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    2564 ISHI -1. A name of a god HO 2:16 -2. A son of Appaim 1CH 2:31 -3. A descendant of Judah 1CH 4:20 -4. A Simeonite 1CH 4:42 -5. One of the heads of Manasseh 1CH 5:24 2565 ISHIAH -One of the heads of Issachar 1CH 7:3; 24:21,25 2566 ISHIJAH -One of the sons of Harim EZR 10:31 2567 ISHMA -A descendant of Judah 1CH 4:3 2568 ISHMAEL -1. Son of Abraham GE 16:11,15,16; 1CH 1:28 .Prayer of Abraham for GE 17:18,20 .Circumcised GE 17:23-26 .Promised to be the father of a nation GE 16:11,12; 17:20; 21:12,13,18 .Sent away by Abraham GE 21:6-21 .With Isaac buries his father GE 25:9 .Children of GE 25:12-18; 1CH 1:29-31 .Daughter of, marries Esau GE 28:9; 36:2,3 .Death of GE 25:17,18 -2. Father Of Zebadiah 2CH 19:11 -3. A son of Azel 1CH 8:38; 9:44 -4. One of the captains of hundreds 2CH 23:1 -5. A priest of the exile EZR 10:22 -6. A son of Nethaniah .Assassinated Gedaliah, governor of Judah under king of Babylon, and takes many Jews captive JER 40:8-16; 41:1-11; 2KI 25:23-25 .Defeated by Johanan, and put to flight JER 41:12-15 2569 ISHMAELITES -Region occupied by GE 25:18 -Merchants of, buy Joseph GE 37:25-36; 39:1 -Called MIDIANITES GE 37:28,36; JUD 8:24,26 -Enemies to Israel PS 83:6 -See ISHMAEL 2568 2570 ISHMAIAH -A prince of Zebulun 1CH 27:19 2571 ISHMERAI -A chief Benjamite 1CH 8:18 2572 ISHOD -One from the tribe of Manasseh 1CH 7:18 2573 ISHPAN -A chief Benjamite 1CH 8:22 2574 ISH-TOB -A small state of Aram 2SA 10:6,8 -See TOB 4941 2575 ISHUAH -Also called ISUAH -Son of Asher GE 46:17; 1CH 7:30 2576 ISHUI -Also called ISHUAI, ISUI, and JESUI -1. Son of Asher GE 46:17; NU 26:44; 1CH 7:30 -2. Son of Saul 1SA 14:49 2577 ISLAND -Prophecies concerning PS 97:1; ISA 11:11; 41:1,5; 49:1; ZEP 2:11; RE 16:20 2578 ISMACHIAH -A Levite 2CH 31:13 2579 ISMAIAH -A Gibeonite who joined David at Ziklag 1CH 12:4 2580 ISPAH -A chief Benjamite 1CH 8:16 2581 ISRAEL -1. A name given to Jacob GE 32:24-32; 2KI 17:34; HO 12:3,4 -2. A name of the Messiah in prophecy ISA 49:3 -3. A name given to the descendants of Jacob, a nation .Also called ISRAELITES, and HEBREWS GE 43:32; EX 1:15; 9:7; 10:3; 21:2; LE 23:42; JOS 13:6 .Etc 1SA 4:6; 13:3,19; 14:11,21; PHP 3:5 -(TRIBES OF ISRAEL were named after the sons of Jacob) -(Usually, in lists, the names of Levi and Joseph, two sons of Jacob, do not appear) .The descendants of Levi were consecrated to the rites of religion, and the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, were adopted by Jacob in Joseph's place GE 48:5; JOS 14:4 .And their names appear in the catalogues of tribes instead of those of Levi and Joseph, as follows, ASHER, BENJAMIN, DAN, EPHRAIM, GAD, ISSACHAR, JUDAH, MANASSEH, NAPHTALI, REUBEN, SIMEON, ZEBULUN .Names of, seen in John's vision, on the gates of the New Jerusalem RE 21:12 .Prophecies concerning GE 15:5,13; 25:23; 26:4; 27:28,29,40; 48:19; 49; DE 33 .Prophecies about the multitude of GE 13:16; 15:5; 22:17; 26:4; 28:14 .Prophecies of their captivity in Eqypt GE 15:13,14; AC 7:6,7 .Divided into families, each of which had a chief NU 25:14; 26; 36:1; JOS 7:14; 1CH 4; 5; 6; 7; 8 .Number of, who