Word: ULG

Pronounce: khaw-lats'

Strong: H2502

Orig: a primitive root; to pull off; hence (intensively) to strip, (reflex.) to depart; by implication, to deliver, equip (for fight); present, strengthen:--arm (self), (go, ready) armed (X man, soldier), deliver, draw out, make fat, loose, (ready) prepared, put off, take away, withdraw self.

Use: TWOT-667,668 Verb

Grk Strong: G634 G1411 G1415 G1416 G1562 G1578 G1807 G2346 G3751 G4125 G4506

    1) to remove, draw out, draw off, take off, withdraw, equip (for war), arm for war, rescue, be rescued
    1a) (Qal) equipped (participle)
    1b) (Niphal)
    1b1) to be equipped
    1b2) to go equipped
    1b3) to be armed
    1c) (Hiphil)
    1c1) to make strong, brace up
    1c2) to invigorate
    2) to draw off or out, withdraw
    2a) (Qal)
    2a1) to draw, draw off
    2a2) to withdraw
    2b) (Niphal)
    2b1) to be delivered
    2b2) to be saved
    2c) (Piel)
    2c1) to pull out, tear out
    2c2) to rescue, deliver, set free
    2c3) to take away, plunder