Word: Kaisereia

Pronounce: kahee-sar'-i-a

Strongs Number: G2542

Orig: from 2541; Caesaria, the name of two places in Palestine:--Caesarea. G2541

Use: Noun Location

Heb Strong:

    Caesarea = "severed"

    1) Caesarea of Philippi was situated at the foot of Lebanon near the sources of the Jordan in Gaulanitis, and formerly called Paneas; but afterward being rebuilt by Philip the tetrarch, it was called by him Caesarea, in honour of Tiberias Caesar; subsequently called Neronias by Agrippa II, in honour of Nero.
    2) Caesarea of Palestine was built near the Mediterranean by Herod the Great on the site of Strabo's Tower, between Joppa and Dora. It was provided with a magnificent harbour and had conferred upon it the name of Caesarea, in honour of Augustus. It was the residence of Roman procurators, and the majority of its inhabitants were Greeks.