Pronounce: khiz-kee-yaw'

Strong: H2396

Orig: or Chizqiyahuw \i khiz-kee-yaw'-hoo\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; also Ychizqiyah \i yekh-iz-kee-yaw'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; or Ychizqiyahuw \i yekh-iz-kee-yaw'-hoo\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; from 2388 and 3050; strengthened of Jah; Chizkijah, a king of Judah, also the name of two other Israelites:--Hezekiah, Hizkiah, Hizkijah. Compare 3169. H2388 H3050 H3169

Use: Proper Name Masculine

Grk Strong: G1478

    Hezekiah or Hizkiah or Hizkijah = "Jehovah is my strength"

    1) 12th king of Judah, son of Ahaz and Abijah; a good king in that he served Jehovah and did away with idolatrous practices
    2) great-great-grandfather of Zephaniah the prophet
    3) son of Neariah, a descendant of David
    4) head of a family of returning exiles in the time of Nehemiah