Word: BYP

Pronounce: naw-sag'

Strong: H5381

Orig: a primitive root; to reach (literally or figuratively):--ability, be able, attain (unto), (be able to, can) get, lay at, put, reach, remove, wax rich, X surely, (over-)take (hold of, on, upon).

Use: TWOT-1422 Verb

Grk Strong: G864 G1842 G1994 G2141 G2147 G2480 G2638 G2983 G4876

    1) to reach, overtake, take hold upon
    1a) (Hiphil)
    1a1) to overtake
    1a2) to reach, attain to, cause to reach
    1a3) to be able to secure, reach, have enough