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Debt Free in Three




The Perfect Solution to the failing economy. New and updated for 2009!!


WARNING!  If you’re in debt, don’t even think about following any advice (it’s usually dead-wrong) until you read this important message …


“Become 100% Debt Free in 3 to 5 Years GUARANTEED!”


“South Carolina Man Burdened by $213,000 in Debt Discovers Astonishing ‘Military Strategy’ Secret that Made Him Debt Free in 4 Years!”


Hundreds use his secret to gain 100% debt freedom and live the “good life.”  You can too!  In fact, his secret guarantees you will become debt free in as little as 3 - 5 years no matter your income or where you live!  Best part:  You can start shrinking your debt for FREE if you choose!  Here’s what this secret is not …



  • It’s NOT filing for bankruptcy
  • It’s NOT trying to sneak out of paying your bills
  • It’s NOT about living on macaroni and cheese for the next 5 years
  • It’s NOT about investment schemes or advice
  • It’s NOT about increasing your income
  • It’s NOT hard – anyone can do this
  • It’s NOT anything illegal or immoral


What it is will both shock and amaze you!


It Has Over a 97% Success Rate
(It's just Math. It works for almost everyone)

From: Clint Holland

Founder, Debt Free, Inc.


Dear Friend,


My name is Clint Holland and the first thing you should know about me is I am not a credit expert or some kind of financial egghead. I’m just an ordinary, average guy that ended up deep in $213,000 of debt and found a 100% guaranteed and proven way to get out faster than any method currently taught. Plus, it works regardless of where you live and is not dependent upon your income. Not long ago …


I was scared I was going to lose one of my cars or my home. Things were tight and times were tough money wise. The pressure was eating away at my health and it took its toll on my family. I was convinced I had to do something to get this monkey off our back. As you can imagine …

I was buying all sorts of books and courses that promised me a way to get out of debt, but most of it was junk or stuff that was too hard to do. Some of it was good. Anyways, I ended up stumbling upon a ridiculously simple technique one day that came from a military strategy concept – and so I tried it on my mountain of debt. Guess what?


It worked!

I know this sounds crazy, but with your permission I’ll prove it’s 100% true. It’s so true that I became free from that terrible $213,000 mountain of debt in just 5 years! And let me tell you, life is good now. No more creditors calling me or mailing me nasty letters to pay my bills. Plus, I have more spending money to do what I want, when I want. And you know what?


I didn’t go out and get a second job or increase my income to do it. I didn’t even get a loan or any other such nonsense you’re commonly told to do.

And yet, my system is guaranteed to make you 100% debt free faster than anything on the market. That includes your mortgage, credit card, automobiles – whatever!





Over a year ago, I ordered your debt-free-in-three system. I love your system, we had 10,000 in credit card debt and it is paid off. Thank-you.


June P.

Plus … if you have a mortgage, it’ll save you thousands of dollars over the long run!


Being that my system is just 4 simple steps – one of which consists of a “military secret strategy ” … my system is really short, simple and sweet. So I feared people wouldn’t take it seriously. After much prodding from others, I finally created a system called the Debt Free in Three System™ that you can get instant access to.


What’s so great about this debt relief system is that it’s so simple, EVERYONE can do it. (It has a 97% success rate) Even better, there are no mathematical formulas or complicated legal or credit stuff to it. It’s nothing like that. In fact, once you see my Debt Free in Three System™, you’ll be ready to roll in as little as 10 minutes.


That’s right. In just 10 minutes or so, you could have a plan in place that will have you debt free in record time and sleeping better tonight!


And more importantly, you will become 100% debt free in as little as 3-5 years!


It doesn’t matter how much money you make, be it $15,000 or $115,000 annually, this system works.


Again, whether you have $8,234 in debt or over $200,000 like I did – this system is guaranteed to work for YOU.


After I put up this website and made my system public – the demand for it has been tremendous. My goodness, I never thought this many people would demand my system. But they have.


This system is so effective in freeing you from debt we recently applied for a Patent!!!


Why am I telling you this?


Well, two reasons.


One, I want to demonstrate this system really works and that it will work for you. (I’ll show you some unsolicited testimonials shortly.)


