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FREE Virtual Reality & LCD Plans w/ Each Purchase!
(See Below for Details!)

150" or LARGER
TV Big Screen Projection

Home Theatre Experience

Turn your regular TV/monitor into a 80" - 175" Bigscreen!

  • Make Your Own Home Theatre & VR Experience!
    • Three in One - TV Projector Kit + LCD Design Plans + VR Plans!
    • GREAT Gift Idea! Looking for something extra to buy for your son or your husband, yet don't want to spend the big bucks? You have come to the right place! How about a bigscreen TV Kit, which costs little to assemble and is a fun construction project?
    • Look at large blue note below to learn about a different lens device that can make your monitor have virtual reality like effect!!
    • Why purchase a 50" TV for $5000, when you can make your own 100"-150+" TV for under $50?
    • Using our 6X lens and detailed plans, you could build your very own Bigscreen TV Projector! With the extra lens, you can build the VR Monitor Game Screen Add-on!
    • Are you a game fanatic? How about playing one of your favorite games on a 100" - 150+" screen? Sounds better than the arcade!
    • What we are offering here is a kit to turn your TV or monitor into a big screen projector! Along with this kit, we include plans on how to build a real LCD screen and a VR device. Read on to learn more!
    • You can adjust the size of your screen to your liking: 100", 120", 150" and even LARGER Projector! Depending on the TV you are using, you will need approximately 4 to 8 foot between the finished projector and the screen/wall. The more distance between the two, the larger the projection.
    • The supplies required to build your projector cost maybe $35. For higher quality materials, it will cost you approximately $50.
    • We even tell you where in stores like Menards and Home Depot to find all the exact parts needed! I have bought two of my competitor's plans and they do not do this!
    • Building your TV projector can take as little as a few hours time. Doesn't require a lot of skill, but for the craftsman-challenged(like me), you might want to set aside a day for this project.
    • This does NOT hurt your TV in any way! No disassembly, no damage!
    • You receive 4 different sets of plans to choose from!
    • We give you one 6x lens.
    • UPDATE - There is no need to flip your TV over! Simply request via email for any technical support and we can tell you how get your bigscreen up and running! Also, there are some that would have you think that there is only 3X magnification. This is not true. To know your TV's bigscreen projection capabilities, multiply its screen size by 6. For instance, you can use our 6X lens and a 20" TV to create 120" Bigscreen TV Projector!
    • Works great for an outside theater! Drive-in theaters are almost non-existant. Now, you can build your own 150+" outside theater! Great for backyard camping and night time flicks!
    • You would think that this would have a dim or inferior picture. Not so! Just check out some of the screenshots below to see what you can produce! It truly works excellent when built right. To get the clear focused picture, you must have the lens parallel with your TVs screen when building the projector and also you must be using a good TV. If you fail to do these two things, then it will not focus properly. I suggest using a TV or monitor(non-curved screen is best) that has good brightness, clarity and picture. So, PLEASE remember this when buying my plans. I want everyone to be a satisfied customer..
    • Reality Check: You will find that some of my competitor's auctions claim that you can build your projector in one hour with $15 of supplies. These numbers are incorrect(unless you are Bob Villa and have much of the supplies in your garage). When is the last time you built anything that only took one hour? Just going to the store across town to buy the materials could take you that long. This projector device works like a movie theatre projector in that the lights need to be off or dim(Top pic above is for show. "Results" Section below show you what can be produced by TV projection). Some auctions claim you can have the lights on and it will work. This in most cases is not true..
    • AWESOME NEW VIRTUAL REALITY DEVICE!!: Recently, I discovered a BRAND NEW way to use this lens that is totally different than the TV Projector Plans shown within this auction. The neat thing is that this new device is JUST AS COOL!! If you buy from me and request by email for these VR Device Plans, I will send you an email detailing methods of building it.
      • What this new device does: Basically, you will add virtual reality like experience to your video games and in some scenerios movies. I have tried it and I like it so much, I think it is even better than the TV projector plans I am advertising in this auction!! I watched a movie or two with it and it was practically like being on the set. In effect, it takes your whole field of view and fills it with the game/movie screen. Also, it makes the characters within movies or 3D first person games look life size.
      • No one on else ebay is selling these type of plans! Actually, I might just keep it as a secret bonus just so my competitors can't copy me.
      • This is what i guarantee: I guarantee that this new method of using the lens WILL give you that virtuality-like experience or your money back! Are you a video game fanatic? This is definitely for you!
      • REAL DEAL HOW TO MAKE A LCD SCREEN!!:YES, as if the Virtual Reality for your monitor was not enough, we have added in the LCD Plans as a bonus also. All you need to do after winning the auction is to email me requesting either the VR or the LCD Plans and I will email you both!!
    • IMPORTANT! North American shipping costs are $9.44! For each additional item you order, the shipping cost is $5.44 also. For international orders please add another $2 more to the shipping costs.

