Word: egguj

Pronounce: eng-goos'

Strongs Number: G1451

Orig: from a primary verb agcho (to squeeze or throttle; akin to the base of 43); near (literally or figuratively, of place or time):--from , at hand, near, nigh (at hand, unto), ready. G43

Use: TDNT-2:330,194 Adverb

Heb Strong: H251 H4136 H6102 H7126 H7138 H7200

    1) near, of place and position
    1a) near
    1b) those who are near access to God
    1b1) Jews, as opposed to those who are alien from God and his blessings
    1b2) The Rabbis used the term "to make nigh" as equivalent to "to make a proselyte"
    2) of time
    2a) of times imminent and soon to come pass