went into Egypt GE 46:8-27; EX 1:5; DE 10:22; AC 7:14 .Number of, at the time of the exodus EX 12:37,38; with GE 47:27; EX 1:7-20; PS 105:24; AC 17 7:17 .Number of, fit for military service when they left Egypt EX 12:37 .Number of, at Sinai, by tribes NU 1:1-50 .Number of, after the plague NU 26 .Number of, when David counted (conducted a census) 2SA 24:1-9; 1CH 21:5,6; 27:23,24 .Number of, after the captivity EZR 2:64; NE 7:66,67 .Number of, in John's apocalyptic vision RE 7:1-8 .Lived in Goshen GE 46:28-34; 47:4-10,27,28 .Lived in Egypt for four-hundred and thirty years EX 12:40,41; with GE 15:13; AC 7:6; GA 3:17 .Were enslaved and oppressed by the Egyptians EX 1; 2; 5; AC 7:18-21 .Their groaning heard by God EX 2:23-25 .Moses commissioned as the deliverer EX 3:2-22; 4:1-17 .The land of Egypt was plagued on their account .See EGYPT 1533 .Exempt from the plagues EX 8:22,23; 9:4-6,26; 10:23; 11:7; 12:13 .Children were spared when the firstborn of the Egyptians were killed EX 12:13,23 .Instituted the Passover EX 12:1-28 .Borrowed jewels from the Egyptians EX 11:2,3; 12:35,36; PS 105:37 .Urged by the Egyptians to depart EX 12:31-39 .Journey from Rameses to Succoth EX 12:37-39 .Made the journey by night EX 12:42 .The day of their deliverance to be a memorial EX 12:42; 13:3-16 .Led by God EX 13:18,21,22 .Providentially cared for DE 8:3,4; 29:5,6; 34:7; NE 9:21; PS 105:37 .See MANNA 3194 .See CLOUD, PILLAR OF 1142 .Journey from Succoth to Etham EX 13:20 .Journey to Pi-hahiroth EX 14:2; NU 33:5-7 .Pursued by the Egyptians EX 14:5-31 .Pass through the Red Sea EX 14:19-22; DE 11:4; PS 78; 105; 106; 136 .The order of the march NU 2 .Journey to Marah EX 15:23; NU 33:8 .Complained on account of the bitter water EX 15:23-25 .Water of, sweetened EX 15:25 .Journey to Elim EX 15:27; NU 33:9 .For the itinerary, see NU 33 .Complained for food EX 16:2,3 .Provided with manna and quail EX 16:4-36 .Complained for lack of water at Rephidim EX 17:2-7 .Water miraculously supplied from the rock at Meribah EX 17:5-7 .Defeat the Amalekites EX 17:13; DE 25:17,18 .Arrive at Sinai EX 19:1; NU 33:15 .At the suggestion of Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, they organize a system of government EX 18:25; DE 1:9-17 .The message of God to them, requiring that they must be obedient to his commandments, and as a reward they would be a holy nation to him, and their reply EX 19:3-8 .Sanctify themselves for receiving the law EX 19:10-15 .The law delivered to EX 20; 21; 22; 23; 24:1-4; LE 25; 26; 27 .The people receive it and covenant obedience to it EX 24:3,7 .Idolatry of EX 32; DE 9:17-21 .The anger of the Lord in consequence EX 32:9-14 .Moses' indignation; breaks the tables of stone; enters the camp; commands the Levites; three thousand die EX 32:19-35 .Punished by a plague EX 32:35 .Obduracy of EX 33:3; 34:9; DE 9:12-29 .God withdraws his presence EX 33:1-3 .The mourning of, when God refused to lead them EX 33:4-10 .Tables renewed EX 34 .Pattern for the tabernacle and the appurtenances, and forms of worship to be observed EX 25; 26; 27; 28; 29; 30; 31 .Gifts consecrated for the creation of the tabernacle EX 35; 