Two, I’m not some kind of brainiac financial guru with college degrees up the whazoo. I had three years of experience working for a large credit company and used that knowledge of credit and debt to help me design this system. Nevertheless, this system has worked for me as well as thousands of others just like you. No wonder people are recognizing this system as the safest, simplest and “funnest” way to get out of debt there is.


Plus, we keep the system constantly updated to reflect the changes in the industry and to refine the process even more. As a matter of fact, we are getting ready to release the official 2nd Edition of the Debt Free in Three System™. And let me tell you, it's 10 times more powerful than the 1st edition with some new techniques that have never before been released. And by ordering today, you will be entitled to an absolutely free copy of the 2nd Edition. Actually, by ordering today you are entitled to all future releases for free. That's right, I will never make you pay for any of the new features or bonuses we release for life.


And if that isn't enough, wait until you see our new Debt Knife™ software. We are finishing up the final touches on it now and it is a one of a kind. It will completely analyze your debt situation and tell you exactly how to be debt free faster than you thought humanly possible. You see, if you have 8 debts there are 40,320 different ways you could organize those debts to be paid off. But guess how many of those 40,320 different ways will have you debt free the fastest. Only one!!! How do you know which way is the fastest? Well, thats where our Debt Knife software comes in. Without it, you would have to create 40,320 different debt plans and then see how long each one would take to get you out of debt. That would probably take you months if not years to do in itself. But through the power of computers, our Debt Knife™ software will do just that in a matter of seconds.


Wondering how much of a difference it can make to pay your debts off in a certain order? It can save you anywhere from a few months to several years of being in debt. Thats right, just by paying your bills off in the correct order you can be debt free months if not years quicker. And this isn't even part of my Debt Free in Three™ process. It simply complements it and allows you to be debt free even faster.


But the great part is that by ordering today, during the month of May, you will be entitled to the Debt Knife™ software for free. That's right, you will never have to pay a penny for it. Wait until after we officially release it and this option won't be available. For everyone that purchases after the release of the Debt Knife™ software, they will have to pay a monthly fee just to have access to it. But not you.


That’s not just hot air my friend –




I am really excited about your program.  I've paid for many things over the internet and on infomercials over the years, and this one sure appears to potentially reap the results I'm looking for.


Lauri C.


I’m willing to let you see for yourself RISK FREE … that what I say is 100% verifiable and true.


But first, before I tell you more, I have to get something off my chest.


There are many, many people marketing schemes for getting out of debt that could damage your reputation, ruin your credit, and bring lawsuits against you … or worse.


Some of these schemes consist of finding loopholes or ways to avoid paying your bills; that my friend can ruin you for life.


Filing for bankruptcy is a big no, no too. Your credit and your ability to finance a home and car will be gone for 7-10 years; maybe much longer. Forget about that.

What about debt consolidation loans?


Well, this is a little better than many of the so-called debt reduction methods but this one will only have you paying the bills to a different creditor. And sure, you may lighten the load a little bit, but not by much. Instead of taking 35 years to pay off your mortgage and other debts like it takes for the average family, you might only shave a few years off. But why settle for becoming debt free in 25 years when you can do so in just 3-5 years?


And here’s another thing …


My Debt Free in Three System™ doesn’t involve lawyers, courts or other scary legal stuff. Actually, it’ll protect you from these guys. It doesn’t involve bombarding creditors or anyone with letters or finding ways out of contracts by examining legal fine print. Forget that. That stuff’s a joke!


Your creditors won't even know you are using my system, except for the fact that your balance will be decreasing faster than ever.


What about those ads for non-profit organizations that “claim” they’ll help you become debt free?


Let me tell you, if they were really going to pay all of your debt off, how do you think they could remain in business? How could they afford to advertise their service?


It’s just a cleverly disguised pitch to consolidate your debt so you pay them the accruing interest owed. Ok, enough about what the Debt Free in Three System™ is not. Let me give you some insight into how it works.


The Debt Free in Three System™ is a simple 4-step process. Here are a few hints at what’s involved:


Step 1: Is all about putting the cap on the little leaks that keep families broke or even poor. I even include a special audio program that will halt this immediately after only listening to it once.


Step 2: Will cut your monthly costs by as much as 70% as soon as TODAY! It’s a few simple tricks that anyone can easily activate. And you probably already know about them.