    100"-150+" TV Projector: Below is only a fraction of the CAD drafted
    steps. Each one has dimensions for sizes, quantities, plus detailed
    directions (not shown here) to go with each picture! Buy one of my
    competitor's plan sets and see if they have anything like this.

  • What Is Included In The Package?
    • ONE Huge 6X Fresnel Lens.
    • FOUR Detailed Sets of TV Projector Plans for Creating Your Own 120" - 150" Bigscreen!
    • Online Access to the Projector Plans. Most selling on eBay will NOT give you online access to the plans. To obtain access, contact me after you have ordered and ask me for the login and password.
    • EXTRA: Virtual Reality Device Plans! Here is what it will in effect give you: A virtual reality like experience, ideal for computer video games. It is easier to make than the projector TV device advertised in this auction too! So simple to build and works with all TVs and monitors under 24"!! All you have to do is email me after winning this auction and I will send you the plans for this new and totally different device!
    • EXTRA: Do-It-Yourself Projection Screen. You will need this if you want a screen to project onto and do not already own one! This will show you step by step how to build the screen for your projector device! Email me after you buy and I will send you a link to my website that includes this along with many other things (TONS of Bonus Plans, Tips, etc)
    • EXTRA: Detailed LCD Projector Plans! When you email me for the Virtual Reality Device, I will also automatically send you a internet link to a page I created that gives you TONs of content on how to build your VERY own LCD Projector for a fraction of the retail cost! I will tell you where to get the parts and give you several LCD plans to choose from!
    • Full E-mail Tech support for assistance with your build and/or to answer your questions. I will even help you via email if you bought from a competitor and can't figure out your kit!
    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee: If item is defective, broken, or you are not satisified, return it for a full refund.

  • Projector Images:

    More Pictures: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

  • Before You Order From Another Auction
    • Do they offer a 6X Fresnel Magnifying Lens, or just one 3X lens? Lenses that are 6X are more powerful than 3X.
    • I read on one of my competitor's auctions that they offer picture loaded plans. The pictures he offered were step-by-step instructions, but not even near the quality of the detailed plans we offer. Only one of their designs was not taped together, so they are really only offering one good set of plans. Each of our designs is constructed with wood(in one case, aluminum) and fastened by glue and/or nails and then painted. My plans are professionally designed, showing each step during the process of construction.
    • Do they guarantee their auction? We offer all our customers a 30 day money back gaurantee. If you receive your item broken or you are just not satisfied, return it within 30 days and you will receive a full refund!
    • Do they offer just one set of plans? You will find that just one set of plans might not work for you, so it is always good to have more than one choice. To find the plans for your project, we offer four different sets of plans.
    • Will they allow a variety of payment methods? We accept Google Checkout, money order and check.

  • Background / Experience
    • Our company status on eBay is 97.8% Good Feedback Rating. We have been ID Verified and have great standing relationship with eBay. We have sold approximately 40,000 products on eBay and have about 14,000 feedback.
    • Our feedback is 98% positive. So far, many of those who have given us negative feedback have retracted it once they spoke more with us over email.
    • Our policy is this: If for any reason the order doesn't make it to you correctly, we just send you another. We base it solely on the customer's word, whether or not they are telling the truth.
    • Credibility for Plan Design: Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering(w/ Optics). Received approximately 45 credits in a variety of computer drafting/design college classes. Over three years work in computer engineering design field.

  • Relevant Info
    • IMPORTANT! North American shipping costs are $9.45! For each additional item you order, the shipping cost is $5.45 also. For international orders please add another $2 more to the shipping costs.
    • BID with Confidence!!

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