36:1-7; NU 7 .The erection of the tabernacle; the manufacture of the appurtenances including the garments of the priests; and their sanctification EX 36:8-38; 37; 38; 39; 40 .First sacrifice offered by, under the law LE 8:14-36; 9:8-24 .Second Passover observed NU 9:1-5 .March out of the wilderness NU 10:11-36 .For the itinerary, see NU 33 .The order of camping sites and the march NU 2 .Arrive at the border of Canaan NU 12:16 .Send twelve spies to view the land NU 13; 32:8; DE 1:22,25; JOS 14:7 .Return with a majority report and a minority report NU 13:26-33; 14:6-10 .Complaining over the report NU 14:1-5 .The judgment of God upon them in consequence of their unbelief and complaining NU 14:13-39 .Reaction, and their purpose to enter the land; are defeated by the Amalekites NU 14:40-45; DE 1:41-45 .Abide at Kadesh DE 1:46 .Return to the wilderness, where they remain for thirty eight years, and all die except Joshua and Caleb NU 14:20-39 .Rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram NU 16:1-40; DE 11:6 .Complain against Moses and Aaron, are plagued, fourteen-thousand and seven-hundred people die, plague stopped NU 16:41-50 .Complain for lack of water in Meribah; the rock is struck NU 20:1-13 .Are refused passage through the country of Edom NU 20:14-21 .The death of Aaron NU 20:22,29; 33:38,39; DE 10:6 .Defeat the Canaanites NU 21:1-3 .Are scourged with fiery (poisonous) serpents NU 21:4-9 .Defeat the Amorites NU 21:21-32; DE 2:24-35 .Defeat the king of Baasha NU 21:33-35; DE 3:1-17 .Arrive in the plains of Moab, at the fords of the Jordan River NU 22:1; 33:48,49 .Commit idolatry with the people of Moab NU 25:1-5 .Punished by a plague in consequence, twenty-four thousand people die NU 25:6-15; 26:1 .The people numbered for the allotment of the land NU 26 .The daughters of Zelophehad sue for an inheritance NU 27:1-11; JOS 17:3-6 .Conquest of the Midianites NU 31 .Nations dread DE 2:25 .Renew the covenant DE 29 .Moses dies, and the people mourn DE 34 .Joshua appointed the leader NU 27:18-23; DE 31:23 .See JOSHUA 2855 .All who were numbered at Mount Sinai perished in the wilderness except Caleb and Joshua NU 26:63,65; DE 2:14-16 .Piety of those who entered Canaan JOS 23:8; JUD 2:7-10; JER 2:2,3 .Men chosen to allot the lands of Canaan among the tribes and families NU 34:17-29 .Remove from Shittim to the Jordan River JOS 3:1 .Cross the Jordan River JOS 4 .Circumcision observed and the Passover celebrated JOS 5 .Jericho captured JOS 6 .Ai captured JOS 7; 8 .Make a treaty with the Gibeonites JOS 9 .Defeat the five Amoritish kings JOS 10 .Conquest of the land JOS 21:43-45; with JUD 1 .The land allotted JOS 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 20; 21 .Two and one-half tribes return from the west side of the Jordan River; erect a memorial to signify the unity of the tribes; the memorial misunderstood; the controversy which followed; its amicable resolution JOS 22 .Joshua's exhortation immediately before his death JOS 23 .Covenant renewed, death of Joshua JOS 24; JUD 2:8,9 .Religious fidelity during the life of Joshua JOS 24:31; 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