Step 3: Is the Secret Military Strategy that works almost as mysteriously as the 80/20 principle and the principle of compound interest. This is the nuclear powerhouse that guarantees you to be out of debt in not 35 years or 25 years but just 3 to 5 years!


Step 4: Is simply laying out the plan and activating it. Stuff any kid can do.


Then of course, on page 27 of this system I give you some actionable tips that’ll save you money almost immediately on many of the bills you’re now paying. What next?


Let’s hear how Debt Free in Three System™ is helping families like yours live “the good life” …


You can also visit our Testimonials Section to see even more unsolicited testimonials from people just like you.




Hi Clint - We haven't even started on your program (although we have read it) and we realized you have missed one very important feature - a gift certificate! We are so impressed we would like to send our daughter a program as well.  Thanks, Jean


Jean R.


As you can imagine, these people were plenty skeptical before they tried the Debt Free in Three System™, but now they’re believers. And today, they’re tasting the fruit of being closer to 100% debt freedom.


You can soon be debt free too!


In fact, I’ll make it easy for you to say “YES!” to this offer. So here’s what comes next:


Sure, there are courses and books out there purporting to teach you how to get out of debt – and most of them will cost you more money than my Debt Free in Three System™ course. That’s good news right?


Well, consider too the fact that these courses basically teach you’re going to have to live like a hermit for the next seven to ten years of your life. Do you really want to listen to expensive CD’s and watch video tapes that’ll demand you to scrimp by?


Hey, you know that pinching pennies creates frustration, stress and fights in the family. So you know instinctively that won’t work in the real world for most people.


What you also should realize is that by following Step 2 outlined in my system – this system will easily pay for itself 10 – 20 times over! That said, as long as you’re without the Debt Free in Three System™ in your hands – you’re paying an unnecessary 10% -- 20% in bill costs!


That’s right! Each month that passes, it’s costing you big time, so get the Debt Free in Three System™ right away so you can keep more of your own hard-earned money.


What took me a painful and frustrating 6 years to learn – you will know in under one hour of reading. (By the way, the Debt Free in Three System™ has no filler, only the “beef”. It’s a straight to the point, and simple read that even a goofy teenager will easily understand.) That said, you might be surprised to know Debt Free in Three System™ is yours for only $39.97 during the month of May! That’s a one-time cost. There’s nothing more to buy! Compare that to the ol’bait and switch tactics used by others who sell “how to get out of debt information!” Realize this:  


This small investment in your future and well-being is a painless drop in the bucket compared to what you’ll pay in exorbitant interest charges without it!


Why $39.97 is about what you’d pay for dinner for two at a Restaurant. Surely, being debt free and having more spending power is worth this?


You bet it is!




Hi Clint, I just wanted to let you know I looked over your program and I am sold on it.  To tell you the truth I've prayed for help, and my friend saw you ad and sent it to me.  I am single, and am on disability retirement, along with SSD.  I need help!  I can still see daylight, but I want to feel freedom from debt, before it gets too overwhelming. I want to thank you in advance, and believe me, I will be asking for you help along the way!!!!!!!


Melissa K.


Look, the average American family is carrying about $84,000 in debt and that includes two cars, a house and about $10,000 in credit cards. Who wants to continue living that paycheck to paycheck lifestyle where you’re only one month away from financial disaster! Get out of this lifestyle now! You’re worth it!


Debt Free in Three System™ is my way of helping families across America get out of their money troubles. I sincerely want to see people free from debt because I know the toll it takes on families.


Debt Free in Three System™ is unquestionably the answer you’ve been looking for to “keep most of your hard-earned money” and to live a fuller, richer more satisfying life. I sincerely request that you at least give me a fair try. Actually, I’ll make it incredibly easy for you to do so. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m giving you a …



If at any time you’re not absolutely impressed with how well you’re on your way to becoming debt free or if for any reason whatsoever you want a refund – simply say the word and I’ll refund 100% of your investment promptly and courteously. I won't even ask why.


Now here’s the thing. Keep in mind the Debt Free in Three System™ is not a book, course or publication that’s available anywhere else. It’s ONLY available through this website. What’s more, the entire Debt Free in Three System™ is a quick-read, 30-page Adobe Acrobat document you can view on a hidden web page on this site. You can download it (with a simple click) to your computer so you can read at your leisure whenever you wish. This means, if for any reason you decided to get a refund – you will have discovered the simple 4-step system for FREE.


