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    ISRAEL -UNDER THE JUDGES .Public affairs administered four-hundred and fifty years by the judges JUD 2:16-19; AC 13:20 .The original inhabitants not fully expelled JUD 1:27-36; 3:1-7 .Reproved by an angel for not casting out the original inhabitants JUD 2:1-5 .People turn to idolatry JUD 2:10-23 .Delivered for their idolatry to the king of Mesopotamia during eight years, their repentance and deliverance JUD 3:8-11 .Renew their idolatry, and are put under tribute to the king of Moab during eighteen years, repent and are delivered by Ehud, eighty years of peace follow JUD 3:12-30 .Shamgar resists a foray of the Philistines and delivers Israel JUD 3:31 .People again do evil and are put under bonds to the king of Syria for twenty years JUD 4:1-3 .Delivered by Deborah, a prophetess, and judged JUD 4; 5 .Seven years of bondage to the Midianites; delivered by Gideon JUD 6; 7; 8:1-28 .See GIDEON 2006 .Return to idolatry JUD 8:33,34 .Abimelech foments an inter-tribal war JUD 9 .Led by Tola for twenty-three years JUD 10:1,2 .Led by Jair for twenty-two years JUD 10:3,4 .The people backslide, and are given over to the Philistines for chastisement for eighteen years; they repent and turn to the Lord; they are delivered by Jephthah JUD 10:6-18; 11 .The Ephraimites go to war against other tribes; they are defeated by Jephthah JUD 12:1-7 .Led by Ibzan for seven years JUD 12:8-10 .Led by Elon for ten years JUD 12:11,12 .Led by Abdon for eight years JUD 12:13-15 .The people backslide again are chastened by the Philistines for forty years JUD 13:1 .Led by Samson for twenty years JUD 15:20; with 13; 14; 15; 16 .Scandal of the Bethlehemite's concubine, and the consequent war between the Benjamites and the other tribes JUD 19; 20; 21 .Led by Eli for forty years 1SA 4:18; with 1; 2; 3; 4 .Struck down by the Philistines at Eben-ezer 1SA 4:1,2,10,11 .They demand a king 1SA 8:5-20; HO 13:10 -UNDER THE KINGS BEFORE THE SEPARATION INTO TWO KINGDOMS .Saul anointed as king 1SA 10; 11:12-15; 12:13 .Ammonites invade Israel, are defeated 1SA 11 .Philistines struck down 1SA 14 .Amalekites defeated 1SA 15 .David anointed as king 1SA 16:11-13 .Goliath killed 1SA 17 .Israel defeated by the Philistines, and Saul and his sons are killed 1SA 31 .See SAUL 4267 .David defeats the Amalekites 1SA 30; 2SA 1:1 .David made king 2SA 2:4,11 .Ish-bosheth made king 2SA 2:8-10 .The conflict between the two political factions 2SA 2:12-32; 3:1 .David made king over all Israel 2SA 5:1-5 .Conquests of David 2SA 8 .Absalom's rebellion 2SA 15:18 .See DAVID 1341 .Solomon anointed as king 1KI 1:32-40 .The Temple built 1KI 6 .Solomon's palace built 1KI 7 .Solomon's death 1KI 11:41-43 .See SOLOMON 4639 -THE REVOLT OF THE TEN TRIBES -(Foreshadowing circumstances indicating the separation) .Disagreement after Saul's death 2SA 2; 1CH 12:23-40; 13 .Lukewarmness of the ten tribes, and zeal of Judah for David in Absolom's rebellion 2SA 19:41-43 .The rebellion of Sheba 2SA 20 .The two factions are distinguished as Israel and Judah during David's reign 2SA 21:2 .Providential Z14 EC 11:14 .Revolt consummated under Rehoboam, son and successor of Solomon 1KI 12:4 -4. The name of the ten tribes that revolted from the house (kingdom) of David .Also called JACOB HO 12:2 -(The list of the kings of Israel, and the period of time in which they reigned. For the facts of their reigns see under each name) -1. Jeroboam, twenty-two years -2. Nadab, about two years -3. Baasha, twenty-four years -4. Elah, two years -5. Zimri, seven days -6. Omri, twelve years -7. Ahab, twenty-two years -8. Ahaziah, two years -9. Jehoram, twelve years -10. Jehu, twenty-eight years -11. Jehoahaz, seventeen years -12. Jehoash, sixteen years -13. Jeroboam II, forty-one years -14. Zachariah, six months -15. Shallum, one month -16. Menahem, ten years -17. Pekahiah, two years -18. Pekah, twenty years -19. Hoshea, nine years -(The ten tribes were carried away captive to Assyria) -HISTORY OF .War continued between the two kingdoms all the days of Rehoboam and Jeroboam 1KI 14:30 .War continued between Jeroboam and Abijam 1KI 15:7 .War continued between Baasha and Asa 1KI 15:16,32 .Famine prevails during the reign of Ahab 1KI 18:1-6 .Israel, also called SAMARIA, invaded by, but defeats, Ben-hadad, king of Syria 1KI 20 .Moab rebels 2KI 1:1; 3 .Army of Syria invades Israel, but peacefully withdraws through the tact of the prophet Elisha 2KI 6:8-23 .The city of Samaria besieged 2KI 6:24-33; 7 .The city of Samaria captured, and the people carried to Assyria 2KI 17 .The land repopulated 2KI 17:24 .The remnant that remained after the able-bodied persons were carried into captivity affiliated with the kingdom of Judah 2CH 30:18-26; 34:6; 35:18 GOTO NEXT LIST - NAVE'S TOPICAL BIBLE INDEX & SEARCH

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