Word: @ZYYGZX@

Pronounce: ar-takh-shash-taw'

Strong: H783

Orig: or mArtachshasht \i ar-takh- shasht'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; or by permutation gArtachshactu \i ar-takh-shast'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; of foreign origin; Artachshasta (or Artaxerxes), a title (rather than name) of several Persian kings:--Artaxerxes.

Use: Proper Name Masculine

Grk Strong:

    Artaxerxes = "I will make the spoiled to boil: I will stir myself (in) winter"

    1) son and successor of Xerxes as emperor of Persia, 465-424 BC