As if this deal wasn’t already too hot not to jump on – I’m going to make it so much better for you. Let me explain …


Order Today – RIGHT NOW -- and you’ll receive the following bonuses absolutely FREE! Here’s what I’m giving you …


Checkmark My special Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that does all of the calculations for you – even revealing the exact date you’ll be debt free! (A $49 value, but I’m giving it to you today for FREE!)


Checkmark Personal Email Support. Receive ready answers to any questions about my book or techniques you may have. I’m here to help you achieve total debt freedom like thousands of my other customers have. How many other debt gurus or websites will do that? (A huge value – but it’s yours FREE!)  

Checkmark Unlimited Lifetime Updates & Upgrades! I’m a big believer in providing a lot of value to my customers so anytime I upgrade or improve upon this system – you’ll be the first to know about it and receive the new, improved version/software at no additional cost. (Another huge value – but it’s yours FREE!)


Checkmark Debt Knife Software. Here’s the debt relief software program that’s cost us thousands to create. Once it’s released (Official Release Date is mid-June or so) you’ll gain instant access to it. Let it create for you a guaranteed blueprint for getting out of debt according to our 4-step system. (Anyone purchasing after it's released will have to pay a monthly fee to use it, but you will have lifetime access for Free for buying now)


Checkmark Secrets of the Richest People. Learn what it is that the Richest in World do that you don't. Mind power is extremely powerful. Start seeing for yourself today.




Super Bonus # 1


My Exclusive Debt Free Self-Hypnosis Audio Program


This audio program was developed by World Renown Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones just for my Debt Free in Three clients. It dives deep into your subconscious to stop your excessive spending automatically. It doesn't even require effort or will power on your part. It works the same way as hypnosis does to stop people from smoking or eliminate other bad habits. And best of all, you can simply listen to it as you fall asleep each night.


(A $600 value, but your's for FREE!)


Super Bonus # 2


Free Copy of Mortgage Manager™


Consider the following statistics if you own a mortgage:

  • After paying 15 years on your 30 year mortgage, you will still owe 90% of the amount you borrowed!

  • After paying nearly 24 years, you will still over over 50% of the amount you borrowed!

  • You will pay over 3 Times the amount you originally borrowed before paying off your mortgage.

  • To make matters worse, the F.D.I.C. estimates that 1 out of every 2 mortgages are miscalculated, overcharging homeowners $8 - $10 Billion Dollars each and every year.


BUT, the Mortgage Manager™ will solve ALL these problems for your ABSOLUTELY FREE and will allow you to...

  • Save Thousands of Dollars on your home mortgage without increasing your monthy payment!

  • Shorten your 30 Year Mortgage by 7-15 years without refinancing!!

  • Build equity in your home 300% Faster!!

  • Turn your current mortgage into an investment program!!

  • Increase your net worth dramatically!

  • Track your savings and audit your loan to find lender mistakes which occur about 50% of the time according to the F.D.I.C.


The Mortgage Manager™ Gives You All This With...

NO Refinancing - No Credit Reports - No Home Appraisal

No Closing Costs - No Change of Lender


In fact, it requires no change to your current mortgage agreement at all!!

There are no expensive products or services to purchase now or ever and there is never any obligation.

Here is an example of the benefits you could receive by using our Free Morgage Manager service on a 30 year, $100,000 mortgage at 10.5%.


our free service
our free service
Years to pay off:
Interest savings:
Monthy payments eliminated:
Total payment savings:
Equity after 5 years:
Equity after 10 years:
Balance due after 20.7 years:
Average monthly savings:
Average yearly savings:
Cash available after 30 years:
(based on a 10% investment yield)


(A $395 value, but your's for FREE!)


You’re getting over $3,000 in gifts -- yours to keep regardless of what you do after you respond to this offer. Here’s important news:


Being that the Debt Free in Three System™ has been selling like hotcakes and it’s receiving more publicity – the demand will continue to increase. I never dreamed of having a sprawling big business that’ll require an office and employees and I don’t plan on it. That’s why I will be raising the price of Debt Free in Three™ once our exclusive Debt Knife software is released, so I urge you to reply to the RISK FREE AUDITION CERTIFICATE immediately to lock in at the current low, low price. Consider this …


You really can’t afford not to invest in the Debt Free in Three System™


Here’s the bottom line: If you were to do nothing, your debt problem will fester out of control. Remember, most people are only one month away from “living under the bridge.” Don’t be one of the many people who “hope” their problem will “magically” get better. Don’t end up like they do – losing their home, their car and the very shirts on their back. (Not to mention their good name.)

Now is the time to ACT!


Become one of the winners in the debt game. Knowledge is what separates you from the people who will unwittingly spend the next three decades of their life paying through the nose and those who will enjoy the freedom and relief of knowing they control their own destiny. Debt Free in Three System™ gives you the exact step-by-step blueprint you need to CONTROL YOUR DESTINY.


Go ahead. Give this system a try. In the time it takes you to munch down a bag of popcorn, you will have a solid, workable and super simple blueprint that’ll set you free from the terrible burden of debt in as little as 3-5 years! There’s absolutely no risk to you.


Within 5 minutes from now, you can view the amazing 4-step system instantly online.


Imagine not having creditors call you. Imagine not being hit with late fee charges and bills that keep growing and growing and growing. Soon, you’ll enjoy having more money to do the things you want. What will you do with all of that “freed up money” you will have?


Take a long-awaited vacation? Buy new clothes, jewelry, a better car or invest in your hobbies? The possibilities are endless – reclaim the American dream by investing in Debt Free in Three System™ TODAY!


You deserve it – you have a right to be debt free. But … one week from today or in as little as five minutes from now, the Debt Free in Three System™ will increase in price, so take action NOW. Whether you receive the Debt Free in Three System™ at the current price or at $49.97 – you’re covered by my generous 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. In fact, you hold all the aces in this business relationship. Why, you could …


… simply order the Debt Free in Three System™, use the four-step system it reveals (You’ll only find this system here.) and be well on your way to debt freedom and then ask for a refund. I’m required by my payment processor, ClickBank, to oblige your request. But you know what?

I’m trusting you’re a good, honest and upright person who isn’t looking to rip me off – you just want out of debt hell. So what have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing except the debt!


Common questions I hear all the time …

  1. Question: I see that you are from South Carolina. Does that mean that your system only works in the US?
    Answer: Absolutely Not. It works regardless of where you live because it is not based on legal procedures or lending processes. The underlying basis is Math, which works no matter where you live.

  2. Question: I hate reading books on my computer. Is there any way I can order a printed copy instead?
    Answer: Absolutely. Once you place your order and login you will have the ability to get a printed copy of the book.

  3. Question: What if my bills are already more than my income? Will your program still work?
    Answer: As a matter of fact, yes. We have perfected a unique 5 Step Process for handling this exact situation.

  4. Question: I am really skeptical of ordering products online. How do I know this is not a SCAM and that I can get my money back if I am not satisfied?
    Answer: Great question. I understand your concern and your skepticism is justified. If you notice at the top of the page I am a member of BuySafe and ControlScan. BuySafe guarantees your purchase if I were to mysteriously disappear and ControlScan not only verifies my business information but they perform weekly scans to make sure our website is secure. Plus, we use ClickBank as our merchant provider. They are the largest merchant for electronic purchases on the Internet with over 10,000 websites using them and they guarantee you your money back as well.

  5. Question: What if I need help or have trouble completing the plan on my own?
    Answer: Then I will help you in any way I can. Your purchase includes unlimited support from me directly and I pride myself on responding quickly. I encourage you to test me before purchasing. Visit our Contact Us page and send me a brief note or question and see just how quick you get a real response back from me personally.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for even more questions I get asked all the time.


Here’s what to do next …


Simply click the Order Now Link at the bottom. It’s as easy as that. You’ll immediately get INSTANT ACCESS to a hidden web page on this 100% safe and secure site that reveals the celebrated Debt Free in Three System™. It is a simple Adobe Acrobat document that you will have instant access to and that works regardless of rather you own a PC or a MAC. Heck, you can even get a printed copy sent to you if you don't feel like printing it out yourself or just hate reading books on your computer. (We respect your privacy and your information will never be sold, shared or rented to a third party – ever.)






Clint Holland“No matter how deep in debt you are and no matter how much money you’re earning, you can certainly be debt free in 3-5 years! I went from being over $213,000 in debt to 100% debt freedom in just 5 years! You can definitely have it happen for you too! My system has a whopping 97% success rate! Why struggle financially, forced to pay mammoth bills for the next 35 years of your life – when you can be free from paying them in only 3-5 years!


I guarantee, what you’ll discover in the next 5 minutes is amazingly simple and easy. It’s painless, perfectly legal and an honorable and super effective way to become 100% debt free. I’m putting my personal reputation on the line to prove unquestionably the Debt Free in Three System™ will work for YOU! Get it now!”


Clint's Signature, Author, Debt Free in Three System™

YES, Clint! I want INSTANT ACCESS to your amazing Debt Free in Three System™. Here’s what this system will do for me:


I’ll get out of debt in around 3-5 years compared to 35 for the average American family.


— If I have a mortgage, I stand to avoid paying thousands, if not hundreds of thousands in costs.


Cut up to 60% of your monthly payments – starting TODAY!


Better still, I’ll finally have more spendable income to buy and do the things I want to do!


It will help me control my excessive spending through a custom designed, Self-Hypnosis audio program.


Give me instant access to your Debt Free in Three System™ which is found on a secured hidden page on this website where I can immediately start reading it. (By the way, it’s a quick, straight to the point read too.) It’s only $39.97 during May and a steal at that price for it gives me the power to get out debt – in a fraction of the time it takes the rest of the population to. Plus, this system unquestionably pays for itself many, many times over!


I can simply audition the Debt Free in Three System™ at my leisure! If I’m not absolutely thrilled with the amazing debt reduction results I’ll see, I’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of the purchase price. No questions asked. Here’s what I’m getting now:



Checkmark The Debt Free in Three System that’s received acclaim in national publications such as USA Today and Family Circle. Countless people are debt free and becoming debt free thanks to it. You’re next!


Checkmark My special Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that does all of the calculations for you – even revealing the exact date you’ll be debt free! (A $49 value, but I’m giving it to you FREE!)


Checkmark Debt Free Self-Hypnosis Audio Program This audio program was developed by World Renown Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones just for my clients. It dives deep into your subconscious to stop your excessive spending automatically. It doesn't even require effort or will power. It works the same way as hypnosis does to stop people from smoking or eliminate other bad habits.


Checkmark Personal Email Support. Receive ready answers to any questions you may have. I’m here to help you achieve total debt freedom like my other customers have. (A huge value – but it’s yours FREE! )


CheckmarkUnlimited Lifetime Updates & Upgrades! (A huge value – but it’s yours FREE!)


Checkmark Debt Knife Software. Here’s the debt relief software program that’s cost us thousands to create. Once it’s released (Offical Release Date is mid-June or so) you’ll gain instant access to it. Let it create for you a guaranteed blueprint for getting out of debt according to our 4-step system. (Anyone purchasing after it's released will have to pay a monthly fee to use it, but you will have lifetime access for Free for buying now)


Wow! That’s over $3,000 in FREE valuable gifts I’m receiving today.



Place Your Order Today Using By Bidding Below.





P.S. Listen, the Debt Free in Three System™ is exactly what you need to get out of your debt problem. Why spend the next 35 years of your life buried in debt when you can be debt free in 3-5 years? I 100% guarantee Debt Free in Three™ is one of the single-most important investments you’ll ever make in your life. And … it’ll pay for itself 10 – 20 times over immediately once you see it! Shouldn’t you find out why?


P.P.S. Remember: There’s absolutely no risk nor obligation on your part when you gain access to the Debt Free in Three System™. Even if you’re only curious to see what these incredibly simple yet super effective 4-steps are – you can do so and get your money back at any time with my 60 Day Satisfaction Gurantee. All I ask is that you give me a fair try.


P.P.P.S. VERY IMPORTANT: I will be raising the price of Debt Free in Three System™ once we release our Debt Knife software. I can only guarantee the current low price of $39.97 (an incredible deal) during the month of May! Lock in at the current low price while it lasts by ordering at once.







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