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    CHAPTER 18

    Pr 18:1-24.

    1. Through desire . . . seeketh--that is, seeks selfish gratification.
    - intermeddleth . . . wisdom--or, "rushes on" (Pr 17:14) against all wisdom, or what is valuable (Pr 2:7).

    2. that his heart . . . itself--that is, takes pleasure in revealing his folly (Pr 12:23; 15:2).

    3. So surely are sin and punishment connected (Pr 16:4).
    - wicked, for "wickedness," answers to
    - ignominy, or the state of such; and
    - contempt, the feeling of others to them; and to
    - reproach, a manifestation of contempt.

    4. Wise speech is like an exhaustless stream of benefit.

    5. accept the person--(Compare Ps 82:2). "It is not good" is to be supplied before "to overthrow."

    6, 7. The quarrelsome bring trouble on themselves. Their rash language ensnares them (Pr 6:2).

    8. (Compare Pr 16:28).
    - as wounds--not sustained by the Hebrew; better, as "sweet morsels," which men gladly swallow.
    - innermost . . . belly--the mind, or heart (compare Pr 20:27-30; Ps 22:14).

    9. One by failing to get, the other by wasting wealth, grows poor.
    - waster--literally, "master of washing," a prodigal.

    10. name of the Lord--manifested perfections (Ps 8:1; 20:2), as faithfulness, power, mercy, &c., on which men rely.
    - is safe--literally, "set on high, out of danger" (Ps 18:2; 91:4).

    11. contrasts with Pr 18:10 (compare Pr 10:15). Such is a vain trust (compare Ps 73:6).

    12. (Compare Pr 15:33; 16:18).

    13. Hasty speech evinces self-conceit, and ensures shame (Pr 26:12).

    14. infirmity--bodily sickness, or outward evil. The spirit, which sustains, being wounded, no support is left, except, as implied, in God.

    15. (Compare Pr 1:5, 15, 31).

    16. (Compare Pr 17:8, 23). Disapproval of the fact stated is implied.

    17. One-sided statements are not reliable.
    - searcheth--thoroughly (Pr 17:9, 19).

    18. The lot--whose disposal is of God (Pr 16:13), may, properly used, be a right mode of settling disputes.

    19. No feuds so difficult of adjustment as those of relatives; hence great care should be used to avoid them.

    20. (Compare Pr 12:14; 13:2). Men's words are the fruit, or, increase of his lips, and when good, benefit them.
    - satisfied with--(Compare Pr 1:31; 14:14).

    21. Death and life--or, the greatest evil and good.
    - that love it--that is, the tongue, or its use for good or evil.
    - eat . . . fruit--(Compare Pr 18:19; Jas 1:19).

    22. The old versions supply "good" before the "wife," as the last clause and Pr 19:14 imply (compare Pr 31:10).

    23. the rich . . . roughly--He is tolerated because rich, implying that the estimate of men by wealth is wrong.

    24. A man . . . friendly--better, "A man . . . (is) to, or, may triumph (Ps 108:9), or, shout for joy (Ps 5:11), that is, may congratulate himself." Indeed, there is a Friend who is better than a brother; such is the "Friend of sinners" [Mt 11:19; Lu 7:34], who may have been before the writer's mind.


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