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    The Salt-Cellars. Being a Collection of Proverbs, together with Homely Notes thereon.

    In 2 vols., 3s. 6d. each, or beautifully bound in French Morocco, Limp, 7s. 6d. each. “The ‘Salt-Cellars’ might be safely commended, even to that vague and not very earnest personage, the general reader. Let him open the books where he may, he will find something to make him stop and read.” Daily News. “This is a book to be kept close at hand for a spare five minutes; there is not a sentence in it which does not fulfill the requirement of the motto on the title-page, by having ‘shortness, sense, and salt.’ The arrangement of the matter is masterly; while the get-up of the volume reflects great credit on the publishers.” Christian Leader.

    “The proverbs are excellent, but Mr. Spurgeon’s comments are perfect.

    They are sententious, show a profound knowledge of human nature, are often humorous, always on the side of right, and not uncommonly more proverbial than the proverbs themselves.” Church Review. “Proverbial wisdom is expounded and applied with remarkable skill, and the work may help some preachers to season their discourses out of its supplies.” — The Record. “These proverbs and quaint sayings may be of great service in sermons and platform addresses. Preachers and speakers would do well to make a judicious use of them.” — British Weekly.

    Weathers for Arrows; or, Illustrations for Preachers and Teachers, from my Note Book. Cloth, 2s. 6d. (See Lecture 5.) “The work covers a wide range of subjects; the metaphors are always striking and frequently brilliant, while the truths which they illustrate are such as have always formed the staple of Mr. Spurgeon’s discourses. A choicer collection of illustrations we do not know.” — Freeman. “The collection is very varied, but all bearing on the highest themes, and fitted to help the highest purpose of the Christian ministry. There is an admirable index of subjects, and another of texts.” — Evangelical Magazine.

    Illustrations and Meditations; or, Flowers from a Puritan’s Garden.

    Distilled and Dispensed by C. H.SPURGEON.

    Cloth, as. 6d. “The volume before us is full of helpful suggestions and beautiful illustrations. Nowhere have we met with more characteristics of Mr. Spurgeon’s mind and heart than in these illustrations. The book ought to be immensely popular, as it doubtless will be.” — Christian Commonwealth. “It is a Garden full of beautiful and useful things, which will yield its delights to many classes of readers.” Christian World.

    Sermons in Candles. Illustrations which may be found in Common Candles. Stiff Covers, 1s.; Cloth, Gilt Edges, 2s. “For originality and quaintness, for some smartly-stated views on religious truth, this little work stands unsurpassed. The Lectures are unique.” — Freeman. “It is needless to say that the Lectures are full of illuminating grace and wisdom, and are quite monumental in the ingenuity and cleverness. Light and heat break out on every page.” — The Christian.

    The Bible and the Newspaper; Spurgeon’s Shilling Series. (See Lecture IV., page 54.) “Our hope is that many will read this book, and find, in the oyster-shell of a parable, the pearl of great price.” — C. H. Spurgeon in The Sword and the Trowel. “If anyone wishes to know how Mr. Spurgeon can write, let him invest a shilling in one of these little books, — Spurgeon’s Shilling Series, — and he will readily see how it is that their author can attract both readers and hearers.” The Bookseller.

    Spurgeon’s Birthday Book. Containing a metaphor, simile, allegory, or illustration for every day in the year, compiled from the works by C. H. Spurgeon. Cloth, 2s. 6d.; Persian, 3s. 6d.; Morocco, 5s.; Russia, with Photograph, 10s. 6d. “For thirty pence, our readers may possess a book which is as useful as it is handsomely got-up. The records of dates which are dear to the household, or the signatures of beloved friends and visitors, will find here the happiest method of preservation and reference.” — Christian Age.

    My Sermon-Wales, containing 264 Sermon Outlines. Illustrated by numerous Anecdotes, Extracts, etc. Complete in a vols., 5s. each, or may be had in four parts, 2s. 6d. each. A complete index of subjects. and texts in each volume. “Preachers, who are willing to learn from anyone really capable of teaching them, might do many a worse thing than buy a copy of this work, which, we believe, will prove really helpful.” — Church Review. “Many of the sketches have a peculiar freshness; at the end of each there are anecdotes intended to illustrate the discourses. The ‘Notes’ keep clear of controversy, and we feel persuaded that most of the clergy will thank us for recommending ‘My Sermon-Notes.’” — Literary Churchman. “The suggestive character of these Outline Sermons renders them very useful, and the illustrative gatherings drawn from a wide range of writers add much to their value. The preacher who uses them cannot fail to be helped wisely and well.” — The Rock. “These ‘Notes’ are stimulating in a rare degree. They are a real boon. to weary pastors. — The Christian.

    Types and Emblems. A Collection of Sermons preached on Sunday and Thursday evenings, at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Price 3s., “To characterize these discourses, would be simply superfluous. Every reader of Mr. Spurgeon’s sermons knows the worth of everything issuing from the press of which he is the author. The volume is very tastefully gotup.” Christian Age. Flashes of Thought; Being One Thousand Choice Extracts from the Works af C. H. Spurgeon. A1phabetically arranged, and with a copious index.

    Price 5s. “The idea is a good one; and Flashes of Thought, the volume in question, containing one thousand choice extracts from the works of Mr. Spurgeon, is sure of ready acceptance with the immense body by whom he is admired and followed.” Daily Telegraph.

    Spurgeon’s Gems: Being Brilliant Passages Selected from the Discourses of C. H. Spurgeon.

    Large Type. 3s. 6d. “A Selection from the pages of Mr. Spurgeon, containing specimens of his happiest thoughts, gems from his discourses, etc.” — Extract from Preface.

    Gleanings among the Sheaves. By C. H. Spurgeon. Cloth, 1s. “These extracts are quite Spurgeonic, — racy, rich, and rare, both as to style and matter, — full of exquisite consolation, faithful advice, clear analogies, poetic touches, and glorious old gospel. We do not wonder that eight thousand copies were disposed of on the day of publication, and we trust that eight times eighty thousand will find their way to the religious public.” — Weekly Review.


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