Word: koilia

Pronounce: koy-lee'-ah

Strongs Number: G2836

Orig: from koilos ("hollow"); a cavity, i.e. (especially) the abdomen; by implication, the matrix; figuratively, the heart:--belly, womb.

Use: TDNT-3:786,446 Noun Feminine

Heb Strong: H990 H1121 H1406 H1512 H3770 H4578 H7130 H7358

    1) the whole belly, the entire cavity
    1a) the upper [i.e. stomach] and the lower belly are distinguished
    2) the lower belly, the lower region, the receptacle of the excrement
    3) the gullet
    3a) to be given up to the pleasures of the palate, to gluttony
    4) the womb, the place where the foetus is conceived and nourished until birth
    4a) of the uterus of animals
    5) the innermost part of a man, the soul, heart as the seat of thought, feeling, choice