson: Books

Envisioning Information (9780961392116): Edward R. Tufte: Books

Exploring Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Design Exploration) (9781111130367): Annesa Hartman: Books

Exploring Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Design Exploration) (9781111130343): Annesa Hartman: Books

Exploring The Basics of Drawing (Design Exploration Series) (9781401815738): Victoria Vebell: Books

Exploring Sound Design for Interactive Media (Design Exploration Series) (9781401881023): Joseph Cancellaro: Books

Exploring the Elements of Design (Design Exploration) (9781418038557): Poppy Evans, Mark A. Thomas: Books

Exploring Adobe InDesign CS5 (Design Exploration Series) (9781111130329): Terry Rydberg: Books

Exploring Package Design (Design Exploration Series) (9781401872175): Chuck Groth: Books

Exploring Publication Design (Design Exploration Series) (9781401831479): Poppy Evans: Books

Exploring Storyboarding (Design Exploration) (9781401827151): Wendy Tumminello: Books

Exploring Web Technologies for Designers (Design Exploration) (9781418041847): James Bennett: Books

Exploring Typography (Design Exploration Series) (9781401815059): Tova Rabinowitz: Books

Exploring Web Design (Design Exploration) (9781401878382): Jeremy Vest, William Crowson, Shannon Pochran: Books

Fashion Branding Unraveled (9781563678745): Kaled K. Hameide: Books

The Fashion Designer Survival Guide, Revised and Expanded Edition: Start and Run Your Own Fashion Business (9781427797100): Mary Gehlhar, Diane Von Furstenberg: Books

Fashion Marketing: Theory, Principles & Practice (9781563677380): Marianne C. Bickle: Books

Game Development Essentials: An Introduction (9781418042080): Jeannie Novak: Books

Game Development Essentials: Game Audio Development (9781428318069): Aaron Marks Aaron Marks, Jeannie Novak: Books

Game Development Essentials: Gameplay Mechanics (9781418052690): Troy Dunniway, Jeannie Novak: Books

Game Development Essentials: Game Interface Design (9781418016203): Kevin Saunders, Jeannie Novak: Books

Game Development Essentials: Game Project Management (9781418015411): John Hight, Jeannie Novak: Books

Game Development Essentials: Game QA & Testing (9781435439474): Luis Levy, Jeannie Novak: Books

Game Development Essentials: Game Story & Character Development (9781401878856): Marianne Krawczyk, Jeannie Novak: Books

Graphic Artists Guild Handbook : Pricing & Ethical Guidelines (Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines, 10th Edition) (9780932102119): Graphic Artists Guild: Books

Graphic Communications Today, 4E (Design Concepts) (9780766820753): William E Ryan, Theodore E. Conover: Books

Graphic Design Solutions, Third Edition (9781401881542): Robin Landa: Books

The Graphic Designer"s Digital Toolkit: A Project-Based Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5 & InDesign CS5 (9781111138011): Allan Wood: Books

Guerrilla Advertising 2: More Unconventional Brand Communications (9781856697477): Gavin Lucas: Books

Guide to Producing a Fashion Show (2nd Edition) (9781563672538): Judith C. Everett, Kristen K. Swanson: Books

How 30 Great Ads Were Made: From Idea to Campaign (9781856698214): Eliza Williams: Books

How to Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit (9780981581606): Scott Fresener and Pat Fresener: Books

How to Set Up and Run a Fashion Label (9781856695756): Toby Meadows: Books

In Fashion: From Runway to Retail, Everything You Need to Know to Break Into the Fashion Industry (9780307463838): Annemarie Iverson: Books

Kiss & Sell: Writing for Advertising Redesigned and Rekissed (9782940373468): Robert Sawyer: Books

Game Level Design (Charles River Media Game Development) (9781584503699): Ed Byrne: Books

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities (9780321660763): David Airey: Books

Logo Design Vol. 3 (9783836524216): Julius Wiedemann: Books

Los Logos 4 (v. 4) (9783899552225): R. Klanten, H. Hellige: Books

Luxury Fashion Branding: Trends, Tactics, Techniques (9780230521674): Uche Okonkwo: Books

Merchandise Buying and Management (3rd Edition) (9781563675218): John Donnellan: Books

Photography for The 21st Century (9781418009380): Katie Miller: Books

Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer (9781600610721): Nick Paparone, Jamie Dillon, Luren Jenison: Books

Promotion in the Merchandising Environment (2nd Edition) (9781563675515): Kristen K. Swanson, Judith C. Everett: Books

Ready-to-Wear Apparel Analysis (3rd Edition) (9780130254344): Patty Brown, Jane Rice: Books

Roots of Style: Weaving Together Life, Love, and Fashion (9780451230171): Isabel Toledo, Ruben Toledo: Books

Signage Systems and Information Graphics: A Professional Sourcebook (9780500288481): Andreas Uebele: Books

Start & Run a Graphic Design Business (9781551808505): Michael Huggins: Books

Start Your Own Fashion Accessories Business (9781599182704): Entrepreneur Press: Books

Starting Your Career as a Freelance Illustrator or Graphic Designer (9781581151992): Michael Fleishman: Books

Sustainable Fashion: Why Now?: A Conversation Exploring Issues, Practices, and Possibilities (9781563675348): Janet Hethorn, Connie Ulasewicz: Books

Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys (9781844074815): Kate Fletcher: Books

Taking the Leap: Building a Career as a Visual Artist (The Insider"s Guide to Exhibiting and Selling Your Art) (9780811850933): Cay Lang: Books

Terrific Training Materials: High Impact Graphic Designs for Workbooks, Handouts, Instructor Guides, and Job Aids (9780874253153): Darlene Frank, Mary George, Heather Havrilesky and Elizabeth Swenson, Eileen Klockars: Books

The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes (9781418073725): Christopher James: Books

The Breakthrough Portfolio (9781401858971): Ken Thurlbeck: Books

The Designer"s Guide To Marketing And Pricing: How To Win Clients And What To Charge Them (9781600610080): Ilise Benun, Peleg Top: Books

The Diffusion of Innovations (9781433110832): Arun Vishwanath, George A. Barnett: Books

The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever (9780060958206): Teri Agins: Books

The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men"s Style (9780060891862): Nicholas Antongiavanni: Books

Typographic Design in the Digital Studio (9781401880934): David Amdur: Books

Women"s Wardrobe (Chic Simple) (9780679444848): Kim Johnson Gross, Jeff Stone: Books

Writing for the Fashion Business (9781563674396): Kristen K. Swanson, Judith C. Everett: Books

Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color (9780811877565): Leatrice Eiseman, Keith Recker: Books

Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color (9780811877565): Leatrice Eiseman, Keith Recker: Books