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        Over the years, Creation Science Evangelism has received over 10,000 comments and testimonies from people who have experienced our creation materials. The overwhelming majority of these have been positive. Nonetheless, we have stirred up many atheists and evolutionists as well. Take a moment and view many of these comments and submissions just as we have received them. Also, if our materials have impacted you, we would love to hear about it!
Do you have any idea how incredibly stupid you are? If the world is only 6000 years old then how do ou explain dinosaur fossiles, carbon dating, ancient Egypt? There are so many flaws and loop-holes in you "science" that i can even count them on both of my hands and feet. You should do the world a service and adopt the fact that is EVOLUTION! If you would like further proof please inquire with any acredited scientist.

-Ath eist,

I just read all of the negative comments in your latest newsletter and was disgusted. I would just like to say how much your ministry has strengthened my faith. It has helped me share the gospel with my unsaved father. He loves to know facts, and through your videos he has learned the truth about God's beautiful creation. I pray now he will turn his life over to the Lord. Thank you Dr Hovind and everyone at CSE for what you do.


You people are nuts, loonies, idiots... I now believe that the internet is full of junk if this *&%* is allowed on it. You did not shown one piece of evidence that your "imaginations" are possible, you simply refer to the bible. I wouldn't go as far as to call you scientists but to call you a cult.

-Ben M

This is sensational. Finally, to have the answers to counter alledged evolution science (fairy tale). Two friends and I have started the SW Iowa Creation Science Ministry. We will be ordering your new updated CDs for copying and free distribution. We are also accumulating equipment to allow us to do seminars throughout SW Iowa. God is in this, talk about the WOW factor. Bless you for your work.

-Roy M

You people are rediculous! How long does it take to metamorphose rock? and then to bring it back to the surface? How did marine fossils get in the rocks at the top of mt everst? and what about radiometric dates? do you understand mineralogy and crystal chemistry? i don't even know why you think evolution conflicts with you book. go spend a few years in school. remove you bias. we are not out to disprove god. we do not address the issue of god because there is no physical evidence for the existance of god, no way to measure god. you do, however, set out to prove us wrong, calling us liars, and entering in your research with a large bias. a bias based on emtion. emotion which is based on a book which was written by men peace and sense be with you.

-Mike T.

I'm a Physics major at the University of Arkansas, and I first obtained your series of video tapes through our local ABS campus ministry. As a future member of the scientific community, I found it quite overwhelming to stand up for my faith in front of such vehement professors and students totally sold on evolution, but I've found that I can have the knowledge to counter them. I've been challenged to learn as much about that as my other studies. I have also seen my two dearest friends come to be bold about their faith as well. Thank you!

-Jennifer M

Anger...after mere minutes of reading at this site all I can feel is anger. Your pathetic organization is sickening. Your views and your oppressing is the worst thing to inflict humankind. Religion is the repression of knowledge. I hate what your religion has done throughout time.


Dr. Hovind, My brother helped lead me to the Lord and I was saved on February 3, this year. He bought your video series when you visited our church several years ago (Wick Road Baptist Church, Taylor, MI). I have recently been watching them, and have ordered the updated series. I can not quit watching them. My main purpose for ordering them is to copy them and hand them out to my friends and family and anyone else I can get to watch them. I have been searching and praying for the knowledge and tools to help me lead people to Jesus, and I think these videos are my answer. I just want to say thank you for speaking the truth and for providing these tools so that I can help give people the truth.

Sincerely, Randy H

This is the most ignorant site in the whole www I can show evolution to you, all you need is some money and time go to Galapagos Islands the study of finches done there should prove micro evolution. We as a species should need be here much longer, alive on earth to do any longer studying,we all know, not you or anybody else has more than one life time to study this hypothesis so this is an absurd test.Can you PROVE without a doubt that there is an all supreme being out there.NO you cant so that would tell me there is no god or there is a creater but you dont know you are just a scared little man whos afraid of being wrong, if im wrong i have lived a good life. A life worth living not worring about heaven or hell but just being the best person i can be without god.I have two children, one 4 and the other 4 months granted im only 24 years old but i have a good grip on reality. My 4 year old does also we are teaching him to read his second book, adult book, it is "Evolution Triumph of an Idea" I believe you should read this book its by Carl Zimmer oh yeah and just because i believe in evolution doesnt mean i cant believe in god it just means that that person believes i creationism thanx